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North Carolina State Library 


North Carolina State Library 



5S "' "• B «cLT; B v eHAP ' i, ■ H ' UL NORTH CAROLINA 

3 G BRO T«rZ RA " ,OH Good Roads Association 



Raleigh, N. C. 
■January 10, 1921 


We herewith hand you a little booklet with 
the compliments of the North Carolina Good Road Associati:!, which 
represents an expression from every county in North Carolina in 
regard to the State's assuming her responsibility in the important 
task of constructing and maintaining a State system of hard sur- 
faced roads. It is hoped that this will be of some service to you 
in the working out of State road legislation. 

We have opened an office at 107 Payetteville 
Street, and wish to extend to you a most cordial invitation to use 
whatever information we may have for either State or county road 
legislation. Please feel free to call upon us at any time for any 
service we may be able to render. 

Cordially yours, 




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in 2011 with funding from 
State Library of North Carolina 

North Carolina Sta^e Liurury 
North Carolina 

Good Roads Association 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 


W. A. McGiRT, President Wilmington 


JOS. G. BROWN, Treasurer raleigh 


















JOHN SPRUNT HILL, Member Ex Officio Durham 

W. C. BOREN, Member Ex officio pomona 







e Nokth Carolina General Assembly 

a r* i92i 


Upon Whom Devolves the Task of Initiating a State Policy in 

Road Building to the End That North Carolina May 

Have a State System op Hard-Surfaced Roads, 

the Following Pages Are Inscribed 


An organization of North Carolina citizens who are work- 
ing together for the upbuilding of the State through the ac- 
quirement of an adequate transportation system. The gen- 
eral purposes of the Association are: 

To promote in every way possible the most efficient meth- 
ods in financing, administration, construction and mainte- 
nance of systems of National, State, and County highways. 

To spread the doctrine of good roads throughout the re- 
motest sections of the State, so as to bring our people to a 
realization of the great economic burden of bad roads and 
the upbuilding effects of good roads. 

To bring about a universal sentiment for the building of 
such types of good roads as will adequately and economi- 
cally support the traffic burden which goes over the road. 

To create sentiment for a strongly and adequately sup- 
ported State Highway Department. 

To advocate wise, equitable and practical State road legis- 
lation and more uniform county road legislation. 

To advocate more efficient and better organized county 
road forces. 

To create sentiment for the establishment of the patrol 
system of maintenance in every county in the State. 

To seek, through legislative enactment, an equalization 
of the burden of road construction and maintenance by an 
equitable use of the ad valorem, property tax, motor license 
fees, the bond issue, and the abutting property assessment. 

To create a definite and stable policy with adequate funds 
for building and maintaining State Highways of such con- 
struction as will meet the traffic burdens for a period of at 
least ten years. 



The Development of a State Policy in Road Building 

in North Carolina 7 

The 1915 Law 7 

The 1917 Law 8 

The 1919 Law 8 

Suggestions for 1921 Law 9 

State Control of the State System 10 

Protection of agricultural counties 10 

Protection of commercial counties 10 

Construction fund 11 

Maintenance 13 

Protection of State highways 14 

Financing State highways in other states 15 

Funds from taxes 15 

Funds from bonds 18 

Auto funds for maintenance 16 

Can North Carolina Afford to Build a State System of 

Highways? 18 

List of members of North Carolina Good Roads Asso- 
ciation ....." 19 

The Development 
of a State Policy 

in Road Building 

in North Carolina 


In the following pages, the North Carolina Good Roads 
Association presents a suggested outline of the fundamen- 
tals which should be included in working out a State High- 
way policy. To carry through such a program will require 
optimism and courage. The business depression which we 
are now experiencing should not deter this great undertak- 
ing. This is only temporary; the proposed improvement de- 
termines our future history. Leading business men in all 
lines of industry and financiers are predicting already not 
only a return to normal conditions, but great business ex- 
pansion with the coming of spring. By undertaking new 
projects with confidence and assurance, we stimulate busi- 
ness activity, put capital into circulation, create a demand 
for labor and materials and hasten generally the advent of 
an enlarged future for every citizen of the State. 

H. M. Berry, Secretary. 


Legislation providing for the construction and mainte- 
nance of a State system of hard surfaced roads connecting 
county seats and other principal towns of all the counties 
of the State will be one of the overshadowing issues of the 
1921 Legislature. Every section of the State is aroused over 
our road situation as perhaps over no other question, and 
are demanding relief. From the very beginning, the mat- 
ter of providing roads has been left in the hands of neigh- 
borhoods, townships, and counties, in turn, and each method 
has proved inadequate. Since the advent of the motor 
vehicle, it is realized more than ever that these smaller 
units cannot provide funds to construct and maintain the 
roads so that they will bear the traffic that now goes over 
them, for no longer is traffic confined to neighborhoods, 
townships or counties; but is inter-county, state-wide and 
nation-wide. Thus it devolves upon the State to formulate 
a state policy in road building so that present inter-county 
and state-wide traffic may not only be maintained but may 
be encouraged. The state has gradually been coming to this 
point of view and it now seems certain that decisive action 
will be taken. 

The 1915 Law:.. The first preliminary step toward laying 
out a state system of highways in North Carolina was taken 
in 1915, when an act was passed creating a State Highway 
Commission, headed by a State Highway Engineer, with au- 
thority to cooperate with the counties in laying out a state 
system "connecting by the most direct and practical routes 
all county seats and other principal cities." i As this act ap- 
propriated the insignificant sum of $10,000 for the support 
of the Commission, it could do little more than act in an 
advisory capacity to the county and township road organi- 

1 Public Laws of 1915, Chapter 113. 

8 Development of a State Policy in Road Building 

The 1917 Law: In 1917 we went a little farther toward 
developing a state policy when additional legislation was 
enacted2 authorizing the State Highway Commission to take 
advantage of Federal Aid offered by the Bureau of Public 
Roads and to "receive and disburse such funds as may be 
appropriated by the counties, individuals, or other sources 
for cooperative work in the state." This was a substantial 
advance over the previous act, as it gave the State Highway 
Commission authority to construct roads as well as to act 
in an advisory capacity to the counties. But the most 
important advance was made by the passage of another 
act at the same session,3 which diverted all moneys col- 
lected from motor license fees into a state fund to be used 
by the State Highway Commission for the maintenance of 
roads and bridges of the state, specifying, however, that at 
least seventy per cent of the funds collected from any county 
should be used in maintaining the roads of that county. 

The 1919 Law: The 1919 Legislature passed an entirely 
new act, which created a new State Highway Commission, 
the chairman of which was given the title of State High- 
way Commissioner. 4 This law was an advance over pre- 
vious laws in many ways, but has proven inadequate in the 
following respects: 

1. It authorizes the State Highway Commission to select 
a State System of Highways, "connecting by the most prac- 
ticable routes the various county seats and other principal 
towns of every county in the state"; but the Commission 
cannot take over a single highway, and thus any system 
it may select exists only on the map. 

2. It provides that funds derived from motor license fees 
be set aside as a construction and maintenance fund and 
for the support and maintenance of the State Highway 

2 Public Laws of 1917, Chapter 22. 

3 Public Laws 1917, Chapter 141. 

4 Public Laws of 1919, Chapter 189 as amended by Chapter 32. 

Development of a State Policy in Road Building 9 

Commission. This is inadequate, in that it does not begin 
to provide enough funds, and in that it places all of the 
burden, so far as the state is concerned, on the automobile 

3. This law provides that when any county raises one- 
fourth of the cost of constructing its links of the State Sys- 
tem, or any part of it, such county must be given preference 
as to the construction by the State Highway Commission. 
This feature is bad in that the rural counties, which are 
not able to raise their portion of the money to construct 
their links, not only do not get any roads but the money 
collected from motor licenses in those counties is spent in 
other counties. It would seem that, under this arrange- 
ment, we would develop a few individual county systems, 
but probably never a State System. The value of these 
county systems would be greatly minimized, for travel is no 
longer confined to county lines, but is inter-county, state- 
wide and nation-wide. 

4. The duty of maintaining the roads which the state 
builds under the cooperative plan of the present law is 
placed in the hands of "County Commissioners, County 
Road Commissioners, District Road Commissions, or any 
other official having charge of the road work for the county 
or sub-division thereof." This is one of the weakest fea- 
tures of the present law, for when authority and responsi- 
bility in any matter is so scattered, as in this case, sat- 
isfactory results are never obtained. 

Suggestions foe 1921 Law: Under the present law North 
Carolina will never develop a State System of Highways, 
and no one, it is believed, any longer questions the im- 
portance and necessity of such a system. Any division 
of opinion that may exist is as to the method of obtaining 
such a system. The North Carolina Good Roads Associa- 
tion has made it its duty to study the methods and prac- 
tices in other states with the conditions peculiar to our own 

10 Development of a State Policy in Road Building 

state in mind; and as a result of this study, the following 
suggestions are made, which, if enacted into law, will 
greatly speed up road building in North Carolina with a 
modern system of hard surfaced State Highways as the 
goal, as well as insure adequate maintenance of all roads 
in the State System. 

1. State Control of the State System: That the State 
Highway Commission he empowered not only to select, out 
also to take over all main highways connecting county 
seats and other principal towns in all the counties of the 
State. Such a system would include about 5,500 miles. 

The advantage of this suggestion over the correspond- 
ing feature of the present law is that it authorizes the State 
Highway Commission to both select and take over a State 
System, and thus centralizes both authority and responsi- 
bility. Under the present law too much initiative is left to 
the counties, which means that authority and responsibil- 
ity are divided. To place complete control over the State 
System in the hands of the State Highway Commission does 
not relieve the counties of responsibility in road building. 
There are about 52,000 miles of public roads in North Caro- 
lina. The proposed State System would include a minimum 
of 5,500 miles, thus leaving 46,500 for the counties to con- 
struct and maintain. 

Protection of Commercial Counties: The Association 
believes that a compensatory clause should be written into 
the State Highway Law for the protection of those coun- 
ties which have already constructed their respective links, 
or any portion thereof, of what would be included in the 
State System, provided those links meet the requirements 
of the State System. The compensation may be in the form 
of additional mileage of county roads, but whatever form it 
takes, any adjustment should be based on the original cost 
of such roads, the physical value of the roads at the time 
they are taken over as a part of the State System, and ben* 

Development of a State Policy in Road Building 11 

efits derived by the counties up until the time they are 
taken over. Such compensation should cover only the cost 
of surface and should be made after the other counties have 
had their most important links constructed. 

Protection of Rural Agricultural Counties: In order 
to create in the minds of the people of the rural and more 
remote counties a feeling of security and confidence that 
they will be done justice in this general plan of State road 
building, it is believed that the State law should divide the 
State into nine construction districts, of approximately 
equal area, and provision made that during each year an 
equal sum of money shall be expended in each district until 
its most important links are constructed. After any given 
district has secured its most important links and it is found 
that certain other districts have unconstructed links which 
are vital to the success of the State System and which re- 
quires an unusual amount of money because of difficult con- 
struction, then an extra amount of funds should be diverted 
to the last named district before the relatively unimportant 
links, as shown by a traffic census, of the first named dis- 
trict are completed. In this way, confidence will be main- 
tained in the minds of the people until it is physically pos- 
sible to reach them in the general scheme of road build- 
ing. Without such assurance of good faith and the result- 
ant stability of perfect confidence and cooperation, the ul- 
timate success of the whole venture might well be imper- 

II. Construction Fund: The State should annually 
make available for construction purposes all the funds the 
State Highway Commission can wisely and judiciously ex- 

This second recommendation follows closely upon the 
first. If the State Highway Commission were authorized 
to take over a State System of Highways and was not given 
a sufficient appropriation with which to build and main- 

12 Development of a State Policy in Road Building 

tain such a system, little would be gained. How are we to 
raise these funds? Many of the northern and eastern States 
have followed the plan of raising the whole construction 
fund by taxes and thus paying for the roads as they go. 
but it is believed that if North Carolina followed this plan, 
either the burden would be too heavy or the completion of 
the State System too long delayed. On the other hand, 
many States have raised and are raising their construction 
funds through both taxes and bonds. It is believed that 
this latter method is the logical plan for North Carolina 
to pursue. Under the new constitutional limit we can only 
levy five cents, which would yield about $1,500,000 per year, 
although it is believed the State should levy as much as 
ten cents. To this we may reasonably expect to add from 
$2,000,000 to $2,500,000 of Federal funds (if the new Con- 
gress continues the Federal aid policy now in force), It is 
believed that the road construction program in North Caro- 
lina for the next ten years, or until the State System is com- 
pleted, should not be financially hindered. The only limit 
on finances should oe the amount the State Highway Com- 
mission can wisely and properly use. With this as the limit, 
it is practically certain that the $1,500,000 which it is pro- 
posed to raise by taxes, plus the $2,000,000 or $2,500,000 
which it is hoped the Federal Government will allot' North 
Carolina, will not be all the Commission can use. So, sup- 
plementing this, bonds should be issued at such times and 
in such amounts as would bring the revenue for State road 
construction purposes up to the maximum capacity of the 
State Highway Commission to expend economically. The 
amount needed would vary from year to year, depending 
upon the size of the construction forces, including competent 
engineers, labor, materials, machines, etc., that could be 
gotten together at any given time. Under this arrange- 
ment, the amount of bonds to be issued is limited, on the 
one hand, by the sum that can be wisely and judiciously 

Development of a State Policy in Road Building 13 

expended in any one year — including the revenue from 
taxes and the Federal Government — and, on the other hand, 
by the provision that only a limited number of miles will 
be embraced in the State System. What the ultimate 
amount of bonds required to carry out this program would 
be, we hazard no guess. The price of labor and materials, 
instruments and machines, and various other factors would 
greatly influence this amount. The amount that would be 
issued in any one year would probably not exceed $5,000,- 
000. As for the interest and the retirement of these bonds 
when due, this would be taken care of out of current funds. 

III. Maintenance: The State Highway Commission 
should be vested with the authority and be required to keep 
every mile of the State System from the time it is taken 
over in such a state of repair as to facilitate ready and 
easy travel all the year around. In the case of hard sur- 
faced links in the system, it should be provided that the 
surface should be so maintained as not to allow the origi- 
nal investment to become impaired. 

This suggestion follows very closely upon the first two. 
If the State Highway Commission takes over the State 
System and is provided with funds for its construction, it 
should also be the duty of the Commission to maintain the 
State System. Now the question arises, how shall the main- 
tenance fund be raised? It is the general concensus of 
opinion among road officials the country over that the au- 
tomobile license tax should be used for maintaining the 
State roads. The motor propelled vehicles now make up at 
least 80 per cent of the traffic on the main highways, and 
this percentage is increasing every day. It is only just, 
therefore, that motor vehicle owners, who get the most 
benefit from the roads and do the most damage to them, 
should pay for keeping them repaired. The Good Roads 
Association, then, would have the funds derived from mo- 
tor license fees go into a maintenance fund; first for the 

14 Development of a State Policy in Road Building 

support and maintenance of the State Highway Commis- 
sion, and then for the maintenance of the State Highways. 
If motor license fees should prove to be insufficient for these 
purposes, it is believed that they should be supplemented 
by a small tax on gasoline. Neither the tax on gasoline nor 
motor license fees should be burdensome. 

IV. Protection of State Highways: The State High- 
ivay Commission should, be empowered to make and enforce 
such rules and regulations as will adequately protect the 
State Highways, when constructed, and as will protect the 
lives and property of the traveling public. 

This provision follows up the other three and is neces- 
sary for a complete rounding out of a State policy. Such 
regulations should have reference to the weight of the load, 
number of trailers, speed of vehicles, width of vehicles, and, 
to a certain extent, nature of the vehicle. For instance, 
spiked wheel traction engines, caterpillar trucks and similar 
vehicles, which would do an extraordinary amount of dam- 
age to the road, should not be allowed. Up to the present 
time, no attempt at such regulation has been made, and, at 
first thought, it would seem that any such regulations as 
suggested above would only be dead letters. Such regula- 
tions could be readily enforced by granting the maintenance 
patrolmen police powers. 

It is believed that the above conclusions are logical and 
workable, and, if adopted, will produce efficient results in 
North Carolina. Each is dependent upon the other, and no 
one should be adopted without at the same time adopting 
the others. 

In the following pages there is given tables showing what 
other States have been and are doing. It is from studying 
these and other data that the above principles have been 
worked out, and it is thought that they will be of value to 
any one who may read the above, as it will lead to con- 
clusions as to whether the principles suggested are logical 
and workable. 

Development of a State Policy in Road Building 15 


To provide adequate funds for road construction and 
maintenance constitutes one of the most important and 
complex problems with which State legislatures have to 
deal. Various methods of levying taxes, both direct and in- 
direct, and of providing funds for this purpose, are now on 
the statute books of the different States. In general these 
funds are derived from: 1st, State-wide property taxes; 2nd, 
legislative appropriations from general funds; 3rd, State 
bonds; 4th, motor license fees; and 5th, various miscel- 
laneous sources, such as internal improvement funds, State 
income tax, tax on gasoline, etc. 

Funds from Taxes: A State-wide tax varying from 1 to 
40 cents on the $100 valuation of property is now levied in 
twenty-two States for building State Highways. The States 
in which such a tax is levied, with the rate, are given be- 

Arizona 10 c Nevada 7 c 

Colorado 5 c New Jersey 10 q 

Florida 20 c New Mexico 42 V 2 c 

Oregon 2 V 2 c 

Oklahoma 2 % c 

Idaho 20 c 

Indiana 3 . 9c 

Rhode Island 3 c 

Kentucky 3 c South Dakota 1 c 

Maine 10 c Tennessee 10 c 

Louisiana 2 V 2 c Vermont 5 c 

Minnesota 10 c Virginia 10 c 

Nebraska 30 c Wisconsin 5 c 

In addition, Ohio and Washington are levying State-wide 
road taxes, but the proceeds are deposited in the State 
Treasury and must be specifically appropriated before they 
become available for road work. 

The following States made appropriations from the gen- 
eral treasury in 1919 for State Highways, aggregating $53,- 
000,000: Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, 
Maryland, Maine, Missouri, Michigan, New Hampshire, New 
York ($17,242,561), Ohio, Pennsylvania ($8,600,000), Rhode 
Island, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Wyo- 
ming. It is interesting to note that the following States 

16 Development of a State Policy in Road Building 

made appropriations from the general treasury in addition 
to a liberal general property tax: Arizona, Maine, Rhode 
Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin. 

Funds From Bonds 

During 1919 and 1920 (to December 1) State Highway bonds were 
voted as follows: 

Alabama $25,000,000 

Arkansas 40,000,000 

California 40,000,000 

(Previously issued $33,000,000.) 

Colorado 5,000,000 

Florida 10,000,000 

Illinois 60,000,000 

Maine 10,000,000 

Maryland 4,500,000 

Michigan 50,000,000 

Minnesota 75,000,000 

Missouri 60,000,000 

Nevada . * 1,000,000 

Oregon 12,500,000 

(Previously issued $16,000,000.) 

Pennsylvania 50,000,000 

South Dakota 6,500,000 

Utah ■ . 4,000,000 

West Virginia 50,000,000 

Wyoming 2,800,000 

The State of Florida will vote an amendment to its Con- 
stitution so as to permit the Legislature to issue highway 
bonds in an amount not to exceed five per cent of the as- 
sessed valuation of the State. Kansas and Virginia have 
voted constitutional amendments which will make possible 
greater State participation in road work. 

Auto Money for Maintenance 
Almost without exception, funds for maintaining State 
Highway Systems are derived from automobile and other 
vehicle license fees. The entire history of road legislation 
has demonstrated conclusively that it is far more difficult 
to secure adequate funds for maintenance than for construc- 
tion. It would seem, therefore, that as the automobile 
money is constantly increasing with the multiplying of 
traffic and mileage of improved roads, it should be reserved 
as a maintenance fund. 

Nortti uaronna oia^ — — •> 



Democratic Party 

State System of Roads 

We recognize that the establishment and maintenance of 
a system of State highways, connecting county seats and 
other principal towns of every county in the State, is a 
prime necessity of the growing demand of our urban and 
rural transportation. 

This system of highways should not only adequately 
provide for the main lines of travel through cities and cen- 
ters of population, but should also provide easy routes of 
communication to those remote parts of the State that have 
been too long denied suitable means of transportation to 
our own centers of trade and social life, and who have 
been forced to seek those advantages beyond our State 

We recognize that the system of State Highways, both as 
to construction and maintenance, should be a State burden, 
with Federal assistance, and that the road funds of the 
several counties should be released for the building and 
maintaining of the necessary local roads to connect this 
State system with several communities in the counties. 

We pledge the Democratic pa?~ty to carry out this program 
as rapidly as possible without undue burden on the tax- 
payers of the State. 

Republican Party 

We most heartily favor the encouragement and develop- 
ment of a State-wide system of public roads and to that end 
favor a policy of State and Federal cooperation. % 

County Platforms 

A number of county platforms, Guilford being among the 
most prominent, came out in no uncertain terms for a State 
System of highways and advocating the releasing of the 
county from the burden of building and maintaining the 
main highways. 

18 Development of a State Policy in Road Building 


The total taxable wealth of North Carolina, according to 
the tax books of 1920, amounts to $3,158,000,000. This is 
exclusive of government and other non-taxable securities. 

The output of our manufacturing plants for 1920 has been 
reliably estimated at $700,000,000. This takes into consid- 
eration the recent business depression. 

The agricultural products of the State for 1920 amounted 
to $683,000,000 in spite of the low price of our two most 
important crops — cotton and tobacco. This is exclusive of 
horses, cattle, dairy, and dairy products. Thus, North Caro- 
lina maintained her lead as first among the Southern States 
in crop values and fourth among the States of the Union. 
Had not the slump in prices of tobacco and cotton come, it 
is thought that North Carolina would have moved up to 
third place in this respect. The value of our farm pro- 
ducts are increasing every year as we reclaim more of our 
waste lands and intensify the cultivation of our used lands. 
Good roads would greatly speed up the processes of recla- 
mation and intensification. 

On May 4, 1920, our banking resources amounted to $366,- 

In 1919 we paid the Federal Government $163,000,000 in 
income, excess profits, and special taxes. 

The output of lumber, cordwood, and other wood pro- 
ducts annually amounts to more than $100,000,000. 

The output of our mines and quarries in 1918 amounted 
to' more than $5,000,000. The figures for 1919 are not yet 
available, but it is practically certain that the total for the 
latter year will be much in excess of that of 1918. 

North Carolinians hold $222,000,000 in Federal Securi- 

We have more than $130,000,000 invested in automobiles. 


The following list of names, representing each of the 100 
counties, includes those to whom the program of the North 
Carolina Good Roads Association for securing a State Sys- 
tem of hard-surfaced highways has been presented and who 
have felt sufficient interest in this great constructive pro- 
gram to definitely join the Association as active or contrib- 
uting members. This list would, then, serve as a very defi- 
nite message to the General Assembly of North Carolina 
from 5,511 of her citizens, including many of our largest 
tax-payers. Thousands of others have definitely expressed 
their approval of the program who did not feel inclined to 
pay the annual dues. Communications have been received 
from many counties that fully ninety per cent of their peo- 
ple were back of this program. 

Name Address 

Apple, A. A Burlington 

Bowland, W. M Mebane 

Browning, J. M Burlington 

Burlington News, O. F. Crowson, Editor Burlington 

Carter, T. C Mebane 

Correll Motor Car Co., C. E. Correll Mebane 

Crawford, "W. S. . . Mebane 

Davis, A. L Burlington 

Dillard Hardware Co Mebane 

Fitch-Riggs Lumber Co., A. B. Fitch, W. T. Riggs Mebane 

Graham Drug Co., Dr. A. K. Hardee Graham 

Graham Hardware Co., C. P. Harden Graham 

Green & McClure Graham 

Hayes Drug Co., Dewey Ferrell Graham 

Holmes, R. L., Mayor Graham 

Holt, Eugene Burlington 

Holt, E. C. . Burlington 

Holt, Geo. E., Jr Mebane 

Holt, L. Banks Graham 

Long, J. Dolph Graham 

May, W. H Burlington 

Mebane, G. Allen Graham 

Mebane Grocery Co., J. C. Hall Mebane 

Miles-Nelson-Ray Co Mebane 

Moon Motor Car Co., J. D. Moon Graham 

20 List of Membeks 

Name Address 

Montgomery, James P Burlington 

Morgan, S. G Mebane 

Parker, E. S Graham 

Pender-Sykes Company, T. O. Pender Mebane 

Rich & Thompson, C. A. Thompson Graham 

Scott, A. N Mebane 

Sharpe, W. E Burlington 

Smith, F. F Mebane 

Smith, R. C Mebane 

Story, Walter E Graham 

Thompson, A. B Graham 

Tyson-Malone Hardware Co., R. H. Tyson Mebane 

Vincent, J. S Mebane 

Walker, C. A * Burlington 

Warren, W. O Mebane 

White, J, E Mebane 

White, J. Harvey Graham 

White, J. S Mebane 

White, William E Graham 

Whitehead Hosiery Mill Burlington 

Wilkinson, H. E Mebane 

Williamson, Lynn B Graham 

Contributing Members 

Dixie Lumber Company, J. P. Smith, Sec.-Treas .Mebane 

Holt, Lawrence S., Jr Burlington 

Warren, B, F 

Name Address 

Alexander Motor Company Taylorsville 

Deal, W. D Taylorsville 

Kelly, H. T Taylorsville 

Miller, T, H Taylorsville 

Munday, C. C Taylorsville 

Warren & Moose Taylorsville 

Watts, A. E Taylorsville 

Watts, James Taylorsville 

Name Address 

Cheek, Geo Sparta 

Choate, A. V Sparta 

Choat, Dr. B. O Sparta 

Choat, Dr. P. L Sparta 

Cox, W. E Sparta 

Doughton, Dr. J. L Sparta 

Doughton, Hon. R. A Sparta 

Fields, F. O Sparta 

Hackler, R. H Sparta 

Hawthorn, J. R Sparta 

N. C. Good Roads Association 21 

Name Address 

Higgins, C. W Sparta 

Maxwell, Glen Sparta 

Reevis, A. F Sparta 

Richardson, C. M Sparta 

Taylor, M. B Sparta 

Transou, Eugene Sparta 

Williams, E. L Sparta 

Name Address 

Allen, Dr. C. I Wadesboro 

Allen, H. B Wadesboro 

Allen, J. F Wadesboro 

Atkinson, L. G Wadesboro 

Bennett, Frank Wadesboro 

Bivens, W. C Wadesboro 

Blalock-Allen Auto Co., U. B. Blalock, Pres Wadesboro 

Blalock-AUen Hardware Co., H. E. Allen Wadesboro 

Braswell, W. S. (Sheriff) Wadesboro 

Brock, W. E Wadesboro 

Cameron, J. W Polkton 

Coxe, T. C Wadesboro 

Fox & Lyon, R. P. Lyon, F. J. Fetzer Wadesboro 

Goodman, T. B Polkton 

Ham, M. L Morven 

Hardison, R. Battle Morven 

Hardison & Company, W. C. Hardison Wadesboro 

Hardison, Jas. A Wadesboro 

Harris, J. B Po'kton 

Huntley, Martin & Hyatt, J. F. Martin Wadesboro 

Liles, W, Henry Wadesboro 

Little, H. W Wadesboro 

Little, R. E., Jr Wadesboro 

Lockhart, S. S : Wadesboro 

McLaurin, John N Morven 

McLendon, H. H Wadesboro 

Marsh-Jones Hardware Co., P. T. Marsh and T. F. Jones. . . .Wadesboro 

Moore, J. E Morven 

Parsons Drug Company, W. L. McKinnon Wadesboro 

Parsons-Moore Motor Co., J. E. Moore, F. C. Parsons Wadesboro 

Polkton Motor Company, W. W. Simmons Polkton 

Redf earn, J. C Wadesboro 

Ross, M. L Polkton 

Ross, Dr. R. D Wadesboro 

Stewart, C. P Pee Dee 

Taylor, H. P., Mayor Wadesboro 

Troutman, T. R Polkton 

Wadesboro Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Mrs. W. R. Dennis Wadesboro 

Wadesboro Drygoods Co., K. W. Ashcraft Wadesboro 

Board or County Commissioners of Anson County 

Hart, Dr. J. E., Chairman Wadesboro 

Hightower, F. M Wadesboro 

R. G. Austin Polkton 

22 List of Membees 

ANSON COUNTY — Continued 

Morven Township Commissioners 

H. G. Huntley, Chairman Morven 

T. E. Diggs Route 1, Morven 

J. W, Pratt Morven 

W. E. Pennington, Secretary Morven 

Name Address 

Allen, James West Jefferson 

Ashe Motor Co., S. R. Joines, Mgr West Jefferson 

Ballou, R. L Jefferson 

Barrs, Burton K West Jefferson 

Bauguess, W. R Jefferson 

Bowles, J. W., Mayor West Jefferson 

Colvard, Dr. J. W Jefferson 

Doggett, George Lansing 

Duffield, P. D West Jefferson 

Paw, Cicero Lansing 

Gambill, Dr. J. C West Jefferson 

Gentry, W. E Jefferson 

Goss, B. H West Jefferson 

Greer, E. L West Jefferson 

Hamilton-Price Company West Jefferson 

Hopkins, G. A West Jefferson 

Jones, Dan West Jefferson 

Jones, Dr. Edward West Jefferson 

Jones, J. C West Jefferson 

Latham, C. R., Sheriff Clifton 

McNeill, E. A Jefferson 

McNeill, W. H Jefferson 

Parker, T. E West Jefferson 

Parsons, CO West Jefferson 

Ray Drug Co., E. A. Rav West Jefferson 

Reeves, T. E. West Jefferson 

Rowland, J. A West Jefferson 

Scott & Vail Jefferson 

Sheets, W. H Index 

Shumate, J. E West Jefferson 

Sturgill, L. M Helton 

Thomas, J. D Jefferson 

Thomas, J, J Jefferson 

Tucker, H. C West Jefferson 

Tucker, W. L West Jefferson 

Tudor, T. P West Jefferson 

Weaver, John A West Jefferson 

Worth, J. C Jefferson 

Worth, W. H Jefferson 

Ashe County Good Roads Commission 

S. G. Parsons, Chairman Grassy Creek 

A. A. Price, Secretary Jefferson 

Ambrose Shepherd Eddison 

J. G. Bright, Engineer Jefferson 

N. C. Good Roads Association 23 

Name Address 

Aldridge, J, A Pineola 

Bagby, Rev. W. M Montezuma 

Banner & Co., W. C Banners Elk 

Banner, J. L Montezuma 

Brinkley, A. P Elk Park 

Buchanan, W. W Ingalls 

Burleson, C. W Plumtree 

Burleson, Henry Plumtree 

Burleson, Dr. "W. B Plumtree 

Childs, C. C • Ingalls 

Church, George Elk Park 

Dellinger, Mark Altamont 

Dellinger, T. C Crossnore 

Dellinger, Thos. P Altamont 

Ellis, L. D Cranberry 

Foster, M. G Elk Park 

Franklin, B. G Spear 

Franklin, C. L Crossnore 

Garland, G. M Linville 

Guy, E. C Newland 

Hall, Miss Susan E Banners Elk 

Hartley, J. L Linville 

Heaton, J, M Heaton 

Hodges, Dr. J. M Cranberry 

Hughes Brothers Elk Park 

Hughes Brothers & Co Newland 

Lewis, R. T Minneapolis 

Loren, Ed. S Linville 

Lucas, Rev. A. L Elk Park 

McRae, Alexander Linville 

Mortimer, E. H Elk Park 

Mortimer, S. K Pineola 

Nestor, S. D Cranberry 

Odom, S. H Cranberry 

Phillips, Dr. E. S Ingalls 

Phillips, J. M Ingalls 

Pritchard, J. N Elk Park 

Puckett, J, F Minneapolis 

Ragland, J. W Newland 

Ray, T. J Elk Park 

Richards, F. N Banners Elk 

Robins, E. C Pineola 

Rourk, Rev. W. C Newland 

Sloop, Dr. E. H Crossnore 

Sloop, Mrs. Mary M Crossnore 

Stinson, F. H Banners Elk 

Tate, W. C Banners Elk 

Tufts, Rev. E Banners Elk 

Vance, E.N Plumtree 

Voncanon, C. B Banners Elk 

Voncanon, Henry Banners Elk 

Wiseman, R. L Ingalls 

Yoder, John A Linville 

24 List of Membees 

AVERY COUNTY — Continued 

Contributing Members 
Name Address 

Avery, W. W Plumtree 

McRae, Mrs. Hugh Linville 

McRae, Nelson Linville 

Marmon, H. C Linville 

Morton, Mrs. Agnes McRae Linville 

Morton, J, W Linville 

Proffitt, Dr. Thos. J. . . Elk Park 

Vance, D. T. . . Plumtree 

Vance, T. B Plumtree 

Vining, James P ' Linville 

Name Address 

Adler, George Belhaven 

Anderson, Bruce Terra Ceia 

Andrews, S. W Belhaven 

Barr, J. M. Terra Ceia 

Belhaven Cafe Belhaven 

Bell, C. B Washington 

Bell, D. W Washington 

Bergeson, D. A Washington 

Bishop, J, F Belhaven 

Bonner, John H Washington 

Blounts Drug Store Washington 

Bowers, B. F. . . Washington 

Bragaw, William Washington 

Brown, Dr. E. M Washington 

Bryant, F. H Washington 

Bulluck, J. D Leechville 

Carrow, C. L Washington 

Carter, H. C Washington 

Carter, Dr. H. W Washington 

Carty, A. B Belhaven 

Clark, H. Way Belhaven 

Connor, G. A Belhaven 

Cooper, Ira Terra Ceia 

Cowell, J. F Washington 

Crystal Ice Company Washington 

Cutler, D. R Washington 

Dawson, J, D Belhaven 

Diamond, Geo Washington 

Dumay, A. M Washington 

Ellison, James Washington 

Ellsworth, Capt. W. H Washington 

Farmers Bank Belhaven 

Fowle, J. B Washington 

Gibbs, T. R Belhaven 

Grimes, J. D Washington 

Hackney, James A. . . . , Washington 

Harding, E. H Washington 

Harris Hardware Co Washington 

N. C. Good Roads Association 25 

Name Address 

Hodges, C. W Belhaven 

Hodges, H. M Belhaven 

Howell, R. W Terra Ceia 

Hoyt, J. K Washington 

Hudson, R. H .Washington 

Jones, M. Mc Belhaven 

Jordan, W, B Belhaven 

Kean, R. D Washington 

Keys, R. C Washington 

Kluttz, Dr. DeWitt Washington 

Latham, F, P Belhaven 

Leach, Capt. Geo. T Washington 

Lewis, J. T Washington 

Little, C A Washington 

Mariner, Dr. N. B Belhaven 

Maxwell, P. P Washington 

Mayo, F, E Washington 

McGowan, Dr. Claudius . Washington 

McMullen, Harry Washington 

Mengel, C. W Belhaven 

Miles, A. D Belhaven 

Miles, Griffith Belhaven 

Miller, A Belhaven 

Mixon, E. R Washington 

Moore, D. O Chocowinity 

Moore, N. Henry Washington 

Morris, C. G. & Co Washington 

Moss, B. G Washington 

Nicholson, Dr. J. L Washington 

Nickerson, C. R Belhaven 

Orr, W, M Washington 

Paul, A. A Washington 

Paul, Geo. A Washington 

Peele, S.J Belhaven 

Peterson, E. & Co Washington 

Phillips, G. A . Washington 

Radcliff, Chas. H Pantego 

Raiff, George F Belhaven 

Raiff, Harry Belhaven 

Ralph, Dr. W. T '. Belhaven 

Ratcliff, M. R Terra Ceia 

Ricks, James H Pantego 

Ross, J. B Washington 

Sawyer Grocery Co Belhaven 

Schonour, M. H Terra Ceia 

Service Garage : . . . . Washington 

Shavender, W. H Pantego 

Shelburn, B. B Washington 

Shepardson, J. E Belhaven 

Shepardson, Zed Belhaven 

Small, Jno. H Washington 

Sparrow, J. B Washington 

Spencer, G. A Washington 

Spruill, W. T Belhaven 

26 List of Membeks 


Name Address 

Stewart, Edward L Washington 

Susman, B. L , Washington 

Swain, R. L Belhaven 

Swindell-Fulford-Fish Co Washington 

Tarkington, U. W Belhaven 

Tayloe, Dr. Dave Washington 

Tayloe, Dr. Josh Washington 

Taylor, J. W Washington 

Thompson, H. B Washington 

Topping, D. W Pantego 

Turnage, C. A Washington 

Voliva, F. L Belhaven 

Warren, Lindsay C Washington 

Wilkinson, G, L Belhaven 

Wilkinson, J. E Belhaven 

Willis, S. P Washington 

. Winborne Motor Co Washington 

Windley, D. L » '. Belhaven 

Worthington. M. M Washington 

Worthy, A. S Washington 

Wright, C. L Washington 

Contributing Members 

Bragaw Fertilizer Company Washington 

Gorham & Bonner Washington 

Pamlico Chemical Co Washington 

Name Address 

Burden, H. M Aulander 

Capehart, Wm Roxobel 

Chero-Cola Co Kelford 

Cherry, J. C Kelford 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., A. C. Johnson Kelford 

Cooper, S. E Aulander 

Davenport, M. A Aulander 

Herring, J. W Aulander 

Jenkins, Herbert Aulander 

Mitchell, C. W. Jr Aulander 

Muench, Dr. H Windsor 

Saunders, Dr. S. A Aulander 

Smith, A. C Kelford 

Spruill, C. W Windsor 

Thompson, L. W Woodville 

Thompson, Louis Woodville 

Tyler. E. R Roxobel 

Tyler, L. S Kelford 

Urquhart, B • _ Woodville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 27 

Name Address 

Urquhart, Mary B Woodville 

Urquhart, R. A Woodville 

White, Royal Aulander 

Contributing Member 

Bertie Warehouse Co., J. T. Stokes Windsor 

Name Address 

Baldwin, J. K Abbottsburg 

Batchelor, N. E Clarkton 

Beatty, John D Ivanhoe, R. F. D. 

Bizzell, W. D Elizabethtown 

Bladen Auto Company, C. R. Jordan, Mgr Elizabethtown 

Boring, Ralph Elizabethtown 

Bridger, CO Bladenboro 

Bridger, R. Craven Bladenboro 

Britt, J. A Clarkton 

Brown, A. K Clarkton 

Brown, X Clarkton 

Clark, C. S Clarkton 

Clark, E. C Clarkton 

Clark, Dr. G. L Clarkton 

Clark, J. Bayard Elizabethtown 

Clark, James H Elizabethtown 

Clark, J. K Clarkton 

Clark, J. M., Sheriff Elizabethtown 

Clark, O. L Clarkton 

Clark, Oscar L. Jr Clarkton 

Council, E. B Council 

Craven, R. K Clarkton 

Cromartie, A. D Garland 

Currie, N. A Clarkton 

Davis, A. W R. F. D., White Oak 

Davis, Roy Bladenboro 

Demarcus, L. D Clarkton 

Edwards, A. R R. F. D. No. 1, Bladenboro 

Elkins, A. C Elkton 

Gooden, W. J Clarkton 

Hair, W. A R. F. D. No. 1, White Oak 

Hardee, W. J Rosindale 

Hilburn, A. A , Bladenboro 

Hinson, W. T Clarkton 

Holmes, C. B._. Council 

Hutchinson, Dr. S. S Bladenboro 

Lennon, Lloyd Clarkton 

Lyon, J, A Elizabethtown 

McCulloch, E. F Elizabethtown 

McLeod, J. M Clarkton 

McNair, S. P Tar Heel 

Marshburn, R. H Elizabethtown 

Memory, Henry B , Clarkton 

28 List of Membees 

BLADEN COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Owen, S. W Clarkton 

Page, CD Clarkton 

Shore, W. I * R. F. D. No. 1, White Oak 

Singletary, Dr. G. C Clarkton 

Singletary, I. A Clarkton 

Singletary, N. M Clarkton 

Singletary, Snowden Clarkton 

Smith, D. M Clarkton 

Smith, H. B Elkton 

Smith, J. W R. F. D., Ruskin 

Smith, L. A Clarkton 

Squires, L. E Council 

Stegall, M. C Clarkton 

Sutton, W. Clyde Elizabethtown 

Tatum, B. F Parkersburg 

Threwer, Dr. H. E Bladenboro 

Warner, R. D Clarkton 

Wooten, James H Clarkton 

County Commissioners 

A. L. Tatum, Chairman White Oak 

E. J. Cox Clarkton 

Dr. R. S. Cromartie Garland 

Name Address 

Adkins, J. J Southport 

Adkins, Capt. J. J Southport 

Brown, Dr. F, L Southport 

Campbell, W. S Winnabow 

Dosher, Dr. J. Arthur Southport 

Henry, J. L Winnabow 

Johnson, Colonel Jackson Winnabow 

Lindsey, T. H Southport 

Mallard. E. F Shallotte 

McKeithan, A. T Southport 

Sellers, Elisha Supply 

Smith, E. H Southport 

Taylor, E. W Winnabow 

Ward, D.J Winnabow 

Name Address 

Adams Grain & Provision Co 341 Depot Street, Asheville 

Adams, Junius G Asheville 

Allport-Alexander Construction Company Asheville 

Anderson, Dr. R. C Montreat 

Archer, Dr. I. J Black Mountain 

Asheville Advocate, The, James F. Barrett Asheville 

Asheville Buick Company, C. D. Cooper Asheville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 29 

Name Address 

Asheville Citizen, P. M. Burdette, Business Manager Asheville 

Asheville Paving Company, J. K. Cowan, Treas Asheville 

Asheville Times, The, O. L. Fitzgerald, Secretary Asheville 

Asheville Transfer & Storage Company, Edwin Allen Asheville 

Barbee, Seaton A Asheville 

Bauman, A. R Montreat 

Bennett, Dr. J, G Asheville 

Bernard, S. G Asheville 

Bishop, H. D Black Mountain 

Black Mountain Auto Co Black Mountain 

Bridges, W. J., Armour & Company Asheville 

Britt, Chas. M Asheville 

Brookshire, J. E Asheville 

Brown, Canie N Asheville 

Brown, C. TV Asheville 

Brown, Mark W Asheville 

Brown Hardware Company, H. C. Brown Asheville 

Brown, P. Maclay Biltmore 

Brown, W. Vance Asheville 

Bryant, Chas. S 35 Cullowhee Place, Asheville 

Buckner, C. M Black Mountain 

Buckner, N., Secretary, Board of Trade Asheville 

Burnette, P. M., B. Mgr. Asheville Citizen Asheville 

Campbell, Ruffner Asheville 

Carolina Creamery Company, Curtis Bynum Asheville 

Cathey, John H Asheville 

Central Garage Company, G. E. Brown Asheville 

Chambers & Weaver Co., E. C. Chambers Asheville 

Chapman, C, Brewster Asheville 

Chapman, S. F. Asheville 

Chero-Cola Bottling Company, Chester Brown, Mgr Asheville 

Child, H, D : Asheville 

Citizens Bank, Pres. John A. Campbell Asheville 

Clinchfield Lime Company, J. TV. Grimes Asheville 

Coco-Cola Bottling Company, Ellis & Beadles. Asheville 

Cocke, Dr. Eugene R Asheville 

Coleman, William Asheville 

Cooke, J. I Black Mountain 

Craven, TV. B Ridgecrest 

Curlee, W. B Black Mountain 

Currier, R. E Black Mountain 

Currin, Clifton Box 826, Asheville 

Damtoft, TV. J Asheville 

Daugherty, J. TV Black Mountain 

Daugherty, L. L Black Mountain 

Davis, R. C Asheville 

Davis, W. B Asheville 

Dennis, F. B Black Mountain 

Diggs, Geo. A., Jr. Asheville 

Dillingham, Scott 55 Broadway,. Asheville 

Duncan, William F Asheville 

Dunham's Music House, H. A. Dunham Asheville 

Eli as, Don S Asheville 

Elias, Dr. Lewis W Asheville 

30 List of Members 


Name Address 

Emerson, Mrs. L. S Black Mountain 

Evans, Dr. George J Asheville 

Falk's Music House, G. Falk Asheville 

Fletcher, Dr. M. H Asheville 

Gaston, C. P Asheville 

Gray, James M Asheville 

Green, Ottis Asheville 

Greer, D. U Asheville 

Griffith, Dr. F. Webb Asheville 

Grindstaff, B. C Asheville 

Grove Park Inn Asheville 

Gudger, Herman A Asheville 

Gudger, Vonno L Asheville 

Guerard, A. S Asheville 

Hackney & Moale Company, Miss P. E. Morrow, Treas Asheville 

Hall, Frank Black Mountain 

Hamer, C. B., Asheville Tire & Vulcanizing Co Asheville 

Harris-Davis Company, J.- M. Harris Asheville 

Hegeman, A. A Black Mountain 

Henderson, C. E Asheville 

Herbert, Dr. W. P Asheville 

Higgason, L. L : Asheville 

Hubbard, S. A Asheville 

Hughes, C. K Asheville 

Hunt, Dr. F. L Asheville 

Inland Press, The Asheville 

Jarrett, E. C Asheville 

Johnson, H. C Asheville 

Jones, B. M Asheville 

Jordan, Mrs. Chas. S 296 Montford Ave., Asheville 

King, J. J Black Mountain 

Kinnebrew, H. S , Asheville 

Line & Lawton Montreat 

Lipinsky, M Asheville 

Lovrenhein, Julius Asheville 

Lyda, E, M ' Asheville 

Maddux, Dr. N. P Asheville 

Manley, J. H Asheville 

McConnell Brothers Asheville 

McMurray Hardware & Furniture Company Black Mountain 

Millender, Dr. M. C Asheville 

Moore, M. V. & Co Asheville 

Morrison, T, S Asheville 

Neal, Chas. H Asheville 

Nichols Shoe Store, A. Nichols Asheville 

Nichols, J. J Asheville 

Northrup-McDuffie Hdw. Co Asheville 

Norvell, Owen Asheville 

Parker, Haywood Asheville 

Perley, Fred A Black Mountain 

Perley, Mrs. Fred A Black Mountain 

Peyton, Wythe M Asheville 

Piper, Charles E Black Mountain 

Plummer, Harry W Asheville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 31 


Name Address 

Purefoy, Dr. G-. W Asheville 

Ramsey & Company Asheville 

Rankin, Clarence Asheville 

Rankin, J. E Asheville 

Rawls, E. M Asheville 

Redwood, W. M Asheville 

Rhoades, Verne Asheville 

Richbourg Motor Company, J. A. Richbourg Asheville 

Ritter, E. E Asheville 

Roberts, Gallatin, Mayor Asheville 

Rogers Grocery Company Asheville 

Saunders, H. W Black Mountain 

Sawyer, E. C Asheville 

Sharp, Henry T Asheville 

Shehan, Geo. C Asheville 

Sinclair, Dr. J. A Asheville 

Slay den Fakes & Co., C. S. Davis Asheville 

Smathers, Geo. H Asheville 

Smith, Dr. Elizabeth E Asheville 

Smith, Dr. T. C. Company Asheville 

Southern Auto Service Co., F. M. Messier, Treas Asheville 

Sternberg, S. & Company Asheville 

Stetson, J. D Asheville 

Stevens, Judge Henry B Asheville 

Stikeleather, F Asheville 

Stikeleather, J. G Asheville 

Swain, J. E Asheville 

Taylor, W, Granville Asheville 

Teague, M. F Asheville 

Terrell, Miss Ethel Asheville 

Thomas, Fred W Asheville 

Thrall, Rev. J. B 329 Merrimon Ave., Asheville 

Thrash Motor Company Asheville 

Vance, Major Z. B Black Mountain 

Varner, G. C Asheville 

Walker, C. A *. Asheville 

Ward, E, C Asheville 

Warner, Elton Asheville 

Weatherford, Dr. W. D Black Mountain 

Weaver, F. M Asheville 

Weaver, Guy Asheville 

Webb, Charles A Asheville 

White, E. E Black Mountain 

Whitfield, W. A Asheville 

Whitmire Motor Sales Co., T. W. Whitmire Asheville 

Wilbar, J. C Asheville 

Wilson, W. G Box 1048, Asheville 

Wolfe, S. M Asheville 

Woodcock, F. A 92 Central Ave., Asheville 

Woodcock Julian A Asheville 

Young, T. P., Company, T, P. Young Asheville 


32 List of Members 

Contributing Members 

Anthony Brothers, S. M. Colburg Asheville 

Battery Park Hotel, S. J. Lawrence, Mgr Asheville 

Jenkins, L. L Asheville 

Lipinsky Sons & Co., S Asheville 

Morgan, David S., Pres. Carolina Wood Products Co Asheville 

Raoul, Thos. Wadley, The Manor Asheville 

Roamer Motor Company, W. F. Byram, Mgr Asheville 

County Commissioners 

B. A. Patton, Chairman Asheville 

G. P. Stradley Asheville 

O. L. Israel Asheville 

Name Address 

Aiken, J. G Connelly Springs 

Alexander, D. W Connelly Springs 

Alexander, E.. D Morganton 

Anderson, J. L Morganton 

Avery, I. T Morganton 

Barrier, Azor Jonas Ridge 

Barrier, J. P Jonas Ridge 

Barrier, Lloyd G '. Jonas Ridge 

Billings, Dr. G. M Morganton 

Boger, R. B Morganton 

Bolick, J. E Connelly Springs 

Brinkley, T. M Morganton 

Bristol, B Morganton 

Burke Garage Co Morganton 

Carter, J, W Morganton 

Chaffee, A. C Morganton 

Cladfelter, J. R * Morganton 

Clark, F. T Morganton 

Claywell, E. B Morganton 

Cobb, Beatrice, Editor Morganton 

Coburn, L. S Morganton 

Coulter, J. E Connelly Springs 

Davis Drug Company Morganton 

Davis, B. F. Jr Morganton 

Davis, Chas Morganton 

Davis, W. I Morganton 

Davis, W. J Connelly Springs 

Ervin, W. C Morganton 

Erwin, H., Postmaster Morganton 

Franklin, H. G Linville Falls 

Franklin, J. M Linville Falls 

Franklin, S. J Jonas Ridge 

Garrou, Albert Valdese 

Garrou, Frances Valdese 

N. C. Good Roads Association 33 

BURKE COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Greyer, C. P Morganton 

Harbison, W. A Morganton 

Hicks, C. Gr Morganton 

Hinshaw, Pres. M. T Rutherford College 

Hogan, W. Gr Morganton 

Howard, J. R Morganton 

Howard, S. B Morganton 

Huffman, R. L., Lawyer Morganton 

Huffman, Robert Morganton 

Ingold, A. M Morganton 

Johnson, E. A., Sheriff Morganton 

Kirksey, C. P Morganton 

Kistler, A. M Morganton 

Kjellander, Joe Morganton 

Lane & Company Morganton 

Lazarus Brothers Morganton 

Mace, William R. P. D. No. 4, Morganton 

McCampbell, Dr. John Morganton 

McG-imsey, J. P Morganton 

Millner, H. L Morganton 

Patton, R. L Morganton 

Patton, W. H Morganton 

Penland, Miss Clara Linville Falls 

Perron, H Valdese 

Riddle, Dr, J. B Morganton 

Shell, L. C ' Jonas Ridge 

Shiflet, W. S Morganton 

Sigmon, R. L Morganton 

Spainhour, J. P. . ■ Morganton 

Street, R. B Linville Palls 

Taylor, Dr, I. M Morganton 

Teem, J. W Jonas Ridge 

Walton, W. E Morganton 

Watkins, Dr. P. B Morganton 

Wilson, J. H Morganton 

Wiseman, A. A Linville Palls 

Name Address 

Allison, John P Concord 

Bell & Harris Furniture Company Concord 

Brown, E. H, Mgr. Brown-Cannon Company Concord 

Cannon, M. L Concord 

Coltrane, L. D Concord 

Fisher, Julius Concord 

Flowe, W. W Concord 

Harris, A.E., Mgr., Efird Department Store Concord 

Harris, C, J Concord 

Hartsell, A. F . Concord 

Hartsell, J. L Concord 

Hartsell, L, T Concord 

Howard, A. R Concord 

Huneycutt, J. T., Pres. Carolina Bottling Co Concord 

34 List of Membeks 


Name Address 

Lipe, L. A Mt. Pleasant 

Maness, T. D Concord 

McConnell, E. K., Treas. Concord Motor Co Concord 

McRae, Cameron Concord 

Niblock, F. C Concord 

Paris, Joe, Auto Tractor Company Concord 

Parks, J. C, Treas. & Mgr. Parks-Belk Company Concord 

Patterson, G. W Concord 

Peck, J. A., Mgr. City Motor Company Concord 

Richmond, L. Maury Concord 

Robertson, J. B Concord 

Swink, C. W Concord 

Wagoner, Chas. B Concord 

Webb., Thos. Jr Concord 

Name ■ Address 

Abernathy, Dr. A. D Granite Falls 

Abernathy, E. S Lenoir 

Ballew, J, G Lenoir 

Bernhardt, J. M Lenoir 

Boldin & Turner Lenoir 

Broghill, T. H Lenoir 

Bush, J, A. Jr Lenoir 

Caldwell Motor Co Lenoir 

Caldwell Publishing Co Lenoir 

Cottrell, J. L Lenoir 

Courtney Clothing Co Lenoir 

Craddock, W. H Lenoir 

Deal, J. E Lenoir 

Earnest, W. L Lenoir 

First National Bank, The Lenoir 

Flowers, D. C R. F. D., Lenoir 

Foard, A. G Lenoir 

Guire, J. C Lenoir 

Guire, V. D Lenoir 

Gwyn, N. H Lenoir 

Gwyn, R. L Lenoir 

Planks, F. C Lenoir 

Howard, S. B Lenoir 

Huntley, L. B Lenoir 

Jones, A. G Lenoir 

Jones, Garland Lenoir 

Kent, J. A .-- . Lenoir 

Laxton & Hogan Lenoir 

Lenoir Book Co Lenoir 

Lenoir, R. T Lenoir 

Lenoir, W, J Lenoir 

Lenoir, W. L Lenoir 

Looper, W. P Granite Falls 

McGowan, R. S Lenoir 

Miller, W. E Lenoir 

Moore, W. C. Jr Lenoir 

N. C. Good Roads Association 35 

Name Address 

Nelson, A. S Lenoir 

Newland, Gov. W. C Lenoir 

Rabb, C. E Lenoir 

Rabb, L. E Lenoir 

Reavis, Rev. B. C Granite Falls 

Roberts, D, W Lenoir 

Seehorn, T. F Lenoir 

Shakespear, Geo. O Lenoir 

Sisk, Horace Lenoir 

Smith Brothers Garage Lenoir 

Squires, Mark Lenoir 

Story, T. E R. F. D. No. 2, Lenoir 

Thomas Phonograph Co Lenoir 

Walsh, J. W Lenoir 

Watson, W. B Lenoir 

Name Address 
Newbern, Herman, Highway Commissioner Belcross 

Name Address 

Adler, Sam Morehead City 

Bank of Morehead City Morehead City 

Bell, J. R Morehead City 

Bonner, Dr. K. P. B Morehead City 

Canfield, G. D Morehead City 

Chalk, S. A Morehead City 

Clawson, Charles Beaufort 

Daniels, L. G Morehead City 

Dickinson, F. O Beaufort 

Dill, Geo. W Morehead City 

Dill, J. H Beaufort 

Dowey, R. H Morehead City 

Duncan, Dr. C. L Beaufort 

Duncan, J. F Beaufort 

Freeman Brothers Morehead City 

Gillikin, J. E Beaufort 

Graham, E. H Morehead City 

Guthrie Brothers Morehead City 

Hall, W. J Morehead City 

Hamilton, Luther , Morehead City 

Helms, J. C Morehead City 

Huntley, G. W Beaufort 

Leary, L. L Morehead City 

Marine Bank Morehead City 

Marine Hardware Co Morehead City 

Maxwell, Dr. C. S Beaufort 

Moors, A. T Morehead City 

Nichols, Elmer Morehead City 

Parrott, J. W Beaufort 

Puier Brothers Morehead City 

36 List of Members 

Name Address 

Ramsey, I. E Beaufort 

Royall, Dr. Ben Morehead City 

Smith, W. P Beaufort 

Stallings, I. C Morehead City 

Swann, U. E Beaufort 

Taylor, J. C Morehead City 

Taylor, N. W Beaufort 

Taylor, W. F Bogue 

Thomas, S. A Beaufort 

"Wade, D. W Morehead City 

Wallace, Chas. S Morehead City 

Webb, C. V Morehead City 

Webb, D. M Morehead City 

"Willis, D. B Morehead City 

Willis, Dewey Morehead City 

Willis, Geo. D Morehead City 

Willis, R. T '. Morehead City 

Name Address 

Anderson, G. A Yanceyville 

Burton, W. M Yanceyville 

Crowell Auto Company, J. G. Eames, Mgr Yanceyville 

Florance, A. L., T. J. Plorance & Son Yanceyville 

Hester, D. Allen Leasburg 

Johnston, Julius Yanceyville 

Mitchell, R. L , Yanceyville 

Wilson, Robert T Yanceyville 

Caswell County Highway Commission 

Geo. W. Oldham, Chairman Yanceyville 

T. J. Henderson, Secretary R. No. 1, Blanch 

J. B. Turner R. F. D. No. 1, Mclver 

S. T. Fuqua R. F. D. No. 1, Corbett 

J. B. Watlington R. F. D. No. 1, Ruffin 

J. Y. Thomas R. F. D. No. 1, Milton 

J. D. Burton Ridgeville 

V. M, Stephens Leasburg 

Name Address 

Abernethy Hardware Company, A. E. & J. L. Abernethy Hickory 

Abernethy, L. F Hickory 

Abernethy, Julius W Newton 

Aiken, J . W Hickory 

Baily, Geo , Hickory 

Bandy, Dr. W. G Maiden 

Bickett, L. C Newton 

Blackwelder, Bascom B Hickory 

Bolick, M. L Conover 

N. C. Good Roads Association 37 

Name Address 

Brady Drug Store, C. A. Brady Newton 

Carver, R. W Hickory 

Catawba Garage Co Maiden 

Coco-Cola Bottling Co., H. P. Williams Hickory 

Costner, P. C Maiden 

Cox, Will Hickory 

D' Anna, H Hickory 

Drum's Cafe, G-. I. Drum Hickory 

Feimster, W, C Newton 

Finger, S. M Maiden 

Gaither, Wm. B Newton 

Garvin Furniture Co., F. E. Garvin Newton 

Geitner, Chas. H Hickory 

Geitner, G. H Hickory 

Goodwin, F, L Brookford 

Hall, Geo. W Hickory 

Harrelson, J, H Maiden 

Hartsfield, J. W Hickory 

Hefner, J. W Maiden 

Hefner, S. L Maiden 

Henderson, A. C Hickory 

Henderson, F. A Hickory 

Hester, Dr. O. H Hickory 

Hickory Chamber of Commerce, A. K. Joy, Ex. Secretary Hickory 

Hickory Chero-Cola Bottling Works, Mr. Baldwin Hickory 

Hine Co., B. L Hickory 

Holbrook, H. J Hickory 

Hotel Huffry, F. Dorsett Hickory 

Hutton, G. N Hickory 

Jay, H. L Brookford 

Kluts, Dr. A. F Maiden 

Klutz, Dr. P. J Maiden 

Long, Dr. Glen Newton 

Long, L. F., Mayor Newton 

Lyerly, E Newton 

Lyerly, Geo. L Hickory 

Martin, J. A : Brookford 

Mauney, E. G Maiden 

Mauney, G. E Maiden 

Menzies, K. C Hickory 

Miller, J. T Hickory 

Moretz, J. A ; . . . . Hickory 

Murray, C O Maiden 

Murray, W. B Maiden 

Newton Auto Company Newton 

Riddle, J. L Hickory 

Self, W. A. . Hickory 

Setzer, P, A Hickory 

Shuf ord, A. Alex, Jr Hickory 

Shuford, R, L Newton 

Spratt, B. M., Jr Maiden 

Standard Garage & Sales Company, W. M. Busby Hickory 

Thompson-West Company, A. M. West Hickory 

Tipton Furniture Company, J. S. Tipton .Hickory 

38 List of Members 

Name Address 

Warlick Implement Company, G. A. Warlick, Jr Newton 

Warlick, Wilson Newton 

Watson, G. S Hickory 

White, Ed. G., Mgr. Carolina Motor Company Newton 

Wooten, Geo. R Hickory 

Yoder, Coley R Newton 

Yoder-Clark Clothing Co., N. W. Clark & G. C. Yoder Hickory 

Yount, F. H Newton 

Yount, J. W Newton 

Contributing Member 
Johnson's Garage Hickory 

Name Address 

Andrews, C. M Bonlee 

Banzet, L. J Siler City 

Boling, Mrs. W. K Siler City 

Bray Brothers, C. N. Bray Siler City 

Brooks, W. T., Brooks & Andrews Bonlee 

Cheeks Barber Shop, J. C.-H. W. Cheek Siler City 

Cooper, W. B Siler City 

Edwards, Tod R. (colored) Siler City 

Elder, H. H Siler Citv 

Ellis, L. C Ore Hill 

Emerson, G. B Bear Creek 

Pitts, Charles B. : County Commissioner Bear Creek 

Fox, M. M Siler City 

Gregson, J. C Siler City 

Hadley, W. H Siler City 

Harris, M. W Goldston 

Huddleston, R. F Siler City 

Jenkins, J. J Siler City 

Johnson, John T Siler City 

Jordan, E. H Siler City 

Lambe, A. A Siler City 

Lane, John C Siler City 

Marley, J. B., Mayor Siler City 

Marley & Son, J. M., S. J. Marley Siler City 

McManus, Dr. W. L Bonlee 

Paschal, Fred Siler City 

Reitzel, O. B Siler City 

Richardson Brothers Siler City 

Seawell, J. Q Siler City 

Stone, H. L Siler City 

Stout, J. M Siler City 

Straughan, E.J Siler City 

Tally, C. V R. F. D. No. 1, Ore Hill 

Thomas, C. B Siler City 

Vestal, Miss Kate Siler City 

Williams, R. A Siler City 

Wrenn, C. K Siler City 

Wrenn, L. L .' Siler City 

N. C. Good Roads Association 39 

Name Address 

Abernathy, Dr. J. F Murphy 

Abernathy, J. H Andrews 

Abernethy, N, W Marble 

Adams, A. S Murphy 

Adams, Dr. N. B Murphy 

Bates, T. N Murphy 

Bayliss, L. E Murphy 

Beal, E. T Murphy 

Beal, R. R Murphy 

Bell, M. W Murphy 

Boon, J. M Andrews 

Brown, J. W Andrews 

The Cherokee Bank Murphy 

Christy, Jno. H Andrews 

Correll, E. V Andrews 

Cover, G. W Andrews 

Cover, S. E Andrews 

Crooks, R. F Murphy 

Davidson, E. A Murphy 

Davidson, J. W Murphy 

Dewar, R. A Andrews 

Dorsey, A. T Marble 

Elliott, J. N Andrews 

Pain, B, M Murphy 

Fain, W. M. Gro. Co Murphy 

Eisher, W. B Andrews 

G-artrell, W. B , Murphy 

Gudger, W. W Murphy 

Hill, Thos. (Mayor) Murphy 

Jarrett, Clyde H. (Mayor) Andrews 

Kilpatrick, J. M « Marble 

King, E. B Topton 

Lail, G. E , Andrews 

Lovingood, J. W. Murphy 

McBrayer, Dr. Matt Andrews 

McClure, J. H Murphy 

Mauney, T. G- Murphy 

Meroney, Dr. B, B Murphy 

Mintz, B. H Marble 

Moody, J, N Murphy 

Moore, E. C Murphy 

Morrow, Dr. W. C Andrews 

Orr, Dr. C. V Andrews 

Parker, Dr. R. S Murphy 

Ricks, H. C Murphy 

Savage, C. W Murphy 

Slagle, E . A Andrews 

Smathers, C. C Andrews 

Swann, D. W Andrews 

Townson, W, D Murphy 

Vaughn, J. M „ Murphy 

Walker, J. W Andrews 

West, L. Gr Andrews 

Whitaker Bros Andrews 

40 List of Members 


Name Address 

Witherspoon, D, W Murphy 

Wofford, CM Murphy 

Wood, E. A Andrews 

Contributing Member 
Cherokee Hardware Co Murphy 


Name Address 

Bond, John C Edenton 

Brown, M. G Edenton 

Bunch, W. W R. F. D., Edenton 

Byrum Brothers Edenton 

Cason, Dr. H. M. S Edenton 

Citizens Bank, The Edenton 

Drane, Dr. R. B Edenton 

Edenton Ice Company Edenton 

Edenton Peanut Co., The Edenton 

Evans, Z. W Tyner 

Everett, W. A Edenton 

Farmers Storage Co Edenton 

Forehan, R. E R. F. D., Tyner 

Goodwin, G. W Edenton 

Griffin, Dr. E. J Edenton 

Hobbs, F. W Edenton 

Holland, R .C Edenton 

Holmes, W. D Edenton 

Kramer, C. E Edenton 

Leary, H. R Edenton 

Nixon, Dr. H. E . .Edenton 

Norman & Wood Edenton 

Northcott, J. S Edenton 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., R. Madry Edenton 

Pruden & Pruden Edenton 

Shepard, T. H Edenton 

Ward, W. H Edenton 

Welch, E. C R. F. D. s Edenton 

Wilkes Veneer Co., E. C. White and J. L. Wiggins Edenton 

Wood, Frank Edenton 

Wood, H. G Edenton 

Wood, Julian, Sr Edenton 

Woodard, J. E Edenton 

Contributing Member 
Sessons, R. W Edenton 

N. C. Good Roads Association 41 

Name Address 

Anderson & Grey Haysville 

Haigler, G. H Haysville 

May, Dr. J. M Haysville 

Scroggs, J, O Haysville 

Scroggs, T. C Haysville 

Winchester, W. J Haysville 

Name Address 

Arey, W. H., Mgr., Arey Brothers Shelby 

Blanton, B, E Shelby 

Blanton, Ceph Shelby 

Blanton, Chas. C Shelby 

Blanton, Geo Shelby 

Bowman, N. R., Assistant Cashier, Shelby National Bank Shelby 

Dorsey, W. N Shelby 

Dover, John R Shelby 

Eskridge, Charles L Shelby 

Gee, L. O „ Shelby 

Harrill, F R. F. D. 4, Shelby 

Harris, W, C Shelby 

Hicks, C. D Rt. 5, Shelby 

Hoey, Frank Shelby 

Hoyle & Fanning Shelby 

Hull, Haywood Shelby 

Jenkins, J. Frank Shelby 

Lineberger, William Shelby 

Lipscomb, A. S., Mgr., Chero-Cola Bottling Co Shelby 

McBrayer, C. B., Mayor Shelby 

McClurd, J, R Shelby 

Newton, D. Z Shelby 

Palmer, Dr. B. H Shelby 

Quinn, F. D Shelby 

Roberts, W. J., Sec. and Treas., Roberts Laughridge Motor Co. . . Shelby 

Royster, D. W Shelby 

Schenck, J, F Shelby 

Shuford, Geo. C Shelby 

Smith, J. C Shelby 

Suttle, A. B., Jr Shelby 

Thompson, C. S., Mgr., Thompson Company Shelby 

Webb, Paul Shelby 

Name Address 

Ammon, J. O., Sheriff Whiteville 

Applewhite, Hackett Bolton 

Avant Brothers, W. H. Avant and G. D. Avant Chadbourn 

Avant, H. G Cerro Gordo 

Bailey, Elroy Chadbourn 

Baldwin, A. W Whiteville 

Baldwin, J. A Chadbourn 

Baldwin, R. L Clarkton 

42 List of Members 


Name Address 

Baldwin, W. J Cerro Gordo 

Banks, W. H Whiteville 

Brown, C. W Whiteville 

Brown, J. A Chadbourn 

Bullard, William H Cerro Gordo 

Bumey, F. T Chadbourn 

Carter, D. M Chadbourn 

Chadbourn Drug Company, C. F. Shelton Chadbourn 

Clark, D. C Chadbourn 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Geo. H. Hutaff Chadbourn 

Coleman, Henry R. F. D. 1, Cerro Gordo 

Collier, Geo. E Clarkton 

Columbus Motor Co., J. E. Thompson and B. S. Thompson. . . .Vineland 

Connor, D. R Chadbourn 

Corrall, J, T Hallsboro 

Coultas, A. F Chadbourn 

Covington, C. S Evergreen 

dwell, Dr. W. H Whiteville 

Dale, J. W Bolton 

Dewey, E. M Vineland 

Dick, J. E Fair Bluff 

Edmond, R. B Chadbourn 

Ellis, Gc, F Bolton 

Finkenstaedt, F. L Bolton 

Formvduvall, Dr. Thurston Bolton 

Fuhr, E. W Bolton 

Fuller, M. K Whiteville 

Gault, F. B Lake Waccamaw 

Giles, John Chadbourn 

Grainger, R. C Fair Bluff 

Griffin, A. L Cerro Gordo 

Grimsley, E.J Freeman 

Hall, John W Hallsboro 

Hardee, K. D Vineland 

Hester, F. M Vineland 

Hinson, J. M Chadbourn 

Johnson, Dr. Floyd Cerro Gordo 

Keiziah, Wm. B., Editor The News Reporter Whiteville 

Koonce, C. D Chadbourn 

Land, J. H Chadbourn 

Lennon, P Chadbourn 

Lewis, A. W Chadbourn 

Lewis, C. Y Bolton 

Mayer, M. T Vineland 

McDwigan, W. H Lake Waccamaw 

McRacken, W. R Vineland 

Meares, Ellis Fair Bluff 

Memory, J, L Whiteville 

Merritt, D, W Bolton 

Mever, G. T Bolton 

Miller, E. H Chadbourn 

Moffit, E. A Cerro Gordo 

Nance, J. E Cerro Gordo 

Nance, L. C Whiteville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 43 

Name Address 

Newland, James T R. F. D. 1, Chadbourn 

Norman, Dr. J. S Boardman 

Norris, H. V Fair Bluff 

O'Berry, Walter T Evergreen 

Pierce, Bruce Whiteville 

Powell, A. F Vineland 

Powell, W, H Whiteville 

Powers, O, M Chadbourn 

Prince, J. B Fair Bluff 

Rankin, H. A Hallsboro 

Rochelle, J. D Cerro Gordo 

Rogers, B. F Fair Bluff 

Rogers, J. B. & Co., F. M. White Vineland 

Rogers, J. F Fair Bluff 

Royall, N. N., County Engineer Whiteville 

Scott, R. W Bolton 

Scott, S. C Fair Bluff 

Simmons, J. E Bolton 

Smith, E. A R. F. D. 3, Whiteville 

Smith, G. Herbert Acme 

Stanton, Roland . . . < Clarkton 

Stephens, R. B Cerro Gordo 

Thomas, W. C Evergreen 

Thompson, J, G Whiteville 

Thompson, W. P Hallsboro 

Tucker, I. B Whiteville 

Tucker, R. C Fair Bluff 

Waddell, J. P., Mavor Fair Bluff 

Waddell, J. P.. Jr. Fair Bluff 

Waddell, Dr. M. A Fair Bluff 

Waller, A. E Fair Bluff 

Williamson, J, R Cerro Gordo 

Wilson, Mullin Chadbourn 

Contributing Members 

Butters Lumber Company, J. S. Wright, Mgr Boardman 

Pierce & Company, S. W. Pierce Hallsboro 

Columbus County Commissioners 

E. J. Grimsley, Chairman Freeman 

J. C. Stanley Chadbourn 

J. B. Cox Guide 

Columbus County Road Commission 

W. H. Phillips, Chairman Vineland 

K. Clyde Council Wananish 

Dr. J. B. Barton Chadbourn 

A. L. Griffin Cerro Gordo 

44 List of Membees 

Name Address 

Aberly, J. H New Bern 

Ashford, T. P New Bern 

Becton, Sterling A New Bern 

Bell, W. L Dover 

Biddle, J. W New Bern 

Blades, Wm., Jr New Bern 

Blaylock, R. B New Bern 

Bradham, CD New Bern 

Brinson, Chas. J New Bern 

Bryan, James A New Bern 

Burroughs & Miller New Bern 

Claypoole, J. S New Bern 

Copton & Son, S New Bern 

Cutler & Son, L, H New Bern 

Davis, W. P New Bern 

Dill, A. T., Mayor New Bern 

Dunn, William New Bern 

Eagle, R. R New Bern 

Elm City Lumber Co New Bern 

Engstrum, F. E New Bern 

Foy, C. E New Bern 

Glenn, John A New Bern 

Grantham Brothers New Bern 

Grantham Horse & Mule Co New Bern 

Griffin, W. W New Bern 

Guion Motor Company New Bern 

Guion, Rodman New Bern 

Hancock, H. S Dover 

Hand Dr. W, L New Bern 

Heath, C. J Vanceboro 

Henderson, W. H New Bern 

Henry, D. P New Bern 

Holland Brothers New Bern 

Hollister, J. T New Bern 

Hyman, T. G New Bern 

Ipock, Chas. E New Bern 

Ives, C, L New Bern 

Ives, George N New Bern 

Ives, S. Allen New Bern 

Jarvis, D. F New Bern 

Jarvis, Parkhill New Bern 

Jones, J, Haywood ' New Bern 

Lamb, R. W Fort Barnwell 

Land, H. R New Bern 

Lane, 0. W New Bern 

Lane, S. H New Bern 

Le Gallais, Edw New Bern 

Lipman & Son, Sam New Bern 

Lucas & Lewis New Bern 

Marks, Albert New Bern 

Marks, H. B New Bern 

Maxwell Company New Bern 

Mcintosh Grocery Co New Bern 

Meadows, Wade New Bern 

N. C. Good Roads Association 45 

CRAVEN COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Mengel, H. W New Bern 

Moore, Larry I. . . New Bern 

Nicholl, Geo. A New Bern 

Parker, S. B New Bern 

Patterson, Albert New Bern 

Pollock, Dr. Raymond New Bern 

Potter, B. M New Bern 

Powell, A. S R. F. D., Dover 

Rawls, J. W New Bern 

Rea, E. C New Bern 

Reed, L. H New Bern 

Spencer, C. L New Bern 

Thomas, J. C New Bern 

Tolson, J. J New Bern 

Uzzell, T. A New Bern 

Ward & Ward New Bern 

Ward, Hon. D. L New Bern 

Warren, Thos. D New Bern 

West, J. H Dover 

West, W. H Dover 

Whitehurst, R. E New Bern 

Whitehnrst, T. B New Bern 

Whitty, I. C New Bern 

Willis Motor Company New Bern 

Contributing Members 

Coca-Cola Bottling Works New Bern 

East Carolina Lumber Co New Bern 

Name Address 

Barnes, J. A Fayetteville 

Bethune, M. A Fayetteville 

Blount, W. F Fayetteville 

Boone, S. T Fayetteville 

Bowles, H. L Fayetteville 

Broadfoot, C. W., Jr Fayetteville 

Capitol Department Store, The, Mgr. K. Stein Fayetteville 

Catoe, J. N Fayetteville 

Central Cafe Fayetteville 

Clayton Cigar Co Fayetteville 

Covington, T. T Fayetteville 

Crane, V. H Fayetteville 

Davis, CD ' Fayetteville 

DeVane, J. W Fayetteville 

Drake, H. T Fayetteville 

Dye, R, H Fayetteville 

Edens, E. V R. F. D. 4, Fayetteville 

Eggleston, J. H Fayetteville 

Elliott, McNeal Motor Sales Company Fayetteville 

Evans, Dr. F. N Fayetteville 

Evans Furniture Company Fayetteville 

46 List of Membees 

Name Address 

Felder, W. B Fayetteville 

Fleishman, H Fayetteville 

Garrison, J. R Fayetteville 

Gorham, E. E Favetteville 

Hall, J. S Fayetteville 

Highsmith, Dr. Seavy Fayetteville 

Holland, R. L., Jr Fayetteville 

Holmes Electric Co Fayetteville 

Holt, William de R Fayetteville 

Huske, B. R , Fayetteville 

Huske, J. S Fayetteville 

Huske, Leighton Fayetteville 

Huske, W. O Fayetteville 

Jennings, E. H Fayetteville 

J. & N. Motor Company Fayetteville 

Johnson, Eugene Fayetteville 

Jones, D. H Fayetteville 

Jones, R. D Fayetteville 

Jones, Capt. Ross Favetteville 

Jordan, Dr. W. M. S Fayetteville 

Leggett, R. C R. F. D. 4, Fayetteville 

Levin, L Fayetteville 

Lilly. Dr. J. M Fayetteville 

Maloney, J, T Fayetteville 

Marsh, Chas. G , Fayetteville 

McBuie, H. J. . . Fayetteville 

McDonald, K. A Fayetteville 

McGeachy, N. H Fayetteville 

McGougan, Dr. J. V Favetteville 

McKethan, Dr. D. G Fayetteville 

McKethan, E. R Fayetteville 

McLean, M. A R. F. D., Hope Mills 

McNeal, Jas. S Fayetteville 

McQueen, A. A Fayetteville 

Miner, W. R Fayetteville 

Monroe, W. McK R. F. D. 3, Fayetteville 

Najjar, E Fayetteville 

Nimocks, Q. K Fayetteville 

Oates & Herring Fayetteville 

Olive, Dr. R. M Fayetteville 

Oliver, J, H Fayetteville 

Pemberton, H. M Fayetteville 

Purdie, J. A Fayetteville 

Purdie, T. J Fayetteville 

Rankin & Co.. A. E Fayetteville 

Rankin, Claude : . . . . Fayetteville 

Robinson, H. McD Fayetteville 

Rogers & Breece Fayetteville 

Saleeby, T. L Fayetteville 

Shaw, Duncan Fayetteville 

Shaw, John G Fayetteville 

Shaw, T, M Fayetteville 

Sinclair, N. A Fayetteville 

Smoot, Dr. M. L Fayetteville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 47 

Name Address 

Spencer, J. W Fayetteville 

Taylor, D. K. . , Fayetteville 

Thain, T- T Fayetteville 

Thomas, C. A Fayetteville 

Thornton, Tom A • Fayetteville 

Tillinghast, N. W Fayetteville 

Toler, John R., Jr Fayetteville 

Trice, G. C Fayetteville 

Underwood, John Fayetteville 

Vann, Dr. J. R., Jr Fayetteville 

Vanstory, W. A Fayetteville 

Varnadoe, D. M Fayetteville 

Verdery, Dr. W. C Fayetteville 

Wade, P. L Fayetteville 

Walker, Chas Fayetteville 

Walker, W. M Fayetteville 

Wilson & Company Fayetteville 

Zahran, Joe Fayetteville 

Contributing Members 

Armfield Company Fayetteville 

Bowen & Co., C. T Fayetteville 

Clayton Garage Fayetteville 

Eden, W. H Fayetteville 

Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Fayetteville 

Fayetteville Coca-Cola Bottling Works Fayetteville 

Gallup & Company Fayetteville 

Highsmith, Dr. J. F Fayetteville 

Lewis Motor Car Co Fayetteville 

McConnell, Brook & Co Fayetteville 

National Bank of Fayetteville, The Fayetteville 

Otteson Grocery & Produce Company Fayetteville 

Rose, John M Fayetteville 

Sandrock, C. W Fayetteville 

Toler, John R , Sr Fayetteville 

Victory Manufactory Co. . . Fayetteville 

Wells, E.J Fayetteville 

Williamson, E. H Fayetteville 

Name Address 

Bagley, D. W Moyock 

Bagley, R. O Moyock 

Chesson, J. E Moyock 

Cox, D. A Moyock 

Cox, W. D Moyock 

Creekmore, W. H Moyock 

Creekmore, W. T Movock 

Holt, W. T Moyock 

Mann, Dr. S. M Moyock 

Poyner, W. M Moyock 

Sanderson, F, E Moyock 

West, R. E Moyock 


48 List of Members 

Name Address 

Creei, T. R Manteo 

Davis, Mr., Road Commissioner Wanchese 

Drinkwater, A. W Manteo 

Etheridge, J. B Manteo 

Etheridge, R. Bruce Manteo 

Evans, D. E " Manteo 

Farrow, L. D Manteo 

Gaskill, W. C Wanchese 

Cates, Dr. F. P Manteo 

Meekins, T, S Manteo 

Tillett, S. Manteo 

Name Address 

Badgett, H. Val Denton 

Boone, W. E Denton 

Boyles, Joseph W., Thomasville Bottling Co Thomasville 

Buchanan, Dr. E.J Lexington 

Burton, T. N Lexington 

Cameron, J, P Denton 

Cobb, E. N Lexington 

Cochrane, Gh T Thomasville 

Conrad, M. H Lexington 

Cox, C. C : Thomasville 

Cox, Roy Thomasville 

Craven, E. B Lexington 

Critcher, P. V Lexington 

Crowell, G. E Thomasville 

Crutchfield, Z. V Thomasville 

Daniel, J, M Denton 

Denton Drug Co., Dr. A. L. Plummer and Dr. A. Anderson. . . .Denton 

Peezor, P. L Lexington 

Pinch, B. H Lexington 

Pinch, C. F Thomasville 

Foy & Shemwell, I. L. Sink and H. E. Shoaf Lexington 

Galimore, J, L Lexington 

Garner, Alex Snider 

Green, J. C, Mayor Thomasville 

Griffith, Zeb Thomasville 

Hankins, Col. G. F Lexington 

Hargrave, R, S Lexington 

Harris, C. L Thomasville 

Harrison, B.I Denton 

Harrison, E. S Denton 

Harville, R. C Thomasville 

Hedrick, J. T., Mayor Lexington 

Helmstetler, L. L Lexington 

Hill, A. A Denton 

Hill, C. G., care Amazon Cotton Mill Thomasville 

Hinkle, W. G Thomasville 

Hite, M. B Thomasville 

Holt, W. E., Jr Lexington 

Hoover, C. A , Denton 

N. C. Good Roads Association 49 


Name Address 

Hoover, Chas. M Lexington 

Hunt, C. A., Sr Lexington 

Ingram, T. W., Mayor Denton 

Jennings, T. E Thomasville 

Johnson, Dr. F. G Lexington 

Johnson, W. A Denton 

Johnson, W. H High Rock 

Jones, A. E Thomasville 

Jones, J. B Denton 

Julian, Dr. C. A Thomasville 

Lambeth, C. F Thomasville 

Lambeth, John W Thomasville 

Lexington House Furnishing Company, J. A. Lindsay Lexington 

Leonard, Maj. J. A Lexington 

Leonard, P. D Lexington 

McCrary Furniture Co., R. O. Kirkman and J. H. Peninger. .Lexington 

Mendenhall, W. H Lexington 

Michael, J. E Lexington 

Montcastle, Geo. W Lexington 

Morris, J. A Thomasville 

Myers, John R Thomasville 

Peacock, Dr, J. "W Thomasville 

Perryman, H. E Thomasville 

Phillips, Maj. Wade H Lexington 

Pickett & Green, R. L. Green and W. C. Pickett Lexington 

Powell, P. H Denton 

Ragan, A. H Thomasville 

Reynolds & Raper, P. R. Raper and R. L. Reynolds Lexington 

Sheets, A. E Lexington 

Siceloff, D t S Lexington 

Sink, Fred Lexington 

Sink, John Thomasville 

Smith, S.J Lexington 

Sparger, W. F Lexington 

Stone, M. H Thomasville 

Thomas, G. D Lexington 

Thomason, J, M Lexington 

Thompson, S. W., Treas., Nail Construction Co Lexington 

Tomlinson, Chas. E Thomasville 

Tomlinson, W. E Thomasville 

Varner, H. B Lexington 

Vinson, B. B , Thomasville 

Webb, E. L Thomasville 

Woodrow-McKav Ford Agency, Mr. Allen, Mgr Denton 

Yokeley, Dr. R. V Denton 

Young, Chas Lexington 

Young, J. L Lexington 

Name Address 

Auto Repair Co., W. F. Stonestreet and M. L. Dwiggins Mocksville 

Cassie, R. J Mocksville 

Daniel, J. S Mocksville 

50 List of Membees 

DAVIE COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Grant, A. T Mocksville 

Grant, A. T., Jr Mocksville 

Hanes, J. F Mocksville 

Hendricks, M. J R. F. D. 2, Cana 

Home, G. E., Mayor Mocksville 

Johnston, J. B : Mocksville 

Meacham, L. C Mocksville 

Meroney, C. F Mocksville 

Moore, J. F Mocksville 

Mullican, N. S Mocksville 

Rodwell, Dr. J. W Mocksville 

Sanford, R. B Mocksville 

Winecoff, G. F., Sheriff Mocksville 

Highway Commission or Davie County 

W. E. Boyles R. F. D. 1, Advance 

B. R. Steelman Rt. 2, Mocksville 

C. W. Alexander Cooleemee 

J. F. Ratledge Mocksville 

L. L. Miller Rt. 2, Mocksville 

Geo. W. Crotts Rt. 3, Mocksville 

J. M. Cartner R. F. D. 5, Mocksville 

Name Address 

Banks, O. P Wallace 

Bannerman, J. A Rose Hill 

Barbrev, H. S Calypso 

Best, R. H , Warsaw 

Best, R, L Warsaw 

Blanton, A. J Wallace 

Boney, D. R Warsaw 

Bonev, N. B Wallace 

Bradshaw, S. D . Rose Hill 

Bradshaw, Z. R Rose Hill 

Brav & Harrell, A. J. Bray and J. A. Harrell Wallace 

Byrd & Parker, W. L. Byrd Wallace 

Byrd, A. D Calypso 

Camp Manufacturing Co., J. M. Camp Wallace 

Campbell, W. D Wallace 

Carlton, D. L Warsaw 

Carr, E. S Wallace 

Carr, Osborn Wallace 

Carr, Snyder H Wallace 

Carroll, Dr. J. W Wallace 

Carter, N. H Wallace 

Chambers, B. F Kenansville 

Cox. R. L Calypso 

Crawford, P. H Warsaw 

Crump, W. T Wallace 

Daniels. C B Faison 

Duplin Drug Co., W. C. Miller Wallace 

N. C. Good Roads Association 51 

Name Address 

L. P Faison 

Faison, W. M R. F. D. 1, Faison 

Farmers Grocery Co., R. H. Melvin, Mgr Wallace 

Fussell, P. C Rose Hill 

Gibbons, J. J Faison 

Gibson, J. L Wallace 

Hall, T. Q Wallace 

Hines, I. H Faison 

Hines, W. T Faison 

Hobbs, D. W Warsaw 

Hoey, H. L Faison 

Honeycutt, R Warsaw 

Hurwitz, Jacob Wallace 

Ireland, S. R Faison 

Jerome Realty Co Rose Hill 

Johnson, L. L Calypso 

Johnston, T, F Wallace 

Jordan, E. W Wallace 

Kornegay, W. G Albertson 

Lane, I. W Faison 

Margolis & Brooks Warsaw 

Margolis, H. J Wallace 

Margolis, I Wallace 

McColeman, B. F Faison 

McCullen, O. L Faison 

McGowen, A. L Wallace 

McKay, Malcolm Faison 

Middleton, W. J Hallsville 

Moore Brothers, W. P. and E. L. Moore Warsaw 

Motor Service Co., W. 0. Singletary Warsaw 

Murphy, W. F Wallace 

Oates, W. J Faison 

Patten, W. F Calypso 

Potter, R. J Wallace 

Powell & Brothers, M. O Wallace 

Quinn-McGowan Co., L. H. Brown Warsaw 

Robinson, G. H Wallace 

Robinson, J. C Warsaw 

Robinson, Dr. John D Wallace 

Rivenbark, L Wallace 

Rivenbark, W. M Wallace 

Sheffield Garage Wallace 

Shelford Farm, J. C. P. Fearington, Mgr Faison 

Small, A. G Calypso 

Southerland & Co., J. N R. F. D., Wallace 

Southerland, L Wallace 

Stark, S Warsaw 

Swanzetta Hotel Co., J. L. Chestnutt, Mgr Warsaw 

Taylor & Sons, L Faison 

Taylor, O. L Calypso 

Teachey & Son, E. M Rose Hill 

Teachey, Dr. O, A Wallace 

Thomas Motor Co Warsaw 

Wallace Coca-Cola Co Wallace 

52 List of Membees 

DUPLIN COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Wallace Hardware Co., Harry W. Morris, Mgr Wallace 

Wallace Motor Co., B. F. Pearsall, Mgr Wallace 

Ward, Albert J R. F. D. 1, Wallace 

Warsaw Drug Co., R. E. L. Wheless Warsaw 

Wells, D. L Wallace 

Wells, E. G Wallace 

Wells, R. S Wallace 

Wells, R. V., Clerk of the Court Kenansville 

Williams, H. D Kenansville 

Williams, J, E Warsaw 

Williams, J. M Warsaw 

Williams, Marshall Faison 

Williamson, T. Faison 

Wilson, J. P Warsaw 

Woodard, Harry M Warsaw 

Name Address 

Atkins, J. L Durham 

Baldwin Co., R. L Durham 

Belk-Hudson Co., W. J. Hudson, Jr., Mgr Durham 

Blacknall Drug Co., G. Bernard, Mgr Durham 

Bradsher, W. C Durham 

Bramham, W. G Durham 

Budd-Piper Roofing Co., W. P. Budd, Mgr Durham 

Bugg, E. I. Mgr., Malbourne Hotel Durham 

Cameron, Benehan Stagville 

Carmichael, W. D Durham 

Carmichael, Mrs. W. D Durham 

Carpenter Motor Co., M. G. Carpenter, Mgr Durham 

Carr, Claiborne M Durham 

Carr, Dr. Henry C Durham 

Carver, O. T Durham 

Cole, L. G Durham 

Corley Company, The, D. M. Corley, Mgr Durham 

Dermott, John V Durham 

Duke, B. N 511 Fifth Ave., New York City and Durham 

Durham Merchants Association, J. H. Sneed, Pres Durham 

Durham Realty Ins. Co., Alphonsus Cobb Durham 

Elliott Furniture Co., B. W. Elliott, Mgr Durham 

Ellis-Stone & Co., V. D. Patterson, Mgr Durham 

Erwin, W. A Durham 

Fassett, Dr. B. W Durham 

Felts, Dr. R. L Durham 

Figgat, Miles F Durham 

Five Points Auto Co., J. E. Johnson, Mgr Durham 

Gilmer Brothers, A. P. Tilley, Mgr Durham 

Haywood & Boone, Druggists Durham 

Hill, John Sprunt Durham 

Hobgood, E. B Durham 

Home Savings Bank, Geo. W. Watts, Pres .Durham 

Hull, Dr. Marcus E Durham 

Jones, Mrs. T. D Durham 

N. C. Good Roads Association 53 


Name Address 

Jones & Frazier, W. G. Frazier Durham 

Kiker, W. B Durham 

Kronheimer Company, H. W. Lehman, Mgr Durham 

Lednum, Mrs. Walter Lee Durham 

Lee, J. G Durham 

Lewis, Kemp P Durham 

Lloyd & Co., A. E., Geo. Tandy, Mgr Durham 

Lockhart, Dr. D. K Durham 

McPherson, Dr. S. D Durham 

Main Street Pharmacy, H. G-. Coleman Durham 

Masters, J. F., Mgr, Masters & Agee Durham 

Model Laundry, A. B. Smart Durham 

Newton Company, W. M Durham 

Olive, Dr. W. W Durham 

Patterson, J. S Durham 

Peerless Bakery Co., A. P. Poole Durham 

Pollard Brothers, A. J. Pollard, Mgr Durham 

Prichard-Bright Company, J. W. Bright, Mgr Durham 

Rawls-Knight Company Durham 

Roberson, Dr. Foy Durham 

Royall Borden Company, D. J. Sasser, Mgr Durham 

Salmon, J, T Durham 

Satterwhite's Garage, A. V. Satterwhite, Mgr Durham 

Schnepfe, F. E., County Engineer Court House, Durham 

Seeman Printery, Wallace Seeman, Mgr Durham 

Service Motor Car Co., Julian W. Smith Durham 

Shackleford, Dr. E. W Durham 

Sneed-Markham-Taylor Co., J. H. Sneed, Mgr Durham 

Speed, Dr. Jos. A Durham 

Speed, W, M Durham 

Stanard, O. H., Farm Demonstrator Durham 

Strauss-Rosenberg Co Durham 

Strayhorn, I. R Durham 

Sykes, R. H Durham 

Tanenhaus Brothers Durham 

Tilley, A. P., Mgr., Gilmer Brothers Durham 

Tucker, Dr. S. W Durham 

Universal Sales Company, S. P. Alexander, Mgr Durham 

Upchurch Brothers & Massey, P. E. Upchurch, Mgr Durham 

Watts, Geo. W Durham 

Webb, Frank B Durham 

Contributing Members 

Booker, Dr. L. S Durham 

Carr, Geo. Watts Durham 

Carr, Gen. J. S. Durham 

Carr, J. S. Jr Durham 

Edwards, Dr. L. M Durham 

Hotel Malbourne, E. I. Bugg, Prop Durham 

Morehead, J. L Durham 

Southgate, Tom F Durham 

Sparger, S, W Durham 

54 List of Members 

edgecombe county 

Name Address 

Allsbrook, R. G Tarboro 

Andrews, Gray Tarboro 

Baker, Dr. Julian M Tarboro 

Battle, Thomas H Rocky Mount 

Beaty, H. L R. F. D. No. 5, Tarboro 

Bland, T L Rocky Mount 

Bradley, R. A Whitakers 

Brake, Jesse Medora 

Brewer, H. E Rocky Mount 

Bridgers, John L Tarboro 

Brown, M. S Tarboro 

Bulluck, L. D Rocky Mount 

Bulluck, Z. B Rocky Mount 

Burnette, Geo. T Rocky Mount 

Chandler Sales Co Rocky Mount 

Cheshire, John Tarboro 

Clark, S. N Tarboro 

Clark, W. G Tarboro 

Clark, William S Tarboro 

Cobb, J. V Pinetops 

Cox, Dr. C Rocky Mount 

Crouch, F. F Rocky Mount 

Cummings, Zeb Tarboro 

Daughtridge, J. C Rocky Mount 

Davis, R. B Rocky Mount 

Dickens, J, L Whitakers 

Dimmette, R. G Whitakers 

Dozier, F. J Conetoe 

Dunn, F. P Rocky Mount 

Eagles, W. W Macclesfield 

Eason, W. J R. F. D., Tarboro 

Edgecombe Chamber of Commerce, R. G. Shackell, Secretary. . . .Tarboro 

Edwards, Geo. S Rocky Mount 

Edwards, M. P Speed 

Everett, F. R Tarboro 

Farmers Tobacco Warehouse Company, Dan W. Taylor Tarboro 

Fountain, Arthur R. F. D. No. 4, Tarboro 

Fountain, C, L Tarboro 

Fountain, Theo Leggetta 

Foxhall, H. P Tarboro 

Gilliam, Don Tarboro 

Gordon, E.J Rocky Mount 

Gorham, R. S , Rocky Mount 

Grant, H. S Rocky Mount 

Green, Dr. W. W Tarboro 

Hard, Gurney P Tarboro 

Hardison, H. O Tarboro 

Harper, L. D Box 201, Rocky Mount 

Harrell, Dr. S. N Tarboro 

Harrell, W. B Macclesfield 

Hart, B. M Tarboro 

Hart, W. A Tarboro 

Haynes, M. W Tarboro 

Hearne, J. L Tarboro 

N. C. Good Roads Association 55 

Name Ad.dr.ess 

Holden, H. L Rocky Mount 

Howard, Geo., Jr Tarboro 

Howard, J. S Macclesfield 

Howard, W. O Tarboro 

Howard, W, Stamps Tarboro 

Hussey, Thad Tarboro 

Hyatt, R. B • Tarboro 

Jacocks, Thos. B Tarboro 

Jenkins, T. P Tarboro 

Josey, R. B Tarboro 

Klini Motor Sales Corp Rocky Mount 

Lawrence, J. L Tarboro 

Leonard, J. S Box 791, Rocky Mount 

Lewis, M. L Rocky Mount 

Mann, M. G Tarboro 

Martin, J. M Conetoe 

Moore, W. M Macclesfield 

Nash, S. S Tarboro 

Norfleet, Dr. L. E Tarboro 

Parks, CM Tarboro 

Pender, John R Tarboro 

Pender, L. D Tarboro 

Pennington, Geo. E Tarboro 

Pennington, J. B Tarboro 

Peters, R. R Tarboro 

Phillips, Hyman Tarboro 

Pitt, John R R. F. D., Tarboro 

Pittman, Rowland. R. F. D., Whitakers 

Planters Bank, Mr. Fagan Pinetops 

Proctor, B. F Box 168, Rocky Mount 

Redmond, H. L Rocky Mount 

Robbins, S Rocky Mount 

Rose, H. L Rocky Mount 

Royster, Dr. T f H Tarboro 

Ruffin, J. C Tarboro 

Savage, T. F • R. F. D. No. 4, Tarboro 

Sledge, L. F Tarboro 

Speight, J. P. & J. A Rocky Mount 

Staley, Dr. S. W Rocky Mount 

Stanfield, J, G Macclesfield 

Starkey, F. H Rocky Mount 

Sugg, J. P Tarboro 

Tadlock, C. E Pinetops 

Thigpen, J. J Tarboro 

Thigpen, Dr. W. J Tarboro 

Thomas, T. T Tarboro 

Thorp, D. W Rocky Mount 

Thrash, Mrs. J, D Tarboro 

Walston, L. E Macclesfield 

White, J Whitakers 

Whitley, J. H Whitakers 

Wiggins, T. A Tarboro 

Wilkinson, W. S Rocky Mount 

Williams, Mrs. W. W Rocky Mount 

56 List of Members 

N-ame Address 

Wilson, Claude Tarboro 

Wimberley, Dr. Geo. L., Jr Rocky Mount 

Wimbeiiey, Dr. J. P Rocky Mount 

Winslow, E. C Tarboro 

Zoeller, E. V Tarboro 

Edgecombe County Commissioners 

W. G. Clark, Chairman Tarboro 

M. P. Edwards Speed 

Theo. Fountain Tarboro 

Jesse Brake Medora 

W. W. Eagles Macclesfield 

Also Joined as Individual Members. See Alphabetical List Above. 


Name Address 

Alexander, W. S Winston-Salem 

Angelo, E. J Winston-Salem 

Bahnson, A. H Winston-Salem 

Barber, Thomas, Ins. Service Co Box 992, Winston-Salem 

Blair, Col. W. A Winston-Salem 

Bolick, J. A., Treas., Pilot Real Estate Co Winston-Salem 

Bowen, R.J Box 1240, Winston-Salem 

Brickenstein, L. B Winston-Salem 

Brown, T. W., Mgr. Union Guano Company Winston-Salem 

Brown-Rogers Company Winston-Salem 

Cobb-Noble Company Box 42, Winston-Salem 

Conrad, W. W., Mgr. Vaughn Grocery Co Winston-Salem 

Dalton, Dr. D. N O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Davis, Dr. T. W 210 O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

DeTamble, F. J., Twin-City Motor Co Winston-Salem 

Dunklee, F. G Winston-Salem 

Edwards, L. V Winston-Salem 

Lindsay, Fichel WinstonSalem 

Fitz, J. W., Mgr., Carolina Cadillac Co Box 606, Winston-Salem 

Fletcher Brothers Box 208, Winston-Salem 

Fletcher, J. H Box 353, Winston-Salem 

Fallin, R. E O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Franklin, W. E., R. E. Franklin Company ... .Box 996, Winston-Salem 

Fries, John W., Peoples Bank Winston-Salem 

Froeber, Harry Winston-Salem 

Fulp, Geo. V Kernersville 

Fulp, M. Vance Kernersville 

Gaither, M. Z., Mgr. C. M. Thomas & Co Winston-Salem 

Galloway, A. H Winston-Salem 

Galloway, R. S., Postmaster Winston-Salem 

Gilmer, J. L Winston-Salem 

Gilmer, Powell Winston-Salem 

Gilmer Specialty Store Winston-Salem 

N. C. Good Roads Association 57 

Name Address 

Glenn, Joe H Winston-Salem 

Gorrell, R, W„ Mayor Winston-Salem 

Gray, Dr. E. P., Wachovia Bank Bldg Winston-Salem 

Gray, J, A. Jr Winston-Salem 

Griffith, J. J., Kernersville Knitting Co Kernersville 

Grosman, S Winston-Salem 

Hancock Grocery Co Box 438, Winston-Salem 

Hanes, Dr. F. M O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Hanes, P. H, Jr Winston-Salem 

Hanes, R. M., Wachovia Bank & Trust Co Winston-Salem 

Hanes, Spencer Winston-Salem 

Harmoiij D. W Winston-Salem 

Harper, S. C, Mgr. Coca-Cola Bottling Co Winston-Salem 

Hill, W. P, Jr Winston-Salem 

Hine, Efird L Winston-Salem 

Hinshaw, Geo. Miller Box 204, Winston-Salem 

Hodgin, Geo. D Winston-Salem 

Holton, George O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Horton, Dr. Phin Winston-Salem 

Huntley-Hill-Stockton Co Winston-Salem 

Hylton, J. W., Mgr. J. E. Shelton Box and Lumber Co.. .Winston-Salem 

James-Conrad & Co Box 46, Winston-Salem 

Jerome, W. G Box 1252, Winston-Salem 

Johnson, T. E 122 Banner Ave., Winston-Salem 

Johnson, W. Reade O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Linville, W. S., Jr., W. S. Linville & Sons Kernersville 

Long Grocery Company, Geo. M Winston-Salem 

Long, Ralph, Mgr. Chero-Cola Bottling Co Winston-Salem 

Ludlow, Col. J. L Winston-Salem 

McCuiston, T. C Kernersville 

Marler-Dalton-Gilmer Co Winston-Salem 

Maslin, Thomas, Pres. Merchants Bank & Trust Co Winston-Salem 

Maslin, W. H Wachovia Bank Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Masten, H. W., Auto Repair Co Winston-Salem 

Melchor, V. B., Mgr. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co... Box 345, Winston-Salem 

Moore, Baxter S Wachovia Bank Bldg, Winston-Salem 

Morrisett, S. W Winston-Salem 

Motor Company, The Winston-Salem 

Norfleet, J. K Winston-Salem 

Northrup, W. C Wachovia Bank Bldg., Winston-Salem 

O'Hanlon, E, W Winston-Salem 

Orr, Geo. W Box 748, Winston-Salem 

Owen, L. F Winston-Salem 

Parrish, F. M O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Patterson, Judge Lindsay Winston-Salem 

Pegram, Ellerbe & Reynolds, 501 Wachovia Bk. Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Pepper's Warehouse Box 1539, Winston-Salem 

Piedmont Warehouse Winston-Salem 

Reece-White Auto Co Box 1010, Winston-Salem 

Reynolds, Mrs. R. J Winston-Salem 

Ring, Clav V Kernersville 

Shaffner, H. F 403 High Street, Winston-Salem 

Shaffner, W. F Wachovia Bank Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Shapiro, Moses O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

58 List of Membees 

Name Address 

Shepherd, W. S., Mgr. Winston Steam Laundry Winston-Salem 

Shore, W. A Box 720, Winston-Salem 

Sloan, James Winsixm-Salem 

Smith, O. L., Hendrix & Smith Kernersville 

Smithdeal, C. C, Mgr. Smithdeal Real Estate & Ins. Co. Winston-Salem 

Sosnik & Sosnik Winston-Salem 

Spaugh, H. W.. Box 1143, Winston-Salem 

Starbuck, C. S Box 123, Salem Station 

Starbuck, Judge H. R Winston-Salem 

Stephenson, Gilbert T 722 West End Boulevard, Winston-Salem 

Stith Company, Prank A Winston-Salem 

Stockton, Frank W., Ideal Drygoods Co Winston-Salem 

Stockton, Norman, Sec.-Treas. Mock-Bagby-Stockton Co., Winston-Salem 

Stockton, R. G Wachovia Bank Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Stuart, A. C Winston-Salem 

Taylor Grocery Co Winston-Salem 

Turner, Joseph M Winston-Salem 

Universal Auto Co., The Winston-Salem 

Vogler, C. A Box 131.0, Winston-Salem 

Wallace, John C O'Hanlon Bldg., Winston-Salem 

Watkins, W. H Box 995, Winston-Salem 

Watson, T. W Winston-Salem 

Westbrook, J. W., Mgr. Walk-Over Boot Shop Winston-Salem 

Contributing Member 
Sloan, James Winston-Salem 

Forsyth County Highway Commission 

E. T. Mickey, Chairman Winston-Salem 

T. A. Crews Winston-Salem 

E. T, Lehman Bethania 

Name Address 

Allen, J. M Louisburg 

Cooke, B. F Franklinton 

Davis, M. S " Louisburg 

Earp, G. S Spring Hope 

Johnson, Dr. H. H : . . Louisburg 

Joyner, L. L., Mayor Louisburg 

Kearney, C. B Lousiburg 

McKinnie, F. B., Senator Louisburg 

Perry, H. D Louisburg 

Euffin, Wm. H Louisburg 

Contributing Member 
First National Bank Louisburg 

N. C. Good Roads Association 59 

Name Address 

Adams, W. H Gastonia 

Allen, H. H Cherry ville 

Armstrong, C. B Gastonia 

Armstrong, C. C Gastonia 

Ballard, J. C Cherryville 

Balthis, W. L. & Co Gastonia 

Bessemer City Garage, Edward Pell Bessemer City 

Bivens, J. P Box 296, Gastonia 

B. J. Company, The, J. H. Miller, Mgr Gastonia 

Bludwine Bottling Co Gastonia 

Boshamer & Company Gastonia 

Boyce, S. N Gastonia 

Boyd, C.M Gastonia 

Brison, R. Hope & Co Gastonia 

Brittain, E. B., Secretary Gastonia Ins. & Realty Co Gastonia 

Buice, W. S Gastonia 

Bumgardner, C. L Belmont 

Carrall-Davis Grocery Co Cherryville 

Cherry, Capt. R. G., Mayor Gastonia 

Cloninger, A. M -. Bessemer City 

Cocker, Geo. B Box 43, Gastonia 

Craig, J. Robert Gastonia 

Craig, Thos. L Gastonia 

Crawford, W. D Belmont 

Dixon Garage Company Belmont 

Falls, G. S Cherryville 

Farmers Bank & Trust Co., C. L. Bean, Cashier Cherryville 

Ford, Chas Gastonia 

Gantt, I. H National Realty Bldg., Gastonia 

Gaston, A. F Belmont 

George, H. D . . . . Cherryville 

George, John J Cherryville 

Glenn, Dr. L. N Gastonia 

Gray-Barkley Company Gastonia 

Hall, J. B., Mayer (Moved to Statesville, N. C.) Belmont 

Hall, W, T Belmont 

Harper, J. V Gastonia 

Hendricks-Harrelson Co., H. C. Harrelson, Mgr Cherryvi'le 

Hobbs Department Store Bessemer City 

Hoffman, O. L Mt. Holly 

Holland, J. W Mt. Holly 

Horsley, H. T, Drug Co Bessemer City 

Jenkins, R. L., Mt. Holly Garage '.' Mt. Holly 

Jennings, E. O Box 308, Gastonia 

Johnson, J. F., Mgr. Piedmont Oil Co Gastonia 

Jones, D. M Gastonia 

Kendrick Mercantile Co Cherryville 

.Kendricks, N. B Cherryville 

Kennedy, R. C Bessemer City 

Killian, W. L. C. & Son Gastonia 

Kirby-Warren Company Gastonia 

Leventis, P. P. & Company Gastonia 

Lineberger, A. C Belmont 

Love, W. T , , . . , , , . . . , Gastonia 

60 List of Membees 

Name Address 

McAdams, Dr. C. R Belmont 

McClurd, D. P Cherryville 

McLean, A. A., Jr Bessemer City 

Marvin, G. H., Coca-Cola Bottling Co Gastonia 

Mauney, D. R Cherryville 

Mauney, M. C Cherryville 

Mauney, M. L Cherryville 

Mazych, E., Mgr. McGee-Dean & Co.. Gastonia 

Owen, A. J Bessemer City 

Parker, B. H Gastonia 

Pearson, W. F Gastonia 

Pressly, Dr. J, M Belmont 

Puett, W. B , Belmont 

Rankin-Armstrong Co Gastonia 

Rankin, John O. Sr Gastonia 

Rankin, John R., Postmaster Gastonia 

Reep, Max L Mt. Holly 

Rhyne, A. P Mt. Holly 

Rhyne, M. L Bessemer City 

Rhyne, R. G Mt. Holly 

Rhyne, W. B Cherryville 

Robinson, J. Lee Gastonia 

Robinson Shoe Company Gastonia 

Rudisill, D. A Cherryville 

Rudisill, M. L Cherryville 

Separk, J. H Gastonia 

Simpson, R. C Gastonia 

Sloan, C, H Belmont 

Spencer, Geo. R Gastonia 

Stowe, D. P Belmont 

Stowe, Geo. W Belmont 

Stowe, J. W • Belmont 

Stowe, R. L Belmont 

Stowe, S. P Belmont 

Stowe, W. H Belmont 

Stroup, M. A Cherryville 

Summer, T. C Cherryville 

Walters, B. C, Carolina Auto Service Co Gastonia 

Webb, E. L Cherryville 

Webb, R. K Mt. Holly 

White, LA Bessemer City 

Woltz, A. E., Mangum & Woltz Gastonia 

Wilkins, J. H Bessemer City 

Wilson, M. T Gastonia 

Gaston County Commissioners 

*R. K. Davenport, Chairman Mt. Holly 

*R. L. Stowe Belmont 

A. P. Lindsay R. F. D., Gastonia 

J. W. Summey Dallas 

R, G. Rankin ' Gastonia 

J. W. Kendrick Cherryville 

* Individual Members Also, 

N. C. Good Roads Association 61 

Name Address 

Arthur, W. S Gates 

Carter, Dr. T. L Gates 

Cross, S. P Gatesville 

Freeman, B. J Gates 

Glenn, J. M Gatesville 

Hofler, T. E Gatesville 

Horner, M. K Gatesville 

Milltell, C. B Gates 

Parker & Parker Gates 

Strickland, V. D Gatesville 

Williams, Miss Lucy R Gatesville 

Name Address 

Eller, A. H Robbinsville 

Mauney, W. P Robbinsville 

Phillips, Robert Robbinsville 

Slaughter, R. B Robbinsville 

Wiggins, W. B Robbinsville 

Name Address 

Averett, Lee Oxford 

Blalock, J. M., Blalock Motor Company Oxford 

Breedlove, O. B Oxford 

Bryan, C. W Oxford 

Cannady, J. W Oxford 

Cooper, Col. H. G Oxford 

Crews, W. W Oxford 

Davis J. Ennis, Chairman Board of Co. Com R. F. D., Youngsville 

Exchange Hotel. L. H. Smith Oxford 

Hall, J. G Oxford 

Hancock, F. W., Jr Oxford 

Harris, J, P Oxford 

Hester, John W Oxford 

Hobgood, A, P Oxford 

Horner, J. W., Horner Brothers Oxforu 

Howard, E. B Oxford 

Hunt, E. O Oxford 

Hunt, W. H Oxford 

Jackson, J. E Oxford 

Lassiter, Ben K Oxford 

Lyon, F. F Oxford 

Mayes, Capt. J. B. Jr Oxford 

Meadows, J, F Oxford 

Medford, J. J Oxford 

Medford, J. W Oxford 

Mitchell, W. Z Oxford 

Osborne, Henry T Oxford 

Pace, W. G Oxford 

Parham. B. W Oxford 

Perkinson, L. F , Oxford 

62 List of Members 

Name Address 

Powell, A. H Oxford 

Powell, C. G Oxford 

Pritchard. S. H Oxford 

Ray, C. D. & Son Oxford 

Royster, R. H., Oxford Motor Co Oxford 

Stem, Major J. G Oxford 

Taylor, H. L Oxford 

Taylor, L. C Oxford 

Taylor, R. K Oxford 

Thomas, Dr. W. N Oxford 

Watkins, S. M Oxford 

Williams, J/ A Oxford 

Winston, T. W., Lyon-Winston Company Oxford 

Wood, J. Robert Oxford 

Contributing Member 
Granville Motor Company, I. N. Howard Oxford 

Granville County Commissioners 

* J. Ennis Davis, Chairman R. F. D., Younersville 

J. L. Peed R. F. D., Creedmoor 

J. T. Averitt R. 6, Oxford 

B. I. Breedlove R. 5. Oxford 

W. E. Cannady Oxford 

*Also Individual Member 

Name Address 

Barrow, Z. V Snow Hill 

Brown, H.J Snow Hill 

Carraway, H. T Snow Hill 

Carroll, Dr. J. L Hookerton 

Darren, A. D Snow Hill 

Dixon, D. W Snow Hill 

Dixon, F. W Snow Hill 

Edwards, B. W Snow Hill 

Edwards, J. H Snow Hill 

Exum, Josiah, Jr Snow Hill 

Exum, J. T Snow Hill 

Frizzle, J. B R. F. D., Snow Hill 

Frizzle, J. Paul Snow Hill 

Gurganius, John Snow Hill 

Harper, J. S • Snow Hill 

Hart, G. W Snow Hill 

Hicks, S. H Snow Hill 

Holden, P. B Snow Hill 

Jo.> ner, S. J Snow Hill 

Matlock, R. J Hookerton 

Mendenhall, Moyer Snow Hill 

Miller, O ,,...,. Snow Hill 

N. C. Good Roads Association 63 

GREENE COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Moore, J, T Snow Hill 

Moye, J. C Snow Hill 

Ormond, N. M Hookerton 

Pittman, H. C ' Snow Hill 

Rasberry, E. A Snow Hill 

Styers, J. D Snow Hill 

Taylor, B. D Snow Hill 

Taylor, W. F Hookerton 

Warren, A. D Snow Hill 

Young, Dr. W. D Snow Hill 

Contributing Members 

Exum, Josiah Snow Hill 

Exum, Josiah Jr Snow Hill 

Harper, Dr. J. H Snow Hill 

Herring, Sheriff Snow Hill 

Murphy, Dr. W. B. Snow Hill 

Name Address 

Adams, Judge S. B Greensboro 

American Agricultural Chemical Co., C. E. Norvell, Mgr. .. Greensboro 

Amos Furniture Company, C. L. Amos, Mgr High Point 

Amos Hosiery Mills, R. J. Amos, Mgr High Point 

Atwell, John R Greensboro 

Austin, J. Allen High Point 

Banner, Dr. C. W Greensboro 

Barber, L. T Gibsonville 

Barton, Harry Greensboro 

Blair, Tully Greensboro 

Blue Bell Overall Co Greensboro 

Boren, W. C Pomona 

Bradshaw, C. W Greensboro 

Broadhurst, E. D Greensboro 

Bronson, H. T Greensboro 

Brooks, A. L Greensboro 

Brooks, W. D High Point 

Brown-Belk Company, T. B. Brown, Mgr Greensboro 

Carlton, Phil R Greensboro 

Cates, J, M Greensboro 

Central Motor Car Co Greensboro 

Clegg Hotel, W. F. Clegg, Prop Greensboro 

Clinard, J, W High Point 

Coble, R. P Greensboro 

Coe, Dr. S. S High Point 

Coffield, H. I High Point 

Coit, Ralph B Greensboro 

Cone, Caesar Mrs Greensboro 

Cone, Clarence H Gibsonville 

Cone, Herman Greensboro 

Cone, Julius W Greensboro 

Covington, W. C , High Point 


64 List of Membees 

Name Address 

Cox, J. Elwood, Pres. Commercial National Bank High Point 

Crabtree, Thos , Greensboro 

Craven, E. F Greensboro 

Dalton, Carter High Point 

Davis, S. L., Southern Chair Company , . . .High Point 

Dick's Laundry Company, Mr. Foushee, Mgr .Greensboro 

Dixie Sales Company Greensboro 

Dobson-Sills Shoe Company Greensboro 

Donnell-Moore Shoe Company Greensboro 

Donnell, J. R., Huffine Hotel Greensboro 

Douglas, R. D Greensboro 

Duffy, Lawrence J Greensboro 

Ecker, Ferd High Point 

Elwood Hotel, The, W. H. Plummer, Mgr High Point 

Farley's Garage, C. F. Farlev, Mgr High Point 

Fraser, H. W High Point 

Fry, F. S Greensboro 

Gant, M. W Greensboro 

Gate City Motor Company, C. "W. Edwards, President Greensboro 

Gilmer, S. L Greensboro 

Glenn, R. W Greensboro 

Gold, C. W Greensboro 

Gold, T. J High Point 

Greensboro Daily News Greensboro 

Greensboro Daily Record Greensboro 

Greensboro Motor Car Co., H. M. Chamblee, Mgr Greensboro 

Greensboro Tire Company Greensboro 

Guilford Hotel Company Greensboro 

Guilford Insurance & Realty Company Greensboro 

Guilford Lbr. Company, W. B. Mendenhall, Mgr Greensboro 

Guilford Motor Car Co., R. M. Clapp, Mgr Greensboro 

Gunter, H. B Greensboro 

Hardin, H. P , Greensboro 

Hardin, J. E Proximity Station, Greensboro 

Harrison, C. G Box 805, Greensboro 

Harrison, Dr. Edmund . . .' Greensboro 

Hart, J. A., Drug Company, J. A. Hart, Mgr High Point 

Hauser, C. M High Point 

Haynes, H. L 602 Magnolia Street, Greensboro 

Hay worth Roll & Panel Co., J. P. Hay worth, Mgr High Point 

Hedgpeth, J. C Greensboro 

Henderson, L Greensboro 

Hewitt. W. A Greensboro 

Hiatt, Dr. H. B High Point 

Hole, Ralph Greensboro 

Hudson, C. C Greensboro 

Huffine Hotel, J. R. Donnell, Mgr Greensboro 

Hughes, Raleigh James Greensboro 

Hunsucker, H. F High Point 

Hunt, Thomas C, Inc 407 S. Ashe St., Greensboro 

Hunter, Hill Greensboro 

Idol, W. C High Point 

Jarboe, Dr. Parran. Greensboro 

Jordan. Francis C Greensboro 

N. C. Good Roads Association 65 

Name Address 

Kearns Furniture Company, O. E. Kearns, Mgr High Point 

Kirkman, J. E., Giant Furniture Co High Point 

Kiser, Claude Greensboro 

Klinsman, E. C Greensboro 

Laird, T. H Greensboro 

Latham, J. E Greensboro 

Leathers, J, B Greensboro 

Liberty Chair Company, J. H. & H. C. Johnson Liberty 

Long, Irving Co Greensboro 

Lowry, W. H, Manager, O. Henry Hotel Greensboro 

Luther, J. C Liberty 

Lyon, Arthur High Point 

Mann, Dr. L T High Point 

Marsh Furniture Co., J. E. Marsh, Mgr High Point 

Martin, J. A Liberty 

Massey, Wm. C High Point 

Matheson-Wills Real Estate Company Greensboro 

McAlister, A. W Greensboro 

McKnight, C. H Greensboro 

Mebane, C. A Greensboro 

Mebane, R. J Greensboro 

Merriman, W. D Greensboro 

Meyer, W. D Greensboro 

Millikan, J. M Greensboro 

Millis, H. A High Point 

Millis, J. E High Point 

Motor Service Co., Jetty Garland, Mgr High Point 

Munyon, "W. G High Point 

Myers, Dr. C. F , Greensboro 

Newell Company, M. G Greensboro 

North-State Motor Company Greensboro 

Odell Hardware Company Greensboro 

O'Donohue, W. T Greensboro 

Oettinger, J. R Greensboro 

O. Henry Hotel Greensboro 

Oridge-Weathers Motor Co Greensboro 

Overman, C. B High Point 

Owen-Smith, Dr High Point 

Parsons, T. L Greensboro 

Patterson, G. A Liberty 

Payne, Max T Greensboro 

Peacock, Dred High Point 

Pollard, W. F 407 Tate St., Greensboro 

Porter, Waldo Box 383, Greensboro 

Portland Cement Association, J. P. Bishop, Guilford Hotel .. Greensboro 

Price, Julian Greensboro 

Pritchett, George Washington Greensboro 

Ragan, R. R High Point 

Reich, W. G High Point 

Richardson, H. S Greensboro 

Richardson, L Greensboro 

Robins, M Greensboro 

Royal, Walter High Point 

Rucker & Company Greensboro 

66 List of Members 

Name Address 

Scales, A. M Greensboro 

Scott & Company, J. W Greensboro 

Shuping, C. L Greensboro 

Sinclair, L. C High Point 

Slaine, W. H High Point 

Sloan. R. G., Motor Company Greensboro 

Southern Chair Company, S. L. Davis, Mgr High Point 

Sutton Auto Company, C. R Greensboro 

Taplin, A. E .' • High Point 

Tate, Thomas H Greensboro 

Tatum, B. B Greensboro 

Taylor, C. C Greensboro 

Taylor, Frederick R., Dr High Point 

T. & H. Motor Company Greensboro 

Thomas. F. A .' Hie:h Point 

Thomas, W. B High Point 

Thompson, R. L Greensboro 

Thurman, H. J Greensboro 

Todd, W. M Greensboro 

Tomlmson, S. H High Point 

Tractor & Machinery Sales Company, S. R. Sims, Rep Greensboro 

Vanstory, C, M Greensboro 

Vaughn, R. G Greensboro 

Vaueht, W. B Greensboro 

Waldrop, John D Greensboro 

Watkins, Cutler Greensboro 

Weathers, H. M., Oridge-Weathers Motor Co Greensboro 

Welts, Guy E High Point 

"Wharton, E, P Greensboro 

Wheeler, C. L High Point 

Wheeler, R. H High Point 

White. David Greensboro 

Williams. Dr. J. A Greensboro 

Wills Book & Stationery Company 206 S. Elm St.. Greensboro 

Wilson, G. F., Wilson Motor Company High Point 

Winder's, John, Service Elm & Gaston Sts., Greensboro 

Wineskie, Frank Hieh Point 

Wishart, A. T High Point 

Wrenn, M, J High Point 

Wright. C. G Greensboro 

Contributing Members 

Pomona Terra Cotta Co.. W. C. Bqren. . Pomona 

Roberson, Dr. Charles Greensboro 

Guilford County Commissioners 

*W. C. Boren Pomona 

W. C. Tucker Greensboro 

W. C. Jones High Point 

*L. T. Barber Gibsonville 

J. W. Rankin R. No. 4, Greensboro 

^Members Also Under Own Names. 

N. C. Good Roads Association 67 

Name Address 

Akers, A. E Roanoke Rapids 

Alexander, J. H Scotland Neck 

Allen, H. D Weldon 

Anderson, D. R Weldon 

Andrews, G. T Enfield 

Anderson, L. O Roanoke Rapids 

Bain, H. L Roanoke Rapids 

Barnes, N. S Weldon 

Bass, J, L Enfield 

Bound, C. P , Weldon 

Bounds, S.J Roanoke Rapids 

Chase, J. T Roanoke Rapids 

Clark, A. L Roanoke Rapids 

Clarke, D. T Weldon 

Clemment, W. T Enfield 

Cohen, M Enfield 

Davis, J. B R. F. D. No. 2, Enfield 

Dickens, J. A Weldon 

Dickens, J. K Roanoke Rapids 

Dickens, J. R Enfield 

Dixon, S, J Weldon 

Dunn, J. L Scotland Neck 

Dunn, R. C Enfield 

Garlick, E. G Weldon 

Gary, S. M Halifax 

Glascoe & Baucom Co Littleton 

Gore, C. P Weldon 

Graham, C. W Roanoke Rapids 

Grant, M. J , Littleton 

Gregory, F, H '. Halifax 

Hancock, W. S Roanoke Rapids 

Harris, R. A Weldon 

Harrison, H. S Enfield 

Harrison, J. H. Jr Roanoke Rapids 

Hayes, G. L., Jr Roanoke Rapids 

House, A. C Weldon 

Jackson, J. M Roanoke Rapids 

Jarman, Dr. F. G Roanoke Rapids 

Johnson, Hugh Scotland Neck 

Johnson, Pierce Weldon 

Jones, Charles Weldon 

Lassiter, Dr. H. G Weldon 

Long, Dr. T. W. M Roanoke Rapids 

Long, W. L Roanoke Rapids 

Lynch, W. G Roanoke Rapids 

Manning, W. L Roanoke Rapids 

Matthews, E. A Roanoke Rapids 

Mathews, J, R Enfield 

Meyer, Carl Enfield 

Meyer, Lewis B Enfield 

Mint Cola Bottling Co., E. L. Brown Scotland Neck 

Moore, J. A Roanoke Rapids 

Morehead, Dr. R. P Weldon 

Nelson, M Littleton 

68 List of Membeks 

Name Address 

Norinsky, A Roanoke Rapids 

Page, S. M Weldon 

Patchin, Dr. D. F Roanoke Rapids 

Patterson, John L Roanoke Rapids 

Person, J. M Enfield 

Pierce, Dr. S. B Weldon 

Pippen, J. P , Littleton 

Randolph, P. V Enfield 

Ricks, E. H Roanoke Rapids 

Rowe, H. G Weldon 

Scotland Neck Bank, The Scotland Neck 

Shell, L. G Roanoke Rapids 

Sherrod, Watson N Enfield 

Smith, J. U Scotland Neck 

Smith, Dr. O. F Scotland Neck 

Smoot, J. W Roanoke Rapids 

Stainback, J. T. . . ., Roanoke Rapids 

Stallings, Cleve Littleton 

Steadman, N. L Weldon 

Suiter, Dr. W. G Weldon 

Taylor, A. L Roanoke Rapids 

Taylor, Job Roanoke Rapids 

Taylow, J. W Roanoke Rapids 

Tillery, W. D Roanoke Rapids 

Travis, E. L Halifax 

Travis, R. S Weldon 

Vinson, C, S Weldon 

Wade, J. J Roanoke Rapids 

Whitfield, S. G. . . , Enfield 

Wyche, C. A Roanoke Rapids 

Wyche, J. I Weldon 

Zollicoffer, Dr. B Weldon 

Zollicoffer, E. T .• Weldon 

Contributing Members 

Nash, G. H Weldon 

Patterson, S. F Roanoke Rapids 

Name Address 

Atkins Bros., H. T. Atkins Lillington 

Baggett & Johnson, Hiram Baggett, W. L. Johnson Lillington 

Baggett & Mordecai, J. R. Baggett, W. G. Mordecai Lillington 

Ballance, John H Dunn 

Butler, Dr. J. R Dunn 

Butler, M, C Dunn 

Byrd, J. C ~, Dunn 

Byrd, J. M Coats 

Cannady, Geo. L Dunn 

Chaffin, L. M Lillington 

Coats Mercantile Co., W. M. Keen, W. E. Nichols Coats 

Coltrane, Dr. W. E Dunn 

N. C. Good Roads Association 69 

Name Address 

Draper, Eugene T Dunn 

Driver, J, W Dunn 

Dupree, Dr. L.J Lillington 

Edwards Motor Car Co., Marvin R. Edwards Lillington 

Fleishman, Morris Dunn 

Fussell, D. C Dunn 

Gentry, B. P Lillington 

Gerald, J. W Dunn 

Gerald, T. L Dunn 

Godwin, R. L Dunn 

Goldstein, Ellis Dunn 

Hockaday, W. P Lillington 

Hood, D. H Dunn 

Jernigan, Fred Dunn 

Johnson-Bryan, 0. L. Johnson and W. M. Bryan Lillington 

Johnson, N. M Dunn 

Lee, E. T., Postmaster Dunn 

Levinson, L. L., Mayor Coats 

Parker Brothers, B. A. Parker Lillington 

Parrish, W. H Dunn 

Pope, Geo. F Dunn 

Pope, J. D Coats 

Purdie Brothers, J. W. Purdie Dunn 

Roberts Auto & Electric Co., Dr. H. C. Roberts Coats 

Sexton, Dr. C. H Dunn 

Smith, G. I Coats 

Smith & McKay, Edward Smith and F. W. McKay Dunn 

Smith, T. V Dunn 

Spears, H. T Lillington 

Stewart, K. A Lillington 

Stewart, Thos. D Coats 

Stewart, T. V., Chairman Grove Township Road Board Coats 

Sutton, W. L Lillington 

Taylor, EL B Dunn 

Thompson, J. C, Mayor Lillington 

Thompson, Wesley B Dunn 

Thompson, W. J Dunn 

Thornton, John W Dunn 

Townsend, N. A Dunn 

Tugwell, J. B Lillington 

Turlington, W. H., Sheriff Lillington 

Turnage, J. W Dunn 

Wade, J. L Dunn 

Warren, Dr. R. L Dunn 

Williams, I. R Dunn 

Harnett County Commissioners 

J. D. Barnes, Chairman Dunn 

J. C. Byrd R. F. D. 2, Duke 

W. J. McStewart R. F. D. 1, Coats 

R. T. Johnson Chalybeate Springs 

D. J. Ray R. F. D. 3, Lillington 

70 List of Members 

Name Address 

Alley, Felix E Waynesville 

Atkins, H. B Waynesville 

Bailey, J. T Canton 

Ball, W. J. & Co Canton 

Bank of Waynesville Waynesville 

Barber, R. N Waynesville 

Bell, C. V Canton 

Blue Ridge Furniture Co., G-. B. Hall Waynesville 

Bushnell, S. H Waynesville 

Champion Bank of Canton Canton 

Coon, E. N Canton 

Felmet, S. R Canton 

Geier, E. M Canton 

Gibson, T. C Canton 

Gwyn, T. L. Springdale 

Hampton, C, V Canton 

Hampton, G. L Canton 

Hampton, O. M Canton 

Hinson, G. N Waynesville 

Hipps, J. R Waynesville 

Hyatt, W. A Waynesville 

Kezziah, W. H Canton 

Lee & Brown Company Waynesville 

Littman, M Canton 

Logan, C. G Waynesville 

McCracken Clothing Co Waynesville 

Martin, Dr. W. S Canton 

Miller, F. W Waynesville 

Miller, T. G Box 834, Waynesville 

Mock, J. M Waynesville 

Peden, F. T Springdale 

Ray, Frank & Company Waynesville 

Reeves, Dr. M. H Waynesville 

Reynolds, Dr. T. F Canton 

Russell, Dr. J. M Canton 

S. E. W. Motor & Machine Company Canton 

Shelton, W. T Waynesville 

Sloan, B. J Waynesville 

Sloan-Platt Hardware Co Waynesville 

Sluder Furniture Co Canton 

Smith, C. E Canton 

Spears, A. R., Imperial Hotel Canton 

Thigpen, J. K. & Co Waynesville 

Way, J. H., Jr Waynesville 

Wenz, K. F Box 46, Canton 

Withers, Ernest L. & Co Waynesville 

Woody, Jonathan H Waynesville 

Contributing Members 

Blackwell-Bushnell Co Waynesville 

Plott, J. O Canton 

Robertson, Reuben B Canton 

N. C. Good Roads Association 71 


Haywood County Commissioners 

Name Address 

* T. L. G-ywn, Chairman Springdale 

H. A. Osborne Canton 

M. M. Noland Crabtree 

J. R. Boyd R. F. D., Waynesville 

A. Howell Waynesville 

*Also active member. 

Name Address 

Bland, C. F Hendersonville 

Bryson, S. Y Hendersonville 

Byers Brothers Hendersonville 

Duff, J. D Hendersonville 

Durham, T. L Hendersonville 

Egerton, Dr. J. L Hendersonville 

Ewbank & Ewbank Hendersonville 

Hawkins, A. H Hendersonville 

Hendersonville Auto Co Hendersonville 

Hodges, Sam T Box 358, Hendersonville 

Hunter's Pharmacy, Inc., W. Griffith, Mgr Hendersonville 

Keith, Dr. H. L Hendersonville 

Knowles, Miss Clara Hendersonville 

La Vogue, Miss B. B. West Hendersonville 

Lewis, E. & Son Hendersonville 

Mclntyre, J. W Hendersonville 

Morse, Dr. L. B Hendersonville 

Orr, Glover T Hendersonville 

Patterson, H Hendersonville 

Penny, W. F Hendersonville 

Rhodes Auto Companv. . . Hendersonville 

Rhodes, S. G Fletcher 

Rozzelle, Chas Hendersonville 

Schenck, Michael Hendersonville 

Smith, Shipman & Arledge Hendersonville 

Stillwell, Earle G Hendersonville 

Truex, A. S Hendersonville 

Western N. C. Times, W. S. Surratt, Editor Hendersonville 

Willson, J. R Hendersonville 

Wooten, J. C, Mgr. Kentucky Home Hendersonville 

Young, W. A Hendersonville 

Contributing Members 

Bell, J. O., Secretary Green River Manufacturing Co Tuxedo 

The Kentucky Home Hendersonville 

72 List of Members 

Name Address 

Babb, G. D Murfreeesboro 

Barnes, D. C Murfreesboro 

Barnes, Sawyer Grocery Co Ahoskie 

Boyette, C. E Murfreesboro 

Boyette, D. P Ahoskie 

Bridger, R. C Winton 

Britt, E R, F. D., Murfreesboro 

Britton, N. W Winton 

Eley, J. A Ahoskie 

Gerrock, E. J Ahoskie 

Harrell, Dr. G. N Murfreesboro 

Jones, C. W Winton 

Jordan, Jno. R Winton 

McDaniel, E. L Ahoskie 

McGlohon, W. A Murfreesboro 

McKeel, B. S Ahoskie 

Mitchell, J. P Winton 

Northcott, J. A Winton 

Parker & Parker R. F. D., Murfreesboro 

Parker, J. R Ahoskie 

Piland, J. J. & Co Winton 

Scull, B., Sheriff Harrellsville 

Story, R. E Winton 

Sumner, L. T Ahoskie 

Svkes, W. A Winton 

Taylor, P. H Winton 

Walker, Dr. L. K Ahoskie 

Williams, B. G Cofield 

Williams, H. L Cofield 

Williams, L. C Ahoskie 

Winborne, S. P Como 

Wynn, T, B. , , , , ■ , Murfreesboro 

Name Address 

Covington, W. P Raeford 

Cox, G. W Raeford 

Fuller, G. A Raeford 

Green, H. A Raeford 

Hall, Edgar, Sheriff Raeford 

Johnson, J, W Raeford 

Lamont, William Raeford 

McDiarmid, J. A Raeford 

McDiarmid, M. S Raeford 

McLauchlin, H. C Raeford 

McLauchlin, J. W Raeford 

Poole, W. L Raeford 

Seate, C. W Raeford 

Sexton, F. B Raeford 

Smith, E. S Raeford 

Thomas, J. B Raeford 

Thomas, J. C Raeford 

Upchurch, C, E Raeford 

Wilkins, Dr. R. B Raeford 

N. C. Good Roads Association 73 

Name Address 

Barnes, J. S Swan Quarter 

Beach, W. C New Holland 

Berry, Alexander Swan Quarter 

Berry, A. B Swan Quarter 

Berry, D. L Swan Quarter 

Berry, W. T Swan Quarter 

Brimm, H. C Swan Quarter 

Brown, Thad Swan Quarter 

Carter, B\ H Fairfield 

Carter, Geo. P Fairfield 

Cartwright, R. N Fairfield 

Cox, R. S Englehard 

Credle, F. Jeff Swan Quarter 

Credle, J. O Swan Quarter 

Credle, L. R Swan Quarter 

Credle, M. S Swan Quarter 

Credle, W. F Swan Quarter 

Credle, W. G. . Swan Quarter 

Cuthrell, A. L Fairfield 

Cuthrell, J. S Fairfield 

Davis, "W. C Englehard 

Ellis, J. P Middletown 

Englehard Mercantile Co Englehard 

Gardner, George New Holland 

Gennette, T. H •. Lake Landing 

Gibbs, Closs Englehard 

Gibbs, S. J Englehard 

Guthrie, C. S Englehard 

Guthrie, G. M Swan Quarter 

Hanford, Geo. S New Holland 

Harris, Dr. A. G Fairfield 

Harris, Jesse M Swan Quarter 

Harris, R. D Swan Quarter 

Harris, T. A Swan Quarter 

Harris, W. J Swan Quarter 

Harris, W. M Swan Quarter 

Hayes, Frank Swan Quarter 

Hayes, Z. V Swan Quarter 

Hedges, D. W. .,,,,,,., , Swan Quarter 

Howard $s Williams Store ...... Swan Quarter 

Jarvis, J, W- , , , • ? .■ f ... , , ...... , Swan Quarter 

Jones, Chas. A. ............. ... Swan Quarter 

Jones, Hertford Fairfield 

Jones, T. B. ............ f . .Fairfield 

Jones, Dr. Z. B. V. , . Swan Quarter 

Litchfield, A. B. . . . , , Swan Quarter 

Makely, George Swan Quarter 

Mann, Elmo Swan Quarter 

Mann, R, H Fairfield 

Mann, Dr. T, A i Fairfield 

Mann, T. (3.. .... ; ., ............ . r ... f ; ............... . . ... \ . . .. . . .Fairfield 

Mann, T. J Lake Landing 

Midgett, T. D gwan Quarter 

Midyette, A. B. , . . f .... ? . ? . . .... r ? . ? f ? .... f f ..... Fairfield 

74 List of Members 

HYDE COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Mooney, Clifton Fairfield 

Murray, E. N Fairfield 

Neal, S. S Englehard 

Nixon, W. B Fairfield 

N. C. Farm Company New Holland 

O'Neal, E. S. & Son Fairfield 

Phillips, E Swan Quarter 

Ponzer, K. L New Holland 

Simmons, J. C Fairfield 

Simmons, P. C Fairfield 

Spencer, C. B Swan Quarter 

Spencer, J. E Englehard 

Spencer, R. S Englehard 

Spencer, W. J Englehard 

Spencer, W. L Swan Quarter 

Tripp, H. C Swan Quarter 

Watson, William _ Swan Quaretr 

Weston, S. W Swan Quarter 

Williams, B. A Fairfield 

Williams, C.N Englehard 

Williams, D. L Swan Quarter 

Williams, J. C Swan Quarter 

Williams, Thos. M Englehard 

Windle'y, Dr. R. E Swan Quarter 

Windley, S. A » Swan Quarter 

Name Address 

Alexander, J. C. & Bro., Statesville 

Alexander, M. P., Sheriff Statesville 

Anita Mills Co., E. H. White, Sec. and Treas Statesville 

Ausley, D. M., President Chamber of Commerce Statesville 

Ballance-Sullivan Co., G. L. Ballance Statesville 

Barger, John V Mooresville 

Barger, P. M Mooresville 

Bowles, J. F Statesville 

Brawley, E. W Mooresville 

Bristol, L. B., Mayor Statesville 

Cavin, J, P ^ Mooresville 

Chamber of Commerce Mooresville 

Colson, A. W Mooresville 

Cooper, R. A Statesville 

Craven, R. P R. F. D., Mooresville 

Deaton, E. C Mooresville 

Donald, J. L Mooresville 

Fraley, J. B Statesville 

Freeze, W. M Mooresville 

Hall, J. B Statesville 

Hartness, J. A., Clerk of the Court Statesville 

Iredell Motor Co., C. D. Carter, Sec. and Treas Statesville 

Johnston, C. C Mooresville 

Johnston, W. C, County Commissioner Mooresville 

Kelly Clothing Co.. J. C. Kelly, Mgr Statesville 

Kennette, J. M Mooresville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 75 

Name A'ddress 

Lentz, W. M Mooresville 

Lowrance, Fred Statesville 

Ludwig, G. G., Sec. and Treas. Mooresville Motor Co Mooresville 

McCormick, J. L Statesville 

McKesson, Dr. L e W Statesville 

McKnight Auto Company Mooresville 

McLain, C. W Statesville 

McNeely, C. P., Mayor Mooresville 

Mills, C. E Mooresville 

Mills, N. B Statesville 

Mills & Poston, C. E. Mills and R. L. Poston Statesville 

Mills Shoe Company, W. Ross Mills, Mgr Statesville 

Morrison, E Statesville 

Morrison Grocery Co., J. K Statesville 

Morrow, W. H., Register of Deeds Statesville 

Mulligan-Roach Company, J. B. Roach Statesville 

Nicholson, W, T Statesville 

Phifer, F. B Statesville 

Poston, C. L Statesville 

Rives, R. F Statesville 

Shelton, T. G Statesville 

Sherrill, F. A Statesville 

Sherrill-White Shoe Co., F. W. Sherrill and Bob White Statesville 

Sloan, J. L Statesville 

Sloope, Hugh L Mooresville 

Sloop, J. E Statesville 

Sronce, B. L Statesville 

Statesville Storage Battery Company, G. R. Shaver Statesville 

Tharpe, W. W Statesville 

Thomas, D. S Statesville 

Troutman, L. L., Mooresville Furniture Co Mooresville 

Turlington, Zeb V Mooresville 

Turner & Co., D. E Mooresville 

Turner, Hon. W, D Statesville 

Webb, W. E Statesville 

Contributing Members 
Carolina Motor Company, J. M. Deaton, President; W. E. 

Nattress, Sales Manager Statesville 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., F. L. Johnson Statesville 

Crawford-Bunch Furniture Co., A. W. Bunch Statesville 

Crowell-Clothing Co., G. L. Crowell, Mgr Statesville 

Fox-Millsaps Motor Co., E. S. Millsaps, Jr Statesville 

Harrison Clothing Co., Joe Statesville 

Henkel-Craig Live Stock Co.. D. J. Craig and C. V. Henkel. .Statesville 

Johnston-Belk Co., A. B. Johnston, Sec. and Treas Statesville 

Lazenby-Montgomery Hardware Co., L. B. Patterson, Sec. ... Statesville 

Royal Motor Company, The, C. C. Mills, Mgr Statesville 

Statesville Grocery Co., E. B. Watts, Sec. and Treas Statesville 

Statesville Motor Company, J. B. Cooper Statesville 

Statesville Oil Company, J. R. Flanigan, Mgr Statesville 

Statesville Veneer & Panel Co., Clarence Stimpson Statesville 

Wallace, Isidore Statesville 

Wallace Brothers Company, The, Wm. Wallace, President. . . .Statesville 

76 List of Membees 


Iredell Board of County Commissioners 
Name Address 

Yount & Alexander, H. H. Yount and A. Y. Alexander Statesville.- 

N. D. Tomlin Statesville 

0. S. Tomlin Statesville' 

J. A. Brown R. F. D. 1, Sto*sy Point 

J. T. Smith Troutman 

W. C, Johnson MoOBesville: 

Name Address 

Allison, A. O Sylvai 

Allison, R. C Sylvai 

Bales, C. A Sylva* 

Brown, F. A Sylva 

Bryson, D, G Sylva 

Buchanan, C. C Sylva 

Buchanan, M., Chairman Board of County Commissioners Sylva 

Buchanan, Theo. Sylva 

Candler, Dr. C. Z Sylva 

Cogdill, S. C Sylva 

Cowan, M. D Sylva 

Cox, Thomas A., Chairman Board of Road Trustees of Cullowhee 

Township Sylva 

Cox, T. A., Jr Sylva 

Davis, William Sylva 

Dills, A. J Sylva 

Dills, R. E Sylva 

Higdon, J. S Sylva 

Jones, John R Sylva 

McGuire, Dr. W. P Sylva 

McKee, E. L Sylva 

Madison, Robert L Sylva 

Moody, J. T East Laporte 

Moody, P. E Sylva 

Morris, M. H Sylva 

Simon, A. M Sylva 

Stein, H Sylva 

Tompkins, Dan Sylva 

Walker, James E Sylva 

Wilson, J. H Sylva 

Name Address 

Abell, J. H Smithfield 

Adams, Emmett Four Oaks 

Atwood, Harry N Smithfield 

Austin, Ralph Clayton 

Avera, W. D ' Smithfield 

Bailey Auto Co., T. C. Bailey Kenly 

Barbour, J. G. & Sons, J. Dwight Barbour Clayton 

Barbour, "W. E. . . , , , Four Oaks 

N. d Good Roads Association 11 

Name Address 

Barbour, "W. J ...*......... Clayton 

Barnes, H. L Clayton 

Beddingfield, C. H Clayton 

Benay, L. M Selma 

Boyett, E. F Smithfield 

Broadhurst, F. K Smithfield 

Broadhurst, J. J Smithfield 

Brooks, F. H Smithfield 

Byrd, A. G Smithfield 

Canady, R. C Four Oaks 

Clayton Banking; Co., J. T. Talton, Cashier Clayton 

Clayton Motor Company, A. B. Hollowell Clayton 

Colter Hardware Company, E. S. Edmundson, Mgr Smithfield 

Creech, Chas. A Smithfield 

Creech's Drug Company, D. H. Creech, Mgr Smithfield 

Darden, J. M. & Bros , Kenly 

Duncan, A. R Clayton 

Edgerton, H. F Kenly 

Edgerton, J. J Kenly 

Gower, Dr. F. G Clavton 

Grady, P. D Kenly 

Grantham, N. B Smithfield 

Gray, H. G Smithfield 

Grizzard-Bridger Motor Co Kenly 

Hill, N. M., Jr Smithfield 

Hinnant, J. R Clayton 

Hinton, E, L Clayton 

Holding, R. P Smithfield 

Holland, Dr. N, T Smithfield 

Hollowell, A. B Clayton 

Holt, R. R Smithfield 

Hood Drug Company, T. R. Hood Smithfield 

Hudson, A. B Benson 

Johnson, A. G Smithfield 

Johnson, E. A Smithfield 

Johnson, H. P Smithfield 

Johnson, P. B Benson 

Keen, J. A Four Oaks 

Keen, J. W Smithfield 

Keen, W. R , . . Four Oaks 

Lattimore, G. F Selma 

Lee, Dalton Four Oaks 

Lemay, Z. L Smithfield 

Lewis, J. E Smithfield 

Lewis, W. J Four Oaks 

Mayerberg, Dr. I. W Selma 

Musgrave, Sam Clayton 

Neighbors, E. V m . Kenley 

Parker, Ezra * Benson 

Parrish, F. H Smithfield 

Peoples Bank, M. R. Wall Selma 

Peel, L. F Kenly 

Pirece, C, I Smithfield 

Pope, H. G Clayton 

78 List of Membeks 

Name ' Address 

Rabil, Ed Kenly 

Royall, L. T Smithfield 

Sanders, John W Four Oaks 

Sanders Motor Company, W. R. Sanders, Mgr Smithfield 

Sanders, R. W Clayton 

Sanders, W. M Smithfield 

Sasser, O. W Kenlv 

Scotter, J. L Smithfield 

Selma Drug Company, Mgr. Dr. C. P. Harper Selma 

Skinner & Patterson,' H. L. Skinner, Mgr Smithfield 

Smith, G. T Clayton 

Spiers, J. D Smithfield 

Stephenson, Austin Smithfield 

Stevens, Rev. C. E Four Oaks 

Stevens, Leon G Smithfield 

Stevens, Judge W. S Smithfield 

Storage Battery Service Station, J. H. Kirkman, Mgr Smithfield 

Strickland, J. Hunter Four Oaks 

Strickland, W. R Benson 

Surles, Dr. J. B Four Oaks 

Talton, M. G Clayton 

Thornton Music House, G. E. Thornton Smithfield 

Tomlinson & Company, C. C. Finch Kenly 

Turlington, John M Benson 

Vick, Dr. Geo. D Selma 

Ward-Earp Company Selma 

Ward, E. F Smithfield 

Wellons, C. H Four Oaks 

Wellons, E. J Smithfield 

Wellons, J. A Smithfield 

Wellons, R. A Smithfield 

White, C. S Selma 

Whitehead & Springs Smithfield 

Wiggs, J. N Selma 

Winston, M. C Selma 

Woodall, Preston Benson 

Woodall, W. L. Sons, H. C. Woodall, Mgr Smithfield 

Woodard, E, Y Selma 

Woodard, L. Z Kenly 

Woolard, J, M., Jr Kenly 

Young, Dr. J. J Clayton 

Contributing Members 

Adams, B. B Four Oaks 

Evans, G. W Selma 

Name Address 

Barker, John R Trenton 

Barrus, I. H Pollocksville 

Bell, E. H Maysville 

Bell, Hiram Pollocksville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 79 

JONES COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Bell, Dr. J. C Maysville 

Brock, F Trenton 

Creagh, H. A Pollocksville 

Dixon, D. J Trenton 

Dixon, J. K Trenton 

Foscue, A. C Maysville 

Foscue, J. Manly Maysville 

Hammond, A. F Pollocksville 

Hammond, W, H Trenton 

Hay, K. A Maysville 

Haywood, S. H Trenton 

Haywood, W. H Trenton 

Henderson, A. T Maysville 

Henderson, R. J . Maysville 

Jenkins, F. M Maysville 

Jenkins, G. H Maysville 

Koonce, D, W Pollocksville 

Lowrey, J. R R. F. D., Trenton 

Mattocks, C, M Maysville 

Mattocks, E. L Maysville 

Mattocks, N. U , Maysville 

Melton, F. A Pollocksville 

Mills, J. C Maysville 

Mills, M. T Maysville 

Parker, T. G Pollocksville 

Pelletier, J. R Maysville 

Pope, P. F Maysville 

Pollock, B. C ' Pollocksville 

Pollock, J. B Trenton 

Redd, A. T Maysville 

Rogers, G. R Mavsville 

Scott, B. T Pollocksville 

Simmons, C. S Pollocksville 

Steed, R. L Maysville 

Stilley, W. F R. F. D., Trenton 

Swain, J. D Maysville 

Taylor, E. A Maysville 

Waters, S. H Maysville 

"Weeks, G. E Mavsville 

White, A. H Pollocksville 

Whitty, Louis Maysville 

Williams, E. H R. F. D., Pollocksville 

Worsley, N. A Maysville 

Wynn, J. H Maysville 

Name Address 

Bowers, J. R t Sanf ord 

Buchan, E. R Sanford 

Carter, A. G Sanford 

Chandler, G. T Broadway 

Chears, W. F Sanford 

Crabtree, W. A Sanford 

80 List of Members 

LEE COUNTY — Continued 

% Name Address 

Cross, T. S _ Sanford 

Cunningham, J. W Sanford 

Pitts, W. H Sanford 

Hamilton & Harper Jonesboro 

Hanner, F. Y Sanford 

Hatch, S. P Sanford 

Hollingsworth & Hatch Sanford 

Hoyle, S. R Sanford 

Jones, J, F Broadway 

Ingram, J. R Sanford 

Lassiter, D. E., Sheriff Sanford 

Lassater, J. P Jonesboro 

Ludlow's Drug Store Sanford 

McCracken, Dr. F. W Sanford 

Mclver, Mrs. Kate S Sanford 

Mclver, L. G Sanford 

Mclver, Dr. Lynn Sanford 

Mclver, R. R Sanford 

Moffit Iron Works Sanford 

Monger, J, H Sanford 

Monroe, Dr. W. A Sanford 

Monroe, Dr. J. P Sanford 

Nail, E. D Sanford 

Neal, Dr. J. J Sanford 

Newbold, H. C Sanford 

Perry, A. G Sanford 

Reeves, CM Sanford 

Reeves, M. C Sanford 

Royall, Rev. W. R Sanford 

Scott, Dr. Chas. L Sanford 

Scott, S. V Sanford 

Shaw, D. E Broadway 

Snipes, Dr. E. F Jonesboro 

Snipes, Dr. F. R Sanford 

Stone, K. C Jonesboro 

Teague, D, B Sanford 

Thomas, A. P Broadway 

Underwood, E. M Sanford 

Watson, Dr. Leon Broadway 

Watson, R, A Jonesboro 

Weatherspoon, W. S Sanford 

Wilkins, L. P Sanford 

Willcox, Geo. W Sanford 

Womble, Gus Sanford 

Yarboro, A. L. & N. B Jonesboro 

Contributing Members 

Banking Loan & Trust Co , Sanford 

Brown, W. G Sanford 

Peoples Bank, The Sanford 

N. C. Good Roads Association 81 

Name Address 

Adler Brothers Kinston 

Amos Furniture Company Kinston 

Barrett, E. G Kinston 

Brown, Jessie G Kinston 

Cameron, J. E R. F. D., Kinston 

Canady, H. B. W Kinston 

Carr, Dr. M. L La Grange 

Chero-Cola Bottling Works Kinston 

Chesson, A. J Kinston 

Churchill, R. F Kinston 

Colie, E. B R. F. D., La Grange 

Cowper, G. V Kinston 

Copeland Brothers Kinston 

Dail, J. C Kinston 

Davis, G A Pink Hill 

Davis, L. F La Grange 

Dawson, J. G Kinston 

Dawson, R, J Kinston 

Dixon, D. L Kinston 

Dixon, D. V Kinston 

Dunn, F. C Kinston 

Fields, J. R R. F. D. No. 1, Kinston 

Fleming, H. L Kinston 

Gapen, R. D La Grange 

Goodson, J. W Kinston 

Grady, W. G Kinston 

Grey, J. W La Grange 

Gross & Person Kinston 

Harvey, John Kinston 

Harvey, W. B Kinston 

Hargett, W. B R. F. D., Comfort 

Herbert, W. M Kinston 

Herring, F.J Kinston 

Hill, R. F Kinston 

Hines, H. C Kinston 

Hines, L Kinston 

Hobgood, A. D Kinston 

Hodges, H. H Kinston 

Hodges, P. A Kinston 

Holland, G. C Pink Hill 

Holt, R. P Pink Hill 

Hood, John C Kinston 

Hooker, Rite Kinston 

Howard, Miss Cora Pink Hill 

Howard, Frank La Grange 

Howard, Mrs. Thos Pink Hill 

Hyatt, Dr. A. L Kinston 

Jeffries, C. A Kinston 

Jones, J. E La Grange 

Knott, L. A , Kinston 

La Roque, W. D Kinston 

Laws, H. F Kinston 

Leonard, J. B Kinston 

Lewis, E, B Kinston 

82 List of Members 

LENOIR COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Mangum, Dr. Charles Kinston 

Manning, John Hall Kinston 

McCov, H. H Kinston 

McNairv, Dr. C, Banks Kinston 

Mewborn, J. H R. F. D., Kinston 

Mewborn, L. J Kinston 

Mewborn, T. W Kinston 

Miller, J. O Kinston 

Moore, Guy G Kinston 

Moore, James Kinston 

Moore, P. R Kinston 

Mosely, Dr. Z. V Kinston 

Osbond, E. H Kinston 

Parham, J. H Kinston 

Parrott, Dr. A. L Kinston 

Parrott, Mercer C. Dr Kinston 

Parrott, Dr. W. T Kinston 

Peel, J. F La Grange 

Perry, E. J. Kinston 

Quimerly, Dan Kinston 

Quinn, J. M Kinston 

Reavis, D. W Kinston 

Rochelle, J. S Kinston 

Rountree, V. A Kinston 

Rouse, N. J Kinston 

Rouse, T. R La Grange 

Scott, R. B Kinston 

Sitterson, S. C Kinston 

Smith, Jesse J Pink Hill 

Smith, Paul J Pink Hill 

Spear Motor Company Kinston 

Speed, E. Y Kinston 

Spence, Sam Kinston 

Stadwin, H Kinston 

Stainbach, L. E Kinston 

Stallings, H. F Kinston 

Stroud, Eddie Kinston 

Sugjr, B. B Kinston 

Taylor, A. M Kinston 

Taylor, B. R Kinston 

Taylor, H. H Kinston 

Taylor, J. F Kinston 

Taylor, R. P Kinston 

Turner, L. A Pink Hill 

Tunstall, K. R Kinston 

Wallace, F. E Kinston 

Walters, H. F Kinston 

Waters, Chas. A Kinston 

Webb, E. V Kinston 

West, G. C La Grange 

Whitaker, Dr. F, Stanly Kinston 

Whitfield, J. T Kinston 

Willard, G. S Pink Hill 

Windham, A. B La Grange 

N. C. Good Roads Association 83 

LENOIR COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Wood, D. E Kinston 

Wood, D. W La Grange 

Wooten, D. F Kinston 

Worthington, D. E R. F. D., Kinston 

Worthington, E. C La Grange 

Contributing Members 

Caswell Banking & Trust Company Kinston 

Harvey, C, F Kinston 

Oettinger's Furniture Store Kinston 

West Construction Company Kinston 

Name Address 

Abernethy, J. A Lincolnton 

Cline, G. E Lincolnton 

Crowell, W. W Lincolnton 

Elliott, Dr. W. F Lincolnton 

Graham, W. A. Jr Iron Station 

Jonas, Chas. A Lincolnton 

Kale, Edward J Lincolnton 

Lineberger Brothers Lincolnton 

Love, Edgar Lincolnton 

Love, Frank Lincolnton 

Mullen, J. W Lincolnton 

Reinhardt, R. S Lincolnton 

Roseman, R. M., Jr Lincolnton 

Stroup, C, D Lincolnton 

Thompson, J, Lloyd Lincolnton 

Mcdowell county 

Name Address 

Artz, W. P Old Fort 

Banner & Conley Marion 

Bradley, F. M Old Fort 

Caplan, I. L Old Fort 

Chapman, G. W Marion 

Conley, Geo. C R. F. D., Marion 

Crawford, D. W Marion 

Cross, Eugene Marion 

Decker, J. E.. . Marion 

Dysart, E. H Marion 

Giles, A. H Marion 

Giles, D. F Marion 

Gilkey, J. Q Marion 

Gilkey, W. K. M Marion 

Guy, W. W Marion 

Hudgins, D. E , Marion 

James, C. F Marion 

Jonas, Dr. J. F , , Marion 

84 List of Members 

Mcdowell county— continued 

Name Address 

Kirby, Dr. Guy S Marion 

Lauthridge, Chas Marion 

Marianna Hotel, The Marion 

Marion Ice & Fuel Co Marion 

Morgan, W. T Marion 

Morris, W. L Marion 

Nesbitt, J. U Old Fort 

Nichols, J. L Old Fort 

Outz, J. W Marion 

Pless, J. W Marion 

Snipes, J. F Marion 

Tate, J. H Marion 

Whitener, M. E Marion 

Wilkinson, G. M Marion 

Wilson, J. F Nebo 

Wilson, R. V Nebo 

Winborne, J. W Marion 

Contributing Members 

Beaman Lumber Company Marion 

Marion Veneer & Panel Company Marion 

Name Address 

Ashear, Joseph Franklin 

Band, Dr. C. D Franklin 

Barnard, J. L Franklin 

Carolina Provision Co Franklin 

Carpenter, Geo Franklin 

Conley, J. S Franklin 

Cozad, Henry Franklin 

Crawford, Lee Franklin 

Cunningham, C. *C Franklin 

Curtis, W. F Franklin 

Franklin Motor Company Franklin 

Hunnicutt, E. S Franklin 

Ingram, C. L Franklin 

Johnson & Horn Franklin 

Johnston, T, J Franklin 

Jones & Jones Franklin 

Lyle, Dr. S. H Franklin 

Moody, C. F R. F. D. No. 3, Franklin 

Moore, Alex - Franklin 

Moore, W. T Franklin 

Murray, Frank I Franklin 

Patton, R. A Franklin 

Siler, Dr. F. L Franklin 

Sisk, R. D Franklin 

Smith, Dr. F. T Franklin 

Wright, John Franklin 

N. C. Good Roads Association 85 

Name Address 

Bruce, C. C Mars Hill 

Bruce, Dr. Jefferson Hot Springs 

Burnette, Dr. I. E Mars Hill 

Davis, W. T Hot Springs 

Fowler, W. C Hot Springs 

Freeborn, S. R Walnut 

Freeman, F. E Marshall 

Frisbee, Tom, Postmaster , Hot Springs 

Hendricks, J, A Marshall 

Holcomb, F, H Mars Hill 

Jarvis, O. M Mars Hill 

Lawson, W. M Hot Springs 

Morris, W. J Marshall 

Plemmons, S. C, Mayor Hot Springs 

Plemmons, W. H Hot Springs 

Ramsey, J. Morgan Marshall 

Ramsey, W. B Marshall 

Roberts, Dr. Frank Marshall 

Roberts, G. V Marshall 

Safford, Mrs. B. M Hot Springs 

Sams, Dr. W. A .Marshall 

Shelton, F Marshall 

West, W. A Marshall 

Whitaker, N. S Mars Hill 

Whitehurst, A. W Marshall 

Name Address 

Ange, E. H Jamesville 

Ayers, J. S Everetts 

Biggs, Dr. John D Williamston 

Brown, S. S Williamston 

Cannon, Dr. C. L Robersonville 

Clark, C. H Everetts 

Courtney, B. S Williamston 

Davenport, J. S. . Everetts 

Dunning, A. R Williamston 

Everett, D. R Robersonville 

Getsenger, J. A Darden 

Godwin, C. H Williamston 

Griffin, H. G Jamesville 

Grimes, R. U Everetts 

Grimes, T. T Robersonville 

Hamilton, The Bank of Hamilton 

Hardison, Luther . Jamesville 

Harrison Wholesale Co. . . Williamston 

Hassell, A Williamston 

Hassell, J. L. Williamston 

Hassell, Dr. N. S Jamesville 

Holliday, H. M Jamesville 

Little, W. J. . . Robersonville 

Manning, Dr. M. P... Robersonville 

Manning, W. C, Editor Williamston 

86 List of Members 

MARTIN COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Martin, Wheeler Williamston 

Mizelle, J. A Robersonville 

Moore, Clayton Williamston 

Peel, Chas. T Everetts 

Roberson, Jr., J. H Robersonville 

Roberson, H. T Williamston 

Rogerson, John L Williamston 

Salisbury, Johnson & Co Hamilton 

Salsbury. R. H Hassell 

Slade, Rhodes & Co Hamilton 

Slade & Sons, T. B Hamilton 

Smith, R. L Robersonville 

Sykes, L. A Jamesville 

Taylor, R. A Everetts 

Taylor, V. G Everetts 

Ward & Ward, Drs Robersonville 

Warren, Dr. Wm. E Williamston 

Woolard, J. D Williamston 

Wynn, J. L Williamston 

Name Address 

Alexander, F. B Court House, Charlotte 

Alexander, R. O Charlotte 

Alexander, T. L Piedmont Bldg., Charlotte 

Alexander, W. S., Pres. South. Real Estate, Loan & Trust Co., Charlotte 

Alexander, N. S Charlotte 

Blankenship & McClelland 218 Latta Arcade, Charlotte 

Brockmann's 210 S. Tryon St., Charlotte 

Brown, J. B., Pres. Brown's Inc Charlotte 

Bryant, C. B Charlotte 

Burwell, L. C, Pres. Cotton Belt Candy Co Charlotte 

Caraway, C. P 205 W. 6th St., Charlotte 

Cave, P. M., Model Laundry Charlotte 

Clark, A. B., Charlotte Supply Co Charlotte 

Clark, J. M Charlotte 

Clarkson, Heriot Law Building, Charlotte 

Clement, E. H., Pres. E. H. Clement Co. . . . Comm. Bk. Bldg., Charlotte 

Coddington, C. C Charlotte 

Cochran, N. S Matthews 

Coleman, O. A., The White Company Charlotte 

Crayton, J. E S. Tryon St., Charlotte 

Cutter, J H Box 418. Charlotte 

Diggle, S. L Charlotte 

Dixie Culvert & Metal Co., J. Granville Baldwin Charlotte 

Dodgen, R. W Charlotte 

Douglas, Dr. J. L Davidson 

Draper, A. J 1711 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte 

Dunn, R. A Commercial National Bank, Charlotte 

Edwards, C. P., Model Laundry Charlotte 

Efird, J. B Charlotte 

Ellison, Ernest 13 East 4th St., Charlotte 

Erwin, R. L., Pres. Charlotte Hardware Company Charlotte 

N. C. Good Roads Association 87 

Name ■ Address 

Fitzsimmons, J. G Box 555, Charlotte 

Force, J. A 604 Realty Bldg., Charlotte 

Fowler, H. B., Pres. Adams Grain & Prov. Co Charlotte 

Fox, John W., Pres. Rotary Club 13 Travis Ave., Charlotte 

Funderburk, B, D Matthews 

Garibaldi, Joe 214 Park Ave., Charlotte 

Glover, F. W., Secretary Textile Mill Supply Co Charlotte 

Good Roads Supply Co., H. C. Randolph Charlotte 

Goodrum, M. H Davidson 

Gover, C. H Law Building, Charlotte 

Green, Frank B., American Trust Co Charlotte 

Guthrie, T. C Law Bldg., Charlotte 

Haddock, Paul F., 813 Commercial Bank Bldg., Charlotte 

Ham, J. H Charlotte 

Harding, Dr. C. R Davidson 

Harper, H. G., Sec. & Treas. John M. Scott Company Charlotte 

Heath, B. W 618 Realty Bldg., Charlotte 

Heath, H. B 912 S. Tryon St., Charlotte 

Hemby, T. E 32 College Place, Charlotte 

Hemer, W. L Matthews 

Hereford, L. S., Pres. L. S. Hereford Co 9 S. Tryon St., Charlotte 

Hill, D. H. Jr., Industrial Publishing Co Charlotte 

Horton, H. D Box 836, Charlotte 

Hovis, Frank, Gen. Mgr. Z. A. Hovis & Son Charlotte 

Hull, Dr. P. C Meyers Park, Charlotte 

Huneycutt Printing Co., The West 4th Street, Charlotte 

Hutchins, M. C, City Engineer Charlotte 

Johnston, Lindsey L Charlotte 

Kirkpatrick, T. L Charlotte 

Larzelere, H. C, Mgr. Sehvyn Hotel Charlotte 

Lassiter, Robert Commercial Bank Bldg., Charlotte 

Latta, E. D. Jr Latta Arcade, Charlotte 

Little, J. H., Pres. Independence Trust Co Charlotte 

MacConnell, Dr. J. M Davidson 

MacConnell, Dr. John W Davidson 

McDonald, A. M Charlotte 

McDonald, W. L., Mgr. D. & B. Motor Co Charlotte 

Marus, J. R., Mgr. Atl. Marble & Tile Co Charlotte 

Mason, E. L Charlotte 

Mayes, J. H Charlotte 

Miller, G. L 38 S. College St., Charlotte 

Miller, R. W., Sec. & Treas. Miller-Van Ness & Company. ... Charlotte 

Moore, R. Leland 217 Latta Arcade, Charlotte 

Mosteller, A. F.. .". 2033 E. 7th St., Charlotte 

Motte, R. S 304. Commercial Bldg., Charlotte 

Mowry, A. S., Simmons Construction Corporation Charlotte 

Murrill, H. A., Pres. Queen City Printing Co Charlotte 

Myers, Rawlinson Latta Arcade, Charlotte 

Nichols, John, care American Trust Co Charlotte 

Obenshain, W. S., Mgr. Purity Ice Cream Co Charlotte 

Oldham, J. M 603 Commercial Bldg., Charlotte 

Ovens, David, J. B. Ivey & Co Charlotte 

Parker, W. E., Parker-Gardner Co Charlotte 

Parrish, T. H 716 Commercial Bank Bldg., Charlotte 

88 List of Members 

Name Address 

Patterson, H. B., Tate-Brown Company Charlotte 

Peters, R. E 601 Commercial Bldg., Charlotte 

Pharr, W. S R. F. D. No. 1, Charlotte 

Pound, R. M., care Pound & Moore Charlotte 

Puett, Dr. E. D Charlotte 

Rankin, W. C, care Stephens Co Charlotte 

Renfrow, J. R Matthews 

Ross, C. B., Model Laundry Charlotte 

Ross, R. Galloway Box 1106, Charlotte 

Ross, W. G., Pres. Cochran & Ross Company. .219 W. 4th St., Charlotte 
Schofield, A. B., Treas. E. H. Clement Co...Comm. Bk. Bldg., Charlotte 

Shelby, Edwin, American Trust Company Charlotte 

Sheppard, J. W., Pres. Sheppard Drug Co Charlotte 

Sherrill, Mrs. H. C Meyers Park, Charlotte 

Sloan, J. Lee, Mayor *. Davidson 

Snyder, J. L 107 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte 

Spier, M. B 12 E. 3rd St., Charlotte 

Stowe, Jas. P 108 Crescent Ave., Charlotte 

Stroupe, W. R Box 1292, Charlotte 

Summey, A. T Commercial National Bank, Charlotte 

Tate, John A '. Box 906, Charlotte 

Taylor, A. B., Treas. Chero-Cola Bottling Co Charlotte 

Thies, O. J Meyers Park, Charlotte 

Thompson, W. G., Pres. W. G. Thompson & Co Charlotte 

Tillett, Chas. W Law Bldg., Charlotte 

Twitty, W. H 24 Blandwood Apts., Charlotte 

Van Ness, J. H., Jr., Pres. W. I. Van Ness & Co Charlotte 

Victor, H. M Union National Bank, Charlotte 

Wadsworth, Geo. P R. F. D. 6, Charlotte 

Wadsworth, J. A. C, Treas., Smith-Wadsworth Hdw. Co., .... Charlotte 

Walker, J. O Charlotte 

Wearn, Arthur H Charlotte 

Whitlock, P. C Charlotte 

Wier, J. S 1838 East 7th St., Charlotte 

Williams, C. A., Pres. Williams-Shelton Co Charlotte 

Williamson, J. L., Charlotte Chemical Laboratories Charlotte 

Williamson, J. L., Asst. Mgr. Cooper-Griffin. . 15 E. 4th St., Charlotte 

Wingate, F. S., The White Company Charlotte 

Withers, B. F 712 East Ave., Charlotte 

Withers, L. C 27 East 4th St., Charlotte 

Wommack, R. L Mercantile Bldg., Charlotte 

Wyche, Benjamin 603 Commercial Bldg., Charlotte 

Contributing Member 
Myers, J. S Charlotte 

Name Address 

Berry, W. C Bakersville 

Black, S. J Bakersville 

Burton, R. E Spruce Pine 

Fortner, G. G Spruce Pine 

N. C. Good Roads Association 89 

Name Address 

George, Dr. A. E Bakersville 

Green, Chas. E Bakersville 

Green, D. A Bakersville 

Green, T. M Spruce Pine 

Hickey, C. F Spruce Pine 

Hickey, W. H Spruce Pine 

Johnson, G. L Spruce Pine 

Lambert & Lambert Bakersville 

Lyon, J. D Spruce Pine 

Mayberry, J. A Spruce Pine 

McKinney, Brown Bakersville 

Pendley, David L Spruce Pine 

Peterson, Dr. Chas. A Spruce Pine 

Peterson, Dr. J. M Spruce Pine 

Pritchard, J. C, Sheriff Spruce Pine 

Pyatte-Arroweed Co Spruce Pine 

Riddle, J, T Spruce Pine 

Rodford, W. R Spruce Pine 

Wiseman Mines Corporation Spruce Pine 

Yellow Mountain Farms Spruce Pine 

Young, George M Bakersville 

Contributing Member 
Spruce Pine Store Co Spruce Pine 

Name Address 

Allen, Barna Troy 

Andrews, R. E Mount Gilead. 

Armstrong, G. H., Mount Gilead Hdw. Co Mount Gilead 

Beaman, C. G Troy 

Betts, J. P ; Mount Gilead 

Blalock, O. J Troy 

Bruton, D. A Mount Gilead 

Cochran, W. A Troy 

Cochran, W. B Mount Gilead 

Cook, D. R , Mount Gilead 

Covington, F. P Mount Gilead 

Daligny, Dr. C Troy 

Farlow, W Star 

Harris, W. R Mount Gilead 

Haywood, Edgar Troy 

Haywood, Walter Mount Gilead 

Haywood, W. F. & Son Mount Gilead 

Hicks, W. B Biscoe 

Howell, C. C Troy 

Hurley, Frank Troy 

Hurley, J. C Troy 

Ingram, W. F Mount Gilead 

King, Ernest Troy 

King, J. C Troy 

Lisk. L. R Troy 

90 List of Members 

Name Address 

McAuley Bros Mount Gilead 

McAuley, Frank Mount Gilead 

McAuley, J. A .Mount Gilead 

McKenzie, J. R Troy 

McRae, A. S Mount Gilead 

Moore, Wisear Troy 

Mount Gilead Auto Co., E. J. Luck Mount Gilead 

Newby, N. W Mount Gilead 

Nicholson, Dr. N. G Mount Gilead 

Page, R. E Biscoe 

Poole, R. T Troy 

Rankin, Dr. P. R Mount Gilead 

Richter, Moses Mount Gilead 

Ross & Ingram, L. L. Ross-H. B. Ingram Mount Gilead 

Russell, L. M Troy 

Russell, O. V Troy 

Saf rit, R. W Mount Gilead 

Scarboro, O. R Mount Gilead 

Smitherman, Miss Grace Troy 

Smitherman, Miss Mary Troy 

Smitherman, S.J Troy 

Stanback, C Mount Gilead 

Stuart, G. W., Sheriff Troy 

Wade, Ben T Troy 

Wooley, A. O Troy 

Name Address 

Bilyen, H. P Southern Pines 

Blue, J. D Vass 

Bridges-Boone Co Aberdeen 

Cameron, A. M Vass 

Cameron, G. M Pinehurst 

Carter, Jesse, Jr Aberdeen 

Chas. Cole C, J. N. Eubanks Carthage 

Coca-Cola Bott. Co., G. C. Seymour Aberdeen 

Dalrymple, R. C Carthage 

Deaton, B Spies 

Farrell, R. G Aberdeen 

Folley & Burney, M. H. Folley & A. L. Burney Aberdeen 

Graham, J. W Aberdeen 

Graham, W. B Vass 

Hartsell, L. F Cameron 

Jack's Lunch Southern Pines 

Jennings, W. G Carthage 

Johnson, J, MacN Aberdeen 

Johnson, J. Talbot Aberdeen 

Johnson, L. L Aberdeen 

Keith, J. A Vass 

McDonald, D Cameron 

McDonald, D. A Carthage 

McLauchlin, D, A Vass 

N. C. Good Roads Association 91 

MOORE COUNTY — Continued 
Name ' Address 

McLean, J. D Cameron 

MacNab, W. J Pinehurst 

McNeill, W. H Vass 

McRae Grocery Co., E. J. Woodard Aberdeen 

Miller, S. H '. Carthage 

Mudgett, Dr. W. C Southern Pines 

Newcomb, A. S Pinehurst 

Osborne, C, T Aberdeen 

Overman, W. T Aberdeen 

Page, H. A., Jr Aberdeen 

Page, J. R Aberdeen 

Page, J. R., Jr Southern Pines 

Page, L. R Aberdeen 

Pelton, P. P Southern Pines 

Pender, L. E Pinehurst 

Prillaman, W. V Southern Pines 

Richardson, S. B ' Southern Pines 

Ross, Geo. R Jackson Springs 

Sledge, I. C Pinehurst 

Smith, T. J Vass 

Southern Pines Garage, J. J. Furry, Mgr Southern Pines 

Southern Pines Hotel, D. F. McAdams Southern Pines 

Sparrow, T. M Aberdeen 

Swett, James B Southern Pines 

Swinnerton, A. M Southern Pines 

Tyson, T. B Carthage 

VonCannon, J, B Carthage 

Weaver, M. S Aberdeen 

Wiley, R. E Southern Pines 

Contributing Members 

Boyd, James Southern Pines 

Tufts, Leonard Pinehurst 

Name Address 

Alcock & Henry Inc Rocky Mount 

Alford, B. G Nashville 

Ashley, L. H Rocky Mount 

Austin, S. F Nashville 

Avent, H. M Rocky Mount 

A vera, T. A Rocky Mount 

Avera, W. W Rocky Mount 

Barnhill, M. V Rocky Mount 

Battle, K. D Rocky Mount 

Benson, C. L Nashville 

Bissette, G. E Nashville 

Boice, Dr. E. S Rocky Mount 

Brantley, Dr. H Spring Hope 

Brantley, S. H R. F. D., Spring Hope 

Braswell, J. C Rocky Mount 

Braswell, M. C Battleboro 

92 List of Members 

NASH COUNTY— Continued 
Name Address 

Builders' Sash & Door Co Rocky Mount 

Bulluck, W. W R. F. D., Battleboro 

Bunn, J. P , Rocky Mount 

Bunning, W. B R. F. D. No. 3, Nashville 

Burroughs, Geo. D Nashville 

Calton, Dr. R. C Nashville 

Collins, W. H R. F. D. No. 2, Spring Hope 

Cooley, H. D Nashville 

Cooper, T. A Rocky Mount 

Coppedge, Dr. T. O ." Nashville 

Coppedge, R. L Spring Hope 

Dameron, T, B Nashville 

Daniel, J. H Rocky Mount 

Daughtridge, Jas. A Battleboro 

Davenport, L. L Nashville 

Deans, Dr. A. W Battleboro 

Dixon & Weston Rocky Mount 

Downey, B.J Nashville 

Edwards, O. G Spring Hope 

Epstein, E Rocky Mount 

Fagan, F. F Rocky Mount 

Farmers Mutual W. H. Co., W. H. Meadows, Mgr Rocky Mount 

Finch, N. B Spring Hope 

Fleming, E. I Rocky Mount 

Fox, James M Rocky Mount 

Griffin, W. H. & Co Spring Hope 

Hales, R. G Rocky Mount 

Home, J. L., Jr Rocky Mount 

Huffines, R. L Rocky Mount 

Inscoe, L. S Nashville 

Jenkins, Z. V Rocky Mount 

Knowles, Dr. D. L Rocky Mount 

Mathews, J. C Spring Hope 

Moss, O. B Spring Hope 

Moye, W. S Rocky Mount 

Odom, John D Rocky Mount 

Perry, Dr. E. M Rocky Mount 

Pike, E. L Spring Hope 

Powers & Miller Rocky Mount 

Preddy, C. R Rocky Mount 

Reed, W. I Spring Hope 

Rice, W. B Rocky Mount 

Rocky Mount Furniture Co Rocky Mount 

Rocky Mount Hosiery Co Rocky Mount 

Rose, D, J Rocky Mount 

Rose, I. W Rocky Mount 

Rosenbloom & Levy Co Rocky Mount 

Shore, P. C Rocky Mount 

Shultz, Louis Rocky Mount 

Sills, J. N Nashville 

Simmons, Thos. L Rocky Mount 

Smith, E. W Rocky Mount 

Spring Hope Grocery Co., B. E. Morgan Spring Hope 

Spruill, F. P Rocky Mount 

N. C. Good Roads Association 93 

NASH COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Spruill, F. S Rocky Mount 

Strickland, M. T R. F. D. No. 2, Rocky Mount 

Suiter, J. L Rocky Mount 

Thorp, W. L Rocky Mount 

Valentine, J. T Spring Hope 

Vaughn, Leon T Nashville 

Walker, H. M Battleboro 

Ward, C. B Nashville 

Weaver, John D Rocky Mount 

Weeks, W. G Rocky Mount 

Wells, Jno. J Rocky Mount 

Whitehead, Dr. J. P Rocky Mount 

Williams, W, D Rocky Mount 

Williams, W. E Spring Hope 

Willis, Dr. B. C Rocky Mount 

Winstead, Dr. Jno. A Nashville 

Woodard, W. C. Jr Rocky Mount 

Contributing Members 

Bishop, R.N Rocky Mount , 

Wilkinson, Geo. H Rocky Mount 

Name Address 

Ahrens, Eduard 619 Market St., Wilmington 

American Agricultural Chemical Co. Trust BIdg., Wilmington 

American Bank Front & Market Sts., Wilmington 

Ames, T. R., Pres. Wilmington Highway Asso Wilmington 

Banck, E. Fred, American Bank Wilmington 

Baxter, W. I Wilmington 

Bear, Fred D Grace St., Wilmington 

Bear, J. Irving Box 966, Wilmington 

Becton, J. L Wilmington 

Bellamy, Hargraves Wilmington 

Blair, John AVilmington 

Bleecher, F. G., Johnson Motor Company Wilmington 

Bluethenthal Company, The Wilmington 

Boatright, S. M Wilmington 

Boney & Harper Milling Co Wilmington 

Bon Marche Wilmington 

Brooks, J. W Wilmington 

Brown, A. D., Company Wilmington 

Burgwin, K. O Box 631, Wilmington 

Burnett, C. S 10 North Third St., Wilmington 

Burnett, R. A Wilmington 

Calder, Milton Wilmington 

Cameron, B. B Wilmington 

Cashwell, C. C Wilmington 

Chadbourn, C. C Wilmington 

Chadwick, D. N. Jr Wilmington 

Cooper, I. W Wilmington 

Cooper, W. B Wilmington 


List of Members 

Covington, C. C. 



Dannenbaum, Gus W 

David, E. E Box 167, W: 

Davis, L. W. & Co AV 

Davis-Moore Paint Co AV 

De Vere, A. Fred W 

Dickinson, C. L W 

Divine, M. W W 

Einstein Brothers Front & Grace Sts., W 

Elvington, D. A 106 N. 6th St., W 

Evening Dispatch, The W 

Farris Bakery W 

Foster, D. R W 

Fuch, J. W. H 28 S. Front St., AV 

Gault, F. B 309 Ann St., W 

Gilchrist, Miss Jennie Market St., W 

Giles, Clayton & Son W 

Goodman's Box 225, W 

Gradv, Robert W 

Green, Dr. T. M W 

Hanson, Louis A. Jr "W 

Harriss, Meares Box 166, W 

Heinsbererer, E. L 807 Ann St., W: 

Herbst, Frank Sunset Park, W 

Hewlett, Addison W: 

Hintage, C. H., Mgr. Pinge Sales & Service Co W 

Hinton, J. 26 North Second St., W: 

Hodges, D. M W 

Honnet, George 2nd W 

Howard, James W: 

Huggins, Geo. Inc W 

Jacobi, N., Hdw. Company W: 

James & James Inc W: 

Jarman & Futrell W 

Johnson, R. F., Mgr. Johnson Motor Company W 

Josey, Edwin B W 

Kellum, AVoodus W 

Little, J. W AV 

Longlev, H. E W 

Love, D. C 312 S. Front St., AV 

McEachern, AV. H W 

McGirt, W. A W 

MacMillan, S. J W 

MacMillan, W. D., Jr W 

McRae, Hugh W 

Manhattan Companv, The, care D. R. Foster W 

Metts, Jas. I '. AV 

Moore, L. W AV 

Moore, Roger, Sons & Co AV 

Moore, Dr. AV. Houston W 

Murchison, J. AV AV 

Murphy, Dr. J. G AV 

Newman's Cafe W 


Northam's Book & Stationery Store. AVilmington 

N. C. Good Roads Association 





Oliver, David W 

Paige Sales & Service Co W 

Parmele, Chas W 

Payne Drug Company W 

Piatt Automotive Company W 

Price, P, F. B W: 

Pulliam, Stone W 

Reilly, J. O W 

Rice, J. R., Hyman Supply Co W 

Roache, J. F W 

Rountree, Judge George W 

Roark, Robert Trust Bldg., W 

Skelding, A. B W 

Smith, W. L. Sr W 

Smith, Dr. W. T Southern Bldg., W 

Solomon, Albert _ W: 

Solomon, S. & B Market St., Wi 

Speight, C. L W 

Sprunt, Alex W 

Stanley, Dr. J. W W 

Struthers, Wm. Jr W: 

Taylor, E. T., Pres. Navassa Guano Company W: 

Tidewater Power Company W 

Turner, W. P. Mangum Box 106, W 

Underwood, U. A W; 

Van Leuven, C W: 

Walters, J, F W 

Weeks, CD W 

Wessell, Dr. J. C W 

White, E. L., care E. L. Southgate Co W 

Williams, A. S W 

Williams, Dr. L. P W 

Wilmington Cycle Co W 

Wilmington Grocery Co W 

Wood, T. F - W 

Worth-Overland Co W 

Wright, Isaac C W: 

Wright, Thos. H., Mayor W 

Yates, C. W W 


New Hanover County Commissioners 

*McGirt, W. A Wilmington 

Yopp, W. E Wilmington 

*Hewlett, Addison Wilmington 

McGlanhon, W. P Wilmington 

Trask, Geo. W Wilmington 

Individual members also. 

96 List of Members 

Name Address 

Bangham, John Rich Square 

Bolton, J. T Rich Square 

Bolton, Dr. M Rich Square 

Bunch, E. Rich Square 

Burgwyn, W. H. S Woodland 

Conner, J. A Rich Square 

Grant, R. R Rich Square 

Holoman, Henry Rich Square 

Huggins, E. A., Sec. Road Board Rich Square 

Johnson, J. E Rich Square 

Lee, J. W Woodland 

Midyette, G. E Jackson 

Peele, Parker & Co Rich Square 

Pugh, W. B • Jackson 

Vaughn, Dr. J. C Rich Square 

Weaver, J. W Rich Square 

Rich Square Township Road Board 

Spivey, W. E., Chairman Rich Square 

Copeland, Alex Rich Square 

Griffin, Chas. H Woodland 

Huggins, E. A., Sec. & Treas Rich Square 

Name Address 

Aman, John Jacksonville 

Ambrose, S. S Jacksonville 

Brown, B. F Richland 

Brown, G Jacksonville 

Burton, Jno. W Jacksonville 

Dargan, L. E , Swansboro 

Day. N. E Jacksonville 

Duffy, R Jacksonville 

Poster, J. C , Jacksonville 

Franck, J, E Richlands 

Gurganus, J. R Jacksonville 

Harnett, F. W Jacksonville 

Heritage, R. J R. F. D., Jacksonville 

Hinton, R. P Jacksonville 

Home, W. H. & Co Jacksonville 

Hurst, C. F Jacksonville 

Koonce, Hammond R. F. D. No. 2, Richlands 

Margolis, Max Jacksonville 

Mattocks, J. A. . . Silverdale 

Phillips, E. L Jacksonville 

Sabiston, W. B Jacksonville 

Shaw, A. F Richlands 

Steed, J. E Richlands 

Sylvester, N Richlands 

N. C. Good Roads Association 97 

ONSLOW COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Taylor, J. A Richlands 

Thomas, W. P Richlands 

Venters, W. B Richlands 

Walton, G. A Jacksonville 

Ward, L. S Jacksonville 

Warn, C. E. . . . Jacksonville 

Weeks, C. E Swansboro 

Weeks, Orin Swansboro 

Name Address 

Abernathy, Dr. E. A Chapel Hill 

Andrews, C. W Hillsboro 

Andrews, R. C Chapel Hill 

Andrews, S. W Chapel Hill 

Bell, Dr. James M Chapel Hill 

Bernard, W. S Chapel Hill 

Berry, Miss H. M Chapel Hill 

Buice, G. Y. C Chapel Hill 

Cates, H. S Hillsboro 

Chambers, Lenoir Chapel Hill 

Chase, Dr. H. W Chapel Hill 

Clavtor, R. B Hillsboro 

Coker, Dr. W. C Chapel Hill 

Collins, G. K Hillsboro 

Foister, R. W Chapel Hill 

Forrest, O. J Hillsboro 

Gattis, S, M " Hillsboro 

Giles, J. A Hillsboro 

Graham, A. H Hillsboro 

Graham, Jr., Edward Kidder Chapel Hill 

Graham, Frank P Chapel Hill 

Graham, Major J. W Hillsboro 

Gray, R. W Hillsboro 

Hogan, M. E Chapel Hill 

Johnson, S. A Hillsboro 

Kirkland, J. B Hillsboro 

Kluttz, Mrs. Adam A Chapel Hill 

Knight, Edgar W Chapel Hill 

Manning:, Dr. I. H Chapel Hill 

Noble, M. C. S Chapel Hill 

Osburn Theatre Hillsboro 

Patterson Bros Chapel Hill 

Pendergraft, C. S Chapel Hill 

Pickard, J. F Chapel Hill 

Pickard, S. M Chapel Hill 

Robertson, Chas. H Hillsboro 

Roberson, W. S Chapel Hill 

Saville, Thorndike Chapel Hill 

Scott, J. C Hillsboro 

Strayhorn, Chas Hillsboro 

98 List of Members 


Name Address 

Strowd, Bruce Chapel Hill 

Strowd, R. L Chapel Hill 

Strudwick, Shephard Hillsboro 

Thompson, Cyrus Jr Chapel Hill 

Webb, Cheshire Hillsboro 

Webb, T. N Hillsboro 

Webb, Winder Hillsboro 

Whitfield, Henry A Chapel Hill 

Winston, P. H Chapel Hill 

Contributing Member 
Bank of Chapel Hill Chapel Hill 

Name Address 

Banks, G. A Arapahoe 

Boyd, T. J Arapahoe 

Brinson, G. W Arapahoe 

Brooks, R Alliance 

Campen, S. M Alliance 

Dees, Dr. D. A ' Bayboro 

Dees, George C Grantsboro 

Dixon, J, W Reelsboro 

EastAvood, W. D Alliance 

Ferebee, S. W Stonewall 

Fodrey, P. J Alliance 

Hadder, L. C Stonewall 

Hardison, N. W Arapahoe 

Harris, L Arapahoe 

Horton, L Oriental 

Johnson, J. A Arapahoe 

Jones, G. R Ashwood 

Keel, W, C Merritt 

Lee, Gerald Reelsboro 

Lupton, E. S Whortonsville 

McCabe, L. F Oriental 

McColter, John Grantsboro 

McCotter, Dr. S. E Bayboro 

Mann, Asa Oriental 

Martin, E. E Florence 

Martin, J. W Florence 

Midgett, L. B Oriental 

Midgett, T. C Oriental 

Morgan, W. J Oriental 

O'Neal, B. W Oriental 

Paul, B. P Pamlico 

Paul, H. F Whortonsville 

Pickles, W. H Bayboro 

Pipkin, R. L Reelsboro 

Potter, C. S Alliance 

N. C. Good Roads Association 99 

Name Address 

Rawls, J. F Bayboro 

Rawls, Z, V Bayboro 

Reel, W. R Arapahoe 

Sawyer, J. Y Oriental 

Silverthorn, Fred Whortonsville 

Silverthorn, S. S Pamlico 

Smith, W. J Oriental 

Spruill, James R. F. D., Oriental 

Spruill, L. D R. F. D., Oriental 

Swan, W. J Stonewall 

Thomas, D. S Reelsboro 

Weaver, E, S Oriental 

Weskett. J. S Bayboro 

"Whorton, W. H Whortonsville 

Woodard, Paul , Whortonsville 

Woodard, R. L Pamlico 

Woodard, T. B Whortonsville 

Woodard, W. C _« Whortonsville 

Contributing Member 
Connolly, M, J Oriental 

Name Address 

Apothecary Shop, The, S. G. Ethridge Elizabeth City 

Auto & Gas Engine Co., W. P. Skinner Elizabeth City 

Auto Supply & Vulcanizing Co Elizabeth City 

Banks & Hughes Elizabeth City 

Blades, C. C Elizabeth City 

Bright, H. C Elizabeth City 

Brock, W. A Elizabeth City 

Chesson, R. E Elizabeth City 

City Drug Co., The, H. S. Overman Elizabeth City 

Coca-Cola Bottling Works Elizabeth City 

Cohoon, W. L Elizabeth City 

Commander, T. A Elizabeth City 

Culpepper, Griffin, Old & Price Co Elizabeth City 

Culpepper-Hardware Co Elizabeth City 

Eastern Cotton Oil Co Elizabeth City 

Eringhaus, J. C. B Elizabeth City 

Ferebee, M. W Elizabeth Citv 

Fisher, I. W Elizabeth City 

Gaither, W. G., Mayor Elizabeth City 

Gallop, M. P Elizabeth City 

Gilbert, O. F Elizabeth City 

Grandv, Taylor Elizabeth City 

Hofler, O. L Elizabeth City 

Jackson, W. C Elizabeth City 

Jones, M. H Elizabeth City 

Kramer, D. R Elizabeth City 

Le Roy, J. H Elizabeth City 

100 List of Members 

Name Address 

Lister, Dr. E. W Weeksville 

McCabe & Grice , Elizabeth City 

Melick Company, P. W Elizabeth City 

Newbern, W. B Elizabeth City 

Norfolk & Carolina Telegraph and Telephone Co Elizabeth City 

Overman, W. C Elizabeth City 

Parker, Ira B Elizabeth City 

Parker, Dr. William Elizabeth City 

Pendleton, Dr. A. L Elizabeth City 

Pugh, C. P Elizabeth City 

Robinson, Chas. H Elizabeth City 

Robinson, C. O Elizabeth City 

Scott, F. V Elizabeth City 

Sheep, M. L , Elizabeth City 

Skinner, L. E Elizabeth City 

Smith, N. Howard Elizabeth City 

Spencer, E. F Elizabeth City 

Stevens, C. W Elizabeth City 

Toxey, A. F Elizabeth City 

Wells, Jack, Editor Elizabeth City 

White, W. S. & Co Elizabeth City 

Whitehurst, J. N Elizabeth City 

Whitehurst, J. V Elizabeth City 

Wood, J. C Elizabeth City 

Wood, W. P Elizabeth City 

Woodley, W. J Elizabeth City 

Worth, W. A Elizabeth City 

Name Address 

Best, J. J Burgaw 

Blake, James G- Watha 

Bland, J. T., Jr Burgaw 

Bloodworth, H. B Rocky Point 

Bowen, H. I Burgaw 

Brown, W. A Rocky Point 

Carr Motor Co., P. S Atkinson 

Corbett, R. Y., Corbett Garage Co Burgaw 

Croom, W. D Burgaw 

Ferrell, W, V Burgaw 

Hand, W. M _ Burgaw 

Harrell & Co., W. R Burgaw 

Harrell, J. L Burgaw 

Hayes, S. G Rocky Point 

Hayes, T. E Rocky Point 

Humphrey, R. F., Humphrey Bros R. F. D. No. 2, Burlaw 

Johnson, J, D Rocky Point 

Johnston, E. F Willard 

Johnston, L. N Burgaw 

McCullen, C. E Burgaw 

Melvin, R. T - Burgaw 

Murray, R, T„ Sheriff Burgaw 

N. C. Good Roads Association 101 

Name Address 

Myers, L. Q Burgaw 

Page, E. H Atkinson 

Peden, W. Howard ■ Rocky Point 

Powers, Geo. J Willard 

Name Address 

Divirs, W. M Hertford 

Eastern Carolina Cotton Oil Company Hertford 

Fleetwood, B. A *. Hertford 

Hertford Hardware Co _. Hertford 

Langston, T. E Hertford 

Major & Loomis Company Hertford 

Newby, Dr. G. E Hertford 

Norman, L. W Hertford 

Stokes, H. C, White & Co Hertford 

Stokes, J. R., Stokes-Darden Bros Hertford 

Wkedbee, Charles Hertford 

White, R. A Hertford 

White, T. S Hertford 

Name Address 

Andrews, Col. D. M Roxboro 

Burns, A. M Roxboro 

Carver, P. O Roxboro 

Crowell, H. L., Mgr. Crowell Auto Co Roxboro 

Hambrick, W. R., Hambrick & Austin Drug Co Roxboro 

Hatchett, T. J. . Roxboro 

Hunter, C, H Roxboro 

Jackson, A. E., Jackson Motor Co Roxboro 

Long, M« R Roxboro 

McBroom, O. B Roxboro 

Michaels, R. P., Michaels & Wilkerson Drug Co Roxboro 

Newell, B. B., Newell & Winstead, Winstead, H. W Roxboro 

Noel, Mrs. J. A., Hotel Jones Roxboro 

Pass, J. C , . . Roxboro 

Pass, T. W Roxboro 

Pass, W. T Roxboro 

Spencer, R. A., & Son Roxboro 

Tapp, T. C, Tapp Auto Co Roxboro 

Walker, G. W Roxboro 

Walker, J. S Roxboro 

Watkins & Bullock Roxboro 

Winstead. J. J Roxboro 

Winstead, S. G Roxboro 

Woods, Hugh Roxboro 

102 List of Members 

pitt county 

Name Address 

Askew, W. C Farmvile 

Batchelor Bros., Roy and Ed. Batchelor Greenville 

Belcher, R. E., Mayor Farmville 

Bynum, J. T Farmville 

Bynum, R. A Farmville 

Cannon, C. V Ayden 

Cason, Thos. H Farmville 

Clark, D. M Greenville 

Cotien, R. R Bruce 

Dail, Exum Ayden 

Dail, W. H., Jr Greenville 

Davis, R, L Farmville 

Dixon, J. T Farmville 

Dixon, Mark Ayden 

Dixon, Drs. W. H. and G. G Avden 

Dudley, E. R., Sheriff Greenville 

Ellen, Dr. C. J., Pres. Rotary Club Greenville 

Eure Motor Co Ayden 

Everett, S.J Greenville 

Farmville Auto Service Co., J. A. Carraway and B. O. Taylor. Farmville 

Fields, R. A Farmville 

Flanagan, R. C Greenville 

Forbes, C. H Greenville 

Forbes & Baker, C. S. Forbes and Ernest Baker Greenville 

Galloway, S. J Ayden 

Gardner, E.J Ayden 

Gardner, G. T Grifton 

Gaskins, J. C Greenville 

Gates, S. E., S. E. Gates & Co Greenville 

Gay lord, L. "W Greenville 

Gill, T. H Greenville 

Greenville Motor Co., H. C. Sugg Greenville 

Griffin, J. C Grifton 

Hadley, Geo. B. W Greenville 

Hall & Savage, W. L. Hall and Luther Savage Greenville 

Harding, F. C Greenville 

Harding, Jarvis B Greenville 

Harrington, J. F Greenville 

Harris, G. E Greenville 

Harris, J. H Farmville 

Harris, R. E Greenville 

Harris & Rasberry Farmville 

Hassell, J, L Greenville 

Hines Bros. Motor Co., J. M. Hines and L. A. Claytor Greenville 

Hobgood, J. M Farmville 

Hodges, H. L Greenville 

Hollingsworth, T. T Greenville 

Holmes, J W Farmville 

Hooker, T. E Greenville 

Horton, J. Loyd Farmville 

Horton, McD Farmville 

Horton, M. V Farmville 

Jackson, A. L Ayden 

James, F. G. & Son Greenville 

N. C. Good Roads Association 103 

PITT COUNTY— Continued 

Name Address 

Jones, Dr. Paul E Farmville 

Joyner, R. A Farmville 

Joyner, T, E Farmville 

Keith, E. B Ayden 

Kinlaw, L. B Ayden 

Lang, D. F. and R. O Earmville 

Lang, W. M. & Co., G-. M. Shirley Farmville 

McKinney, Dr. W. M Ayden 

Mathias, F. E Ayden 

Monk, A. C Farmville 

Monk, J, Y Farmville 

JVIoore, A. T Greenville 

Moore, W. H Farmville 

Morton, W. Z Greenville 

Moseley, A. M Greenville 

Moseley, B. W Greenville 

Move, J. R Greenville 

National Bank, The, J. L. Little, President Greenville 

Norris, W. H Greenville 

Perkins & Edwards Greenville 

Pierce, Chas. C Greenvil'e 

Pitt Shoe Co., R. L. Crow and Luther Herring Greenville 

Pollard Auto Co., J. O. Pollard Farmville 

Quinn-Miller & Co., L. A. Strowd Greenville 

Randolph, L. A Greenville 

Smith, D. S Greenville 

Smith, J, R Ayden 

Smith, R. W Ayden 

Smith, R. W Farmville 

Southern Storage Battery Co., T. T. Cox Greenville 

Staton, J, A Bethel 

Taylor, B. G Ayden 

Taylor, P. R Ayden 

Teel, W. A., Jr Greenville 

Thorne, Jno. T Farmville 

Tripp, N. C Ayden 

Tucker, L. W Greenville 

Turnage, J. J Greenville 

Turnage, J, R Ayden 

Turnage, T. C Farmville 

Turnage, W. J Farmville 

Waldrop, J. H Greenville 

Warren, N. O Greenville 

Whichard, L. R .' Whichard 

White, H. A Greenville 

White, Sam Greenville 

Williams, T, J Greenville 

Willis, Dr. W. M Farmville 

Wilson, Frank Greenville 

Wilson, S. S , .Ayden 

W T ooten, J . L Greenville 

Worthington, T. G Ayden 

104 List of Members 

PITT COUNTY— Continued 

Contributing Member 

Name Address 

Greenville Banking & Trust Co., T. J. Moore, Cashier Greenville 

Name Address 

Bacon, F. P., Mayor. . . , Tryon 

Ballenger, B, L Tryon 

Ballenger, C. W Tryon 

Grady, Dr. E Tryon 

Holmes, G. H Tryon 

Jackson, Frank, Sheriff Mill Spring 

Lindsey, W. T Tryon 

Missildine, E. E Tryon 

Morgan, C. W Tryon 

Steelman, J. A Tryon 

Wilkins, W. Y Tryon 

Name Address 

Amick, C. L : . . Asheboro 

Armfield, W. J., Jr Asheboro 

Auman, Frank Seagrove 

Bank of Randolph Asheboro 

Beasley, A. B ^ Randleman 

Berry, G. W Asheboro 

Brady, H. F Ramseur 

Brady, J. A Ramseur 

Brittain, B, F Asheboro 

Brokaw, W. G., Fairview Park Trinity 

Bunting, E. E Randleman 

Burkhead, M, H Asheboro 

Byrd, F. E Asheboro 

Cole & Pleasnell Seagrove 

Coltrane, A. B Trinity 

Cornelison, D, A Seagrove 

Cox, UN Asheboro 

Cox, I. N., Treas. Central Falls Mfg. Co.. .R. F. D. No. 2, Randleman 

Cranford, C. C Asheboro 

Cranford, C. L Asheboro 

Cranford, E. D Asheboro 

Cranford, N. M Asheboro 

Craven, Dr. F. C Ramseur 

Craven, I. F Ramseur 

Craven, W. R Ramseur 

Crutchfield, Dr. J. G. Asheboro 

Deal, R, P Randleman 

Edwards, H. S Franklinville 

Finch, T. J Trinity 

Fox, Dr. T. I Franklinville 

Garner, G. R Asheboro 

N. C. Good Roads Association - 105 

Name Address 

Hammer, Wm, C : Asheboro 

Hammond, W. C .... Asheboro 

Hayworth, C. M., Central Motor Co Asheboro 

Hay worth, D. W., Mgr. Asheboro Motor Co Asheboro 

Hedrick, E. L Asheboro 

Johnson, M. E Ramseur 

Lambert, J. I Ramseur 

Leonard, E. B.. . . » Ramseur 

Lewallen, J. T., Peoples Auto Service Co i Asheboro 

Lewis, J. S _. Asheboro 

McCrary, D. B ." Asheboro 

Marsh, O. C Randleman 

Moffitt, J. T Asheboro 

Moore, H. B Ramseur 

Moser, I. C Asheboro 

Newlin, John J Randleman 

Page, W. C Asheboro 

Parkin, J., Captain Trinity 

Parks, Hugh Franklinville 

Phillips, F.J Asheboro 

Phillips, S. F., Mgr. Cox & Lewis Hardware Co Asheboro 

Redding, J. O Asheboro 

Ross, Arthur Asheboro 

Ross, J. D Asheboro 

Ross, L. F Asheboro 

Rush, C Asheboro 

Russell, Geo. C Franklinville 

Scarboro, W. J Asheboro 

Stedman, W. D. & Son Asheboro 

Thomas, A. H Ramseur 

Thorns, Miss Julia A Asheboro 

Watkins, E. C Ramseur 

Welch, J. D Seagrove 

Welch, J, J Seagrove 

Whitaker, L. L., Lexington Grocery Co Asheboro 

Wright, F. M _ Asheboro 

Randolph County Highway Commission 

Ward, W. L., Chairman Ashebo'o 

Humble, J. B Asheboro 

Hill, C. H Farmer 

Cheek, C. C R. F. D. No. 1, Bennett 

Bird, L. E R. F. D. No. 1, Thomasville 

Brady, J. E Ramseur 

Johnson, R. E., Secretary Asheboro 

Name Address 

Allen, E. A Rockingham 

Allen, V Hamlet 

Arenson, A Rockingham 

Baldwin, H. D Rockingham 

106 List of Members 


Name . Address 

Bauerfeld, S. Hamlet 

Benton, J. C < Hamlet 

Black, J. A Hamlet 

Bostian, R. L Hamlet 

Brown, H. H Rockingham 

Bynum, Fred W Rockingham 

Cole, W. B Rockingham 

Covington, John S *. Rockingham 

Crossland, W. E R. F. D. No. 1, Rockingham 

Diggs, J. F ' R. F. D. No. 1, Rockingham 

Dockery, W. E Rockingham 

Easterling, David Hamlet 

Entwistle, Geo. P Rockingham 

Everett, Dr. A. C Rockingham 

Everett, Jno. L Rockingham 

Everett, J. LeGrand Rockingham 

Everett, W. N Rockingham 

Fox Drug Co., C. P. Mabry Hamlet 

Fox, L. G Rockingham 

Frutchey, L. D Mangum 

Gibbons, J. P Hamlet 

Gibbons, L, H Hamlet 

Goodwin, J. P Hamlet 

Goodwin, O, T Hamlet 

Gordon, J, R Hamlet 

Gore, Claude Rockingham 

Hallyburton, R. H Hamlet 

Harrill, E. A Hamlet 

Harrison, W. E Rockingham 

Hasty, Jno. N Rockingham 

Henry, Osmer L Rockingham 

Hinson, E. L., Mgr. Hinson Mercantile Co Hamlet 

Hinson, M. T Rockingham 

Hopkins Bros Rockingham 

Jenerette, N. H Hamlet 

Jenkins, Jas. W Rockingham 

King, C. W Rockingham 

Lackey, J, C Hamlet 

Langston, E, D Hamlet 

Leak, F. W Rockingham 

Leak, T. C Rockingham 

Leak, W, C. Jr Rockingham 

Ledbetter, H. D Rockingham 

Ledbetter, Dr. J. M Rockingham 

Ledbetter, John S Rockingham 

LeGrand, Nathan W Hamlet 

Leigh, J. C, Mayor Hamlet 

Liles, E. B Rockingham 

Linton Tire Co Rockingham 

Little, A. J Mangum 

Little, R. R Mangum 

McAulay, J. A Rockingham 

McDonald, A. B Hamlet 

JMcIntosh, Dr. W. R Rockingham 

N. C. Good Roads Association 107 

Name Address 

McNair, W. E Rockingham 

McPhail, I Hamlet 

McPhail, Dr. L. D Rockingham 

McRae, W. P Rockingham 

Moore, M. W Hamlet 

Morrison, John Rockingham 

Morrow, C. H, Cashier, Page Trust Co Hamlet 

Nichols, Dr. R. T Rockingham 

Page, H. A. Jr., by J. M. Scales, Mgr Rockingham 

Palmer, B. F Rockingham 

Patrick, L A Hamlet 

Pegram, J. W Hamlet 

Phillips, F. D Rockingham 

Phillips, F.N Hamlet 

Porter, Jno. W Rockingham 

Prosser, H. T Hamlet 

Ranke, H. C Rockingham 

Reynolds, B, F Rockingham 

Rhodes, E. N Hamlet 

Sanders, W. H Hamlet 

Sandf ord, E . L Hamlet 

Spencer, C. H Hamlet 

Starke, B Hamlet 

Steele, Geo. S Rockingham 

Stephenson-Belk Co., J. F. Stephenson Rockingham 

Wall, Henry C Rockingham 

West Bros. J. T. West Rockingham 

Williamson, B. W Hamlet 

Wilson, O. D Hamlet 

Name Address 

Armstrong Company, J. M. Armstrong Maxton 

Ballard, R. M., Motor Co Lumberton 

Barker, C. M Lumberton 

Barker, W, P Lumberton 

Barnes, H. A Maxton 

Barnes, R. Pitman Barnesville 

Battle, K. P. 3d Red Springs 

Bethune, W. K Lumberton 

Biggs, D. W Lumberton 

Biggs, John T Lumberton 

Biggs, K. M ' Lumberton 

Bradford, Dr. B. M Hope Mills 

Britt, W. G Parkton 

Bullock, A. L Rowland 

Caldwell, L. H Lumberton 

Caldwell, R. D. & Son Lumberton 

Carpenter, J. E., Mayor Maxton 

Carter, F W Maxton 

Carter, Henry F Maxton 

Chitty, O. P Rowland 

108 List of Members 

Name Address 

Clifton, Jas. A., Jr Maxton 

Connelly, O. C. . . Lumberton 

Cook, L. M Red Springs 

Council, W.J Red Snrings 

Evans, T. O Maxton 

Evans, Dr. W, E Rowland 

Farrell, R. B Parkton 

First Nat. Bank, R. McA. Nixon, Cashier Lumberton 

Floyd, A. J Fairmont 

Garrett, W. E Red Springs 

Garris, A. J Parkton 

Goodwin, J. J Lumberton 

Gougb, Frank Lumberton 

Graham, Ernest, Mayor Red Springs 

Grantham, H Red Springs 

Hatchett, F. D. Jr Lumberton 

Jennings, H. B Lumberton 

Johnson, T. L Lumberton 

Johnson, W. D St. Paul 

Klapp, G. I Shannon 

Lennon, W Lumberton 

Lewis, R. E., Sheriff Lumberton 

Lindsay, J. C St. Paul 

Lovin, R. B Red Springs 

Lumberton Coca-Cola Bt. Co., E. D. Kelly, Mgr Lumberton 

Lumberton Pepsi-Cola Bt. Co., R. E. Rogers & S. L. Rogers . Lumberton 

McAllister, Jno. D Lumberton 

McArthur, C. A Lumberton 

McArthur, J, D Wakulla 

McCallum, C. J Rowland 

McEachin, A. L Maxton 

McEachern, A. R St. Paul 

McGugan Bros , Red Springs 

McKay, W, J •• Maxton 

McKinnon, A. J Maxton 

McKinnon, Henry A Maxton 

McKinnon, Jno. A Maxton 

McKinnon, L. W Maxton 

McKinnon, McKay Maxton 

McLean, Gus Red Springs 

McLean, J. D s Lumberton 

McLean, J. Lacy Maxton 

McMillan, Dr. B. F Red Springs 

McMillan, D. M : Red Springs 

McNair, Miss Bessie Maxton 

McNeill, T, A. Jr Lumberton 

McQueen, Dan Maxton 

Marley, M. L Lumber Bridge 

Nash, Dr. J. F " St. Paul 

Odum, M. A Lumberton 

Patterson, G. B Maxton 

Pierce, D, A Maxton 

Pope, H. L Lumberton 

Powell, CM , Parkton 

N. C. Good Roads Association 109 

Name Address 

Prevatt, A. H Lumberton 

Prevatt, Wright J Lumberton 

Red Springs Trading Co Red Springs 

Rice, R. H Red Springs 

Sawyer, H. J Lumberton 

Shaw, L. L Lumber Bridge 

Skipper, C. B Lumberton 

Smith, C. D Rowland 

Smith, W. W Maxton 

Spiro, R. H St. Paul 

Steed, A. J Maxton 

Stephens & Barnes, J. L. Stephens & T. C. Barnes Lumberton 

Thompson, C. B Maxton 

Thompson, Geo. L Lumberton 

Toon, H. S Red Springs 

Townsend, J. H Red Springs 

Townsend, L. T Lumberton 

Townsend, V. E Lumberton 

Ward, John W Rowland 

Whaley, L. E Lumberton 

White, A. E Lumberton 

Wiggins, J. P Maxton 

Williams, E. P Maxton 

Williams, Q. T Lumberton 

Williams, R. M Maxton 

Williams, W. Lacy Maxton 

Wishart, J. H Lumberton 

Contributing Members 

Bank of Red Springs Red Springs 

Brake, T. W Rowland 

Edens, B, A Rowland 

McKay, John H Red Springs 

Red Springs Motor Co Red Springs 

Name Address 

Abernethy, Dr. M. B Reidsville 

American Ins. & Real Estate Co., Walter Loveface, Mgr Reidsville 

Bank of Reidsville, W. A. Trotter, Cashier Reidsville 

Barker, T. H Leaksville 

Brown, J. C Madison 

Busick, J, O Madison 

Citizens Bank, R. L. Watt, Pres Reidsville 

Clark, L. W Spray 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Fred DeGrotte, Mgr Reidsville 

Crutchfield, G. E Reidsville 

Cummings, Dr. M. P., Mayor Reidsville 

Dent, W. T Spray 

Dillon, J. W Spray 

Draper Furniture Co., W. W. Martin-B. B. Martin-E. L. Martin. Draper 

110 List of Members 

Name Address 

Eggleston, O Draper 

Emerson, E. E Spray 

Fagg, R t J Draper 

First National Bank, Scott Fillman, Cashier Reidsville 

Flinn, F, M Leaksville 

Floyd-Hill Furniture Co Leaksville 

Gammon, G. C Leaksville 

Gardner Drug Co., H. E. Link Reidsville 

Givens, J. P Leaksville 

Godfrey, P. V Leaksville 

Haizlip, P. T Leaksville 

Hampton, W. W Leaksville 

Heiner, M. L Spray 

Hopper, J. M. Construction Co., Inc Leaksville 

Idol, V. H , Madison 

Ivie, A. D Spray 

Ivie, B. E Draper 

Ivey, B. F ' Leaksville 

Ivey, G. G Leaksville 

Jones Motor Co., Claude H. Jones Spray 

Kiker, W. B Reidsville 

King, E. B Leaksville 

Kirks, F, S Leaksville 

Knight, E. L Reidsville 

Lindsay, W. G Madison 

Lomax, S. G. Motor Co Reidsville 

Mclver, C. R Spray 

Martin, G. W Mad' son 

Matheson, Dr, R. C Madison 

Mitchell Bros. Co., J. S.-J. E.-L. P. Mitchell Draper 

Moore, J. H Madison 

Moore, R.J Draper 

Morrison & Mitchell, W. S. Mitchell Reidsville 

Norman, J, W Leaksville 

Penn Hdw. & Furniture Co., W. Daniel-B. Knight Jr Madison 

Pickett, Nat. M Madison 

Pinnix Warehouse, J. S. Pinnix, Mgr Reidsville 

Pitcher, E. D Spray 

Pratt Bros. Co., M. H. & T. R. Pratt, T. J. Carter Madison 

Pyron, J. C Leaksville 

Reidsville Grocery Co., G. L. Irvin, Pres., J. B. Balsley, Sec. .Reidsville 

Reidsville Hardware Co.. D. L. Carroll-C. W. Swann Reidsville 

Reidsville Ice Cream Co., R. C. Booker Reidsville 

Reidsville Motor Co., J. H. Moblev-A. G. Daniels Reidsville 

Reidsville Sales Co., J. R. Clark-H. A. Clark Reidsville 

Roach, Dr. J. A . , Madison 

Robertson, O. L Leaksville 

Ruffin, W, C Mayodan 

Sands, A. P Reidsville 

Scott, John F Reidsville 

Smith, J, E Reidsville 

Smith, James T Spray 

Stocks, R. H Spray 

Taylor, Dr. J. T Madison 

N. C. Good Roads Association 111 

Name Address 

Townes & Co., C. M. Hart, Mgr Leaksville 

Townsend Buggy Co., M. W. Pleasant. Sec-R. H. Pleasant, Y.P.Reidsville 

Tullock, E. F Mayodan 

Turner, T. H ~. . . Mayodan 

Union Motor Co., D. G. Taylor Leaksville 

Union Warehouse. J. R. McCollum-F. L. McCollum Reidsville 

Walker, W, R Spray 

Wall, C. P Leaksville 

Walters, C. L Mayodan 

Warshawsky, Phillip Leaksville 

Webster. S. F Madison 

Wells, Dr. J. S Reidsville 

Whittemore Hardware Co., A. J.-W. M.-T. R. Whittemore . . . .Reidsville 

Wilson, Dr. W. P Madison 

Womack, Francis Reidsville 

Rockingham County Commissioners 

R. E. Wall, Chairman Sprav 

R. B. Chance Reidsville 

D. E. Purcell Wentworth 

J. O. Ragsdale Madison 

J. R. Martin Stoneville 

Name Address 

Adams, Chas. C Salisbury 

Belk-Harrv Companv, A. W. Harrv, Mgr Salisbury 

Bost, A. T China Grove 

Brown, D. S Mount Ulla 

Brown, T. B Salisbury 

Brown, T. D.. Sec. Chamber of Commerce Salisbury 

Burton, W. H Spencer 

Carolina Beverage Corp., L. D. Peeler, Mgr Salisbury 

Cooper, J. F China Grove 

Dellinger, P. M Salisbury 

'Dorsett, J. K Spencer 

Eddleman, H. J China Grove 

Hanna, A. M., Pres. The Bank of China Grove ..China Grove 

Harris Granite Quarries Co.. E. D. McCull, Mgr Salisbury 

Hofshauser & Howan Salisbury 

Johnston, T, E Spencer 

Jones, A. S -. . . . Salisburv 

Leonard, W. H 104 N. Main St., Salisbury 

McCanless,. Charles Salisburv 

McWhirter, W. E Salisbury 

Mahaley, L. A. Salisbury 

Nussman, P. M Spencer 

Peeler, A. G Salisbury 

Peeler Company, J. M. Peeler, Mgr Salisbury 

Ritchie, Mc. L China Grove 

Rouzer, H. A., Pres. Chamber of Commerce Salisbury 


112 List of Members 

ROWAN COUNTY— Continued 
Name Address 

Rowan Motor Co.. B. L. Young, Mgr Spencer 

Salisbury Chero Cola Bott, Co., W. B. Tavlor Jr., Mgr Salisbury 

Salis. Coca Cola Bott. Co., T. A. Snyder, Mgr Salisbury 

Salisbury Motor Co Salisbury 

Salisbury Real Est. & Ins. Co., F. N. McCubbins, Mgr Salisbury 

Shepherd, F. R China Grove 

Sherrill, J. C Mount Ulla 

Sinclair, R. W., Sec. & Treas., Farm Power Co Salisbury 

Southern Metal Culvert Co., M. C. Quinn Salisbury 

Strachan. W. B., Mayor i Salisbury 

Swicegood, L. A Salisbury 

Swink. W. J China Grove 

Thompson's Garage Salisbury 

Yadkin Hotel, J. F. Somers, Mgr Salisbury 

Name Address 

Alexander. J. F • Forest City 

Barber, F. I Forest City 

Beason, J. W Rutherfordton 

Biggerstaff, R. E Forest City 

Biggs, Dr. M. H Rutherfordton 

Cagle, J. C Rutherfordton 

Covington, I. B Forest City 

Dalton, B. F Rutherfordton 

Dobbins. B. J Rutherfordton 

Edwards, G. W. Forest City 

Edwards, J. M Forest City 

Erwin, O. C Rutherfordton 

Farmers Hardware Co., J. F. Weathers, Mgr Forest City 

Forest City Motor Co Forest City 

Geer, CD Rutherfordton 

Gettys. Dr. J. H Forest City 

Harrill, G. C Caroleen 

Harrill, W. A Rutherfordton 

Home. W. L Forest City 

Hovis, R. L Rutherfordton 

Jones, J. N Forest City 

Jones, T. J Forest City 

Justice, M. L Rutherfordton 

Keeter Hdw. Co Rutherfordton 

Keeter-Watkins Co Forest City 

Levi Department Store Co Rutherfordton 

Long, B~ H Forest City 

Long Drug Co Forest City 

McBrayer, Fred Rutherfordton 

Mahaffee, M. B Henrietta 

Moore, J. R Forest City 

Moss, W. S., Mayor Forest City 

Norris, Dr. Henry Rutherfordton 

Oates, T. F *. Rutherfordton 

N. C. Good Roads Association 113 

Name Address 

Padgett & King Forest City 

Perdue, A. L. & Son. . . Rutherfordton 

Poole, W. W • , Caroleen 

Reinhardt, P. T Forest City 

Reinhardt, R. L Forest City 

Rollins, P. E Caroleen 

Robinson Co. Inc., The J. L Rutherfordton 

Stevenson. T, B Caroleen 

Tanner, K. S Spindale 

Tate & Flack Rutherfordton 

Taylor, J. L Rutherfordton 

Thermal Belt Garage, W. A. Warlick, Mgr Rutherfordton 

Thomas, J. H Forest City 

Vick, R. W Caroleen 

Contributing Member 
Tanner, K. S., Sec. and Treas., Mills At Spindale Spindale 

Name Address 

Bethune, L. A Clinton 

Butler, Geo. E Clinton 

Butler, J, R Clinton 

Carroll, C. C Clinton 

Cherry, G. P Roseboro 

Cooper, Jacob '. Salemburg 

DuBose, C. D : Roseboro 

Finch, S. H. Clinton 

Forbes, T. D Garland 

Fowler, John E Clinton 

Herring, A. R Delway 

Herring, R. B Clinton 

Herring, R, K Roseboro 

Howard, A. P .* Salemburg 

Howard, F. C Roseboro 

Hurwitz, I. & M. L \ Clinton 

Ipock, H. B Clinton 

Jackson, Dr. W Clinton 

Jones, A. F Garland 

Larramore, T. C Clinton 

Lowe, H. T Garland 

McKinnon, H Clinton 

Peterson, J. C Clinton 

Powell, O. J Clinton 

Roseboro Milling Co Roseboro 

Royal, A. E - .., Salemburg 

Sauls, J. R Clinton 

Sloan, William Garland 

Sloan, Dr. William H Garland 

Smith, T. B Clinton 

114 List of Members 

Name Address 

Stafford & Johnson . Garland 

Underwood, Dr. O. E Roseboro 

Underwood, T. S. Clinton 

Vann, Henry Clinton 

Vann, I. M v Clinton 

Waller, G. A Clinton 

Whitfield, F. L Clinton 

Williamson, M. P Clinton 

Wilson, J. E - • • .• Roseboro 

Wright, W. I Ingold 

Contributing Members 

Jackson, C. C Clinton 

Sessoms, W. F Clinton 

Name Address 

Blue, A, F Laurinburg 

Bryant, E. W Laurinburg 

Coca-Cola Bott. Co.. C. W. Seymour. . . Laurinburg 

Cooper, W. H Laurinburg 

Covington, H. O 3 Laurinburg 

Covington, R. R Laurinburg 

Covington, T. T Laurinburg 

Davis, G. D Laurinburg 

Dunbar, W. S Laurinburg 

Erwin, Dr. E. A Laurinburg 

Everett, - L, S Laurinburg 

Gibson Bros.. J. T. Gibson Laurinburg 

Gibson, E. H Laurinburg 

Gibson, Dr. J. L Laurinburg 

Gilchrist, N. P Laurinburg 

Greerg, J. M Laurinburg 

Griffin, W. M Laurinburg 

Hammond, Lonnie Laurinburg 

Jackson, J. C Laurinburg 

James, A. A Laurinburg 

James, A. H Laurinburg 

James, A. L Laurinburg 

James, Hinton, Mayor Laurinburg 

John, J. T Johns 

Jones, J. W Laurinburg 

Leitch, A. A Laurinburg 

Lytch, E. S Laurinburg 

McCormick, F. C Laurinburg 

McEachin, W. De B Laurinburg 

Mcintosh, P. D Laurinburg 

McLean, Dr. Peter Laurinburg 

McNeill, Archibald Laurinburg 

McNair, Jas, L , Laurinburg 

N. C. Good Roads Association 115 

Name Address 

Malloy, H. W Laurinburg 

Mason, J. W Laurinburg 

Ray, L, G Johns 

Rhodes, George T Laurinburg 

Roberson, W. N Laurinburg 

Smith, F. R Laurinburg 

Name Address 

Albermarle Milling Co., H. L. Louder & R. L. Morrow Albemarle 

Almond, L. M Albemarle 

Anderson, W. H Norwood 

Bennett, D. N Norwood 

Blalock, G. D Albemarle 

Bland's Music Store, Robt. R. Bland Albemarle 

Boger, M. A Albemarle 

Bogle, W. S Richfield 

Bostian, J. C Albemarle 

Boyette, J. M , Albemarle 

Brawley, J. G Albemarle 

Bumgardner, T. P Albemarle 

Burieyson, I, R Albemarle 

Campbell, Dr. J. I Norwood 

Cotton, W. . J Albemarle 

Crawley, C. P Norwood 

Crowell, W. T New London 

Culp, J. L New London 

Culp, Jno. M New London 

Earnhardt, John D Richfield 

Fisher, W. J Richfield 

Fitzgerald, Dr. W. C Albemarle 

Furr, R. N Albemarle 

Gibson Construction Co Albemarle 

Goodman, L. Q Richfield 

Hall, Dr. J, C Albemarle 

Harris, John New London 

Harris-McAuley Co., E. M. Harris, Mgr Norwood 

Hart Drug Co., Dr. L. W. Hart Norwood 

Harward, J, A Albemarle 

Harward, W. A Albemarle 

Hathcock, Dr. T. A Norwood 

Hearne, E. L Albemarle 

Heath, Jno. D Albemarle 

Holbrook, D. A Albemarle 

Horton, H. L Albemarle 

Horton, W. P , Albemarle 

Hunnycutt, J, P. & Co Albemarle 

Ingle, E. T Albemarle 

Ivey, Dr. R. W New London 

Johnson, J. D Misenheimer 

Kluttz, J, R Albemarle 

Lefler, W. N., Postmaster New London 

Lentz, Dr. C. M , Albemarle 


116 List of Members 

Name Address 

Leonard, J. W. & Son, H. M. Leonard, Mgr Albemarle 

Little, J. A Albemarle 

Long, J. B Albemarle 

Mann, W. L Albemarle 

Manous, T, M Albemarle 

Martin, Dr. E. M Albemarle 

Melton, G. M Albemarle 

Misenheimer, C. B ' Richfield 

Morgan, A. D Albemarle 

Morrow-Freeman Co., H. S. Freeman Norwood 

Niven & Shankle, J. F. Niven Albemarle 

Parker, D, D Albemarle 

Parker & Harris, A. C. Parker Albemarle 

Patterson, A. L Albemarle 

Patterson, F, N Albemarle 

Patterson, H. C Albemarle 

Peres Furniture Co Albemarle 

Price, J. R Albemarle 

Reap, C. A Albemarle 

Reynolds, G. D, B Albemarle 

Ritchie, C. V New London 

Ritchie, O. D Albemarle 

Rivers, T. C Albemarle 

Russell, R. M Albemarle 

Sinclair Mercantile Co., B. H. Sinclair .Norwood 

Smith, L.J Albemarle 

Splude, Dr. T. C Albemarle 

Stanlv Auto Co., C. R. Bolick Albemarle 

Stanley Bank & Trust Co., A. P. Harris, W. H. Whitley, 

R. A. Rogers Albemarle 

Turner, H. C Albemarle 

Vide, Capt. H. G Albemarle 

Whitworth, L. S Albemarle 

Yadkin Motor Co., C. G. Buffington, Mgr Albemarle 

Contributing Members 

Albemarle Drug Co., Dr. F. A. Sloan Albemarle 

Albemarle Gro. Co., Key Scales & Chas. A. Smith Albemarle 

Albemarle Motor Co., T. R. Wolfe Albemarle 

Belk-Parks Co., C. F. Parks, Mgr Albemarle 

Cabarrus Savings Bank, M. J. Harris Albemarle 

Chero Cola Bott. Co Albemarle 

Cotton, W. L Albemarle 

Efird, J. S Albemarle 

Groves, J. A., Mayor '. Albemarle 

Morrow Bros. & Heath Co., A. C. Heath Albemarle 

Snuggs, E. E Albemarle 

Stanly Bottling Works, P. O. Slidmore Albemarle 

Stanly Co. Board op Commissioners 

T. S. Parker, Chairman. Albemarle 

A. F. Mabrey Norwood 

Geo. W. Dry Mt. Pleasant 

N. C. Good Roads Association 117 

STANLY COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

G. D. Troutman Albemarle 

C. L. Smith Stanfield 

C. A. Lentz Norwood 

Name Address 

Bank of Stokes Co., N. E. Pepper, Cashier Danbury 

Carson, J, C Germantown 

Creekman, E. O Walnut Cove 

Davis, H. H. . Walnut Cove 

Davis, P. W. Motor Co., Jacob Fulton, Mgr Walnut Cove 

Dodson, W. G Walnut Cove 

Ellis, John T Walnut Cove 

Hartman, W. E King 

Hedgecock, R. A Walnut Cove 

Jones, CM Walnut Cove 

Lackey, J. R Walnut Cove 

Lewis, J. A Walnut Cove 

Linville, P. H Walnut Cove 

McCanless, Drs. W. L.-W. V Danbury 

Mitchell, J. L Walnut Cove 

Petree, T. S King 

Rothrock, A. T Walnut Cove 

Slate, Dr. J. W. . . . Walnut Cove 

Smith, J. T King 

Stokes Grocery Co., G. H. Fulton, Mgr Walnut Cove. 

Taylor, J, J Danbury 

Taylor, J. Spot Danbury 

Tuttle, Dr. R. G Walnut Cove 

Sauratown Township Highway Commission 

Dr. E. Fulp, Chairman Walnut Cove 

C. E. Davis, Secretary Walnut Cove 

M. D. Linville Walnut Cove 

A. A. Miller Walnut Cove 

Name Address 

Abernethy's Cash Pharmacv, J. G. Abernethy and J. O. Cline Elkin 

Armfield, C. G Elkin 

Arnold, S. M Elkin 

Atkinson, J. S.. . . . ." Elkin 

Ayers, J. E Mt. Airy 

Bivens, E. C, Mayor Mt. Airy 

Bodenheimer, C.N Elkin 

Burke, W. W Mt. Airy 

Butner, M. F. Elkin 

Carter, J. E Mt. Airy 

118 List of Members 

SURRY COUNTY— Continued 
Name Address 

Carter, J. H Mt. Airy 

Carter, W. F Mt. Airy 

Cash Clothing Co., R. J. Barker, Mgr Elkin 

Chatham, Alex Elkin 

Chatham, R. H Elkin 

Chatham, R. M Elkin 

Chatham, T. D Elkin 

Christian, G. W Mt. Airy 

Christian, W. W Mt. Airy 

Clarke, R. D Mt. Airy 

Click, Dr. E. G Elkin 

Elkin Roller Mill, Jos. L. Bray and L. J. Bray Elkin 

Pawcette, Geo. D Mt. Airy 

Pulton, C. W Mt. Airy 

Pulton, W., Fulton Insurance Agency Mt. Airy 

Gough, W. S Elkin 

Graham, H. P Elkin 

Graves, Geo. O Mt. Airy 

Greenwood, J. A Elkin 

Grier, E. C Elkin 

Hannah, E. A Mt. Airy 

Harrell, Dr. R. B Elkin 

Harrison, J. L Mt. Airy 

Haymore, R. L Mt. Airy 

Hege, Dr. H. R Mt. Airy 

Hendren, J. F Elkin 

Herman, B. E., Mt. Airv Bottling Works Mt. Airv 

Hoffman, D. E Mt, Airy 

Holcomb Bros., W. D., J. M. and C. E. Holcomb Elkin 

Horton, J. B Elkin 

Hubbard, R. L Elkin 

Jackson, J. Andrew Mt. Airy 

Kochtitzky, E. H Mt, Airy 

Lemmerman, John A Mt. Airy 

Linville, Edward M Mt. Airy 

Lundy, C. E Mt. Airy 

McNeer, E. F Elkin 

Marion, W. H Mt. Airy 

Merritt, C. R Mt. Airy 

Merritt, W. E Mt. Airy 

Mitchell, G. B Elkin 

Moseley-Frazier Grocery Co., J. P. Moseley and J. W. Frazier. . . .Elkin 

Needham, C. G ' Mt. Airy 

Pauls, J Elkin 

Pierce, L. & Co., B. Fraimow Elkin 

Prather, J. W Mt. Airy 

Reece, Dr. J. M Elkin 

Reich, W. S. & Son., Paul C. Reich Elkin 

Roth, G. T Elkin 

Roth, Mrsr G. T Elkin 

Shelton, C. A Mt. Airy 

Smith, R. G Elkin 

Smithwick, T. J Mt. Airy 

Snow, W.J Elkin 

N. C. Good Roads Association 119 

SURRY COUNTY— Continued 
Name Address 

Swain, L. H., Mt. Airy Chero-Cola Bottling Co Mt. Airy 

Webb, A. G., Granite Mercantile Co Mt. Airy 

Wellborne, Dr. W. R Elkin 

West-Hill Co., J. M. Hill and A. V. West Mt. Airy 

Wilmoth, S. H Elkin 

Surry County Highway Commission 

A. E. Smith, Chairman Mt. Airy 

W. B. Williams R. F. D., Rusk 

J. B. Sparger Mt. Airy 

J. S. Patterson Pilot Mountain 

A. G. Click Elkin 

M. F. Butner Elkin 

Name Address 

Bennett, Dr. A. M Bryson 

Bryson City Motor Co Bryson 

Cannon, L. H Bryson 

Coburn, J. E Bryson 

Dowtin, J. A Bryson 

Driver, J. B Bryson 

Elmore, W. E Bryson 

Hughes, Fred C Bryson 

McCurry, R, D Brj son 

Randolph, Jno. P Bryson 

Sandidge, McCurry Motor Co Bryson 

Varner, S. E Whittier 

Name Address 

Brevard Light & Power Co., J. B. Picklesimer, President Brevard 

Burnett, J. W Brevard 

Clark, H. P Brevard 

Clement, Frank D Brev«rd 

Everett, R. W Pisgah Forest 

Glazener, R. F . ftosman 

Hampton, A. E .* Brevard 

Klueppelberg, C. H Brevard 

MacFie, S. M Brevard 

Orr, C. E Brevard 

Osborne, C. K Brevard 

Osborne, C. S Brevard 

Phillips, Geo Brevard 

Plummer & Trantham ........ Brevard 

Shipman, Thos. H Brevard 

Shipman, W, E Rosman 

Silversteen, Jos. S Brevard 

Sledge, F. P. . . . Brevard 

Walker, H. R Brevard 

120 List of Members 

Name Address 

Waters, J. E Brevard 

Yongue, C. C Brevard 

Zachary & Deaver Brevard 

Zachary, R. H Brevard 

Name Address 

Armstrong, L. A Columbia 

Carawan, W. S Columbia 

Cohoon, A. J Columbia 

Cohoon, F, E Columbia 

Cohoon, J. C Columbia 

Combs, D.J Columbia 

Combs, Dr. H. J Columbia 

Cooper, J, D Columbia 

Davenport, J Columbia 

Grey, T. N Columbia 

Liverman, H. A Columbia 

Majyette M Columbia 

Re^ nolds, J. E., Sheriff Columbia 

Snell, C. W Columbia 

Walker, Judson L Columbia 

Woodley, T. H Columbia 

Yirby, L. L Columbia 

Name Address 

Abernethy, Dr. P. M Monroe 

Adams, C. B., Cashier Farmers & Merchants Bank Monroe 

Ashcraft, F. B Monroe 

Ayers, N. B Monroe 

Blair, S. O Monroe 

Belk, Dr. J. M , Monroe 

Blakeney, W. S Monroe 

Braswell, M, L Marshville 

Broom, T. J. W R. F. D. No. 4, Monroe 

Clontz, G. II Monroe 

Crow, Jno. J Monroe 

Dillon, H. F., Sec. & Treas., T. P. Dillon & Son Monroe 

Fairley, J. M. & Son Monroe 

Gordon, W. M Monroe 

Green, J. Z.'. Marshville 

Griffin, Lee. Monroe 

Heath, R. E., Mgr., Heath Motor Co Monroe 

Heath, W. J Monroe 

Hembry, W. L R F. D. No. 18, Matthews 

Henderson, F, G Monroe 

Henderson, W. A., Sec. & Treas., Henderson Roller Mills Co.. . .Monroe 

Howie, Robert S Monroe 

Lee, Geo. S Monroe 

Lee, J. H., Mgr., Lee & Lee Co Monroe 

N. C. Good Roads Association 121 

UNION COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Lee, M. K Monroe 

Love, W. B. . . . . Monroe 

Marsh & Hallman, James P. Marsh " Marshville 

Morrow, R. A., President Heath-Morrow Co Monroe 

Mullis, Ira B Monroe 

Myers, J, H Monroe 

Nash, H. G. & Co Monroe 

Newsom, R. C Marshville 

Parker, B. C Marshville 

Pinkston, F. W.. Mgr. Coca-Cola Bottling Co Monroe 

Red wine, R. B Monroe 

Redwine, T. P Monroe 

Rogers, S. M Marshville 

Secrest, A. M Monroe 

Snyder, D. B., President Henderson-Snyder Co Monroe 

Springfield, J. W., Mgr., Chero-Cola Bottling Co Monroe 

Stewart, J t A Monroe 

Winchester, E. C, Postmaster Monroe 

Name Address 

Allen, Dr. B. G Henderson 

Allen Hardware Co., Geo. Allen Henderson 

Alston, W. J., Mgr. Banner Warehouse Henderson 

Anchor Stores Co., W. C. Cates Henderson 

Barnes, A. T Henderson 

Bridgers, J. H Henderson 

Brodie, J. H Henderson 

Bunn, A. A Henderson 

Cheek, A. J , Henderson 

Clements, R. E., Mgr., Piedmont Supply Co Henderson 

Church, H. M., Merchants Produce Co Henderson 

Cooper, Jas. C Henderson 

Cooper, John D Henderson 

Crabtree, E. P., Mgr. Paragan Drug Co Henderson 

Crowder, R. B Henderson 

Davis, A. J., Mgr., Vance Grocery Co Henderson 

Davis, R. G. S Henderson 

Ghoeson, W, P Henderson 

Harris, B. Frank Henderson 

Henderson Garage, F. A. Gill Henderson 

Jenkins, J. W Henderson 

Kelly, J. H., Southern Grocery Co Henderson 

Kittrell, J. C Henderson 

Lane, E. J., Mgr., Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co Henderson 

Macon, Dr. Francis A Henderson 

Morris, H. T Henderson 

Owen, J, B Henderson 

Parham, S. S Henderson 

Parker, W. W Henderson 

Peace, J. M Henderson 

Perry, H. L Henderson 

Rose, B. P Henderson 

122 List of Members 

VANCE COUNTY— Continued 
Name Address 

Rose, E. M., Mgr., Rose's 5, 10 and 25 Cent Store Henderson 

Rowland, Geo. J Henderson 

Sheldan, S. B Henderson 

Standard Garage, A. R. Perry ♦ Henderson 

Stevenson, S. S Henderson 

Teiser, S. F. & Son Henderson 

Vance Guano Co., J. H. Brodie Henderson 

Vance Hotel, The, C. S. Brewer Henderson 

Watkins, Samuel, Dept. Co Henderson 

Watkins, W. T., Mgr. Watkins Hardware Co Henderson 

Way, P. T., Gold Leaf Publishing Co Henderson 

Whitmore, H. J., Whitmore Bakery Co Henderson 

Wyckoff, George Henderson 

Zollicoffer, Jere P Henderson 

Contributing Member 
Peace, S. F Henderson 

Name Address 

Allen, John G Raleigh 

Barbee & Co Raleigh 

Battle, Dr. K, P Raleigh 

Baxter, Dr. O. D Raleigh 

Bell, Dr. Carl W Raleigh 

Benjamin, J. C, Hotel Bland Raleigh 

Blake, T. D West Raleigh 

Booker, Carr E Raleigh 

Boone, C. R Raleigh 

Boushall, John H Raleigh 

Boylan-Pearce Co., Wm. Perlstein, Mgr Raleigh 

Brantley, J. C Raleigh 

Brown, Joseph G Raleigh 

Citizens National Bank Raleigh 

Clingman, J. B., State Highway Commission Raleigh 

Cox, Albert L Raleigh 

Craven, W. L Raleigh 

Daniels, Jr., Josephus Raleigh 

Douglass, C. A Raleigh 

Drake, W. B Raleigh 

Fallis, W. S., Commercial National Bank Raleigh 

Gibson, Dr. M. R Raleigh 

Gibson, T. C Canton 

Hightower, J, H Raleigh 

Horton, Dr. S. R Raleigh 

Hudson-Belk Co., K. G. Hudson, Mgr Raleigh 

Jerman, B. S., President Commercial National Bank Raleigh 

Johnson. K. B Kennebec 

Joyner, W. T Raleigh 

King & Holding . ." Raleigh 

Lambert, M. Ashby Raleigh 

N. C. Good Roads Association 123 

WAKE COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Lewis, Dr. R. H Raleigh 

Mackay, J. J., Jr Raleigh 

Mahler Sons, H Ra»eigh 

McPherson & Barnes Raleigh 

Mebane, Banks H Raleigh 

Miller, CM Raleigh 

Newsom, W. R Raleigh 

Nixon, K, J Raleigh 

N. C. Sales Co Raleigh 

Raleigh Storage Battery Co., W. R. Dent, Mgr Raleigh 

Rushton, M, A Raleigh 

St. Cloud, V., Mgr. Hotel Bland Raleigh 

Slaughter, J. H Raleigh 

Stanback, J. F Raleigh 

Syme, Geo. F Raleigh 

Templeton, Dr. J. M Cary 

Thompson, Alf . M Raleigh 

Thompson, Dr. Hugh A Raleigh 

Tucker, Dr. A. R Raleigh 

Yanstory, J. C, Mgr. Yarborough Hotel Raleigh 

Wake Auto Co., H. J. Lee, Mgr Raleigh 

White, Howard Raleigh 

Winslow, D. H Raleigh 

Winston, R. W Raleigh 

Winston, R. W., Jr Raleigh 

Woodard, M, W Raleigh 

Yarborough Hotel, Mgr. J. C. Yanstory Raleigh 

Contributing Members 

Allen, Daniel Raleigh 

Newsom, J. D Raleigh 

News & Observer Raleigh 

Frank Page Raleigh 

Name Address 

Booth, Dr. R. S Warrenton 

Boyd, W. B Warrenton 

Burroughs, W, H Warrenton 

Davis, Roy Warrenton 

Ellis, J. G Warrenton 

Fowler, L. A '. Warrenton 

Gallagher, D. L Norlina 

Gilliam, E. E Warrenton 

Hillard, B. C Warrenton 

Hunter, C. C Warrenton 

Miles, W. A Warrenton 

Palmer, John Warrenton 

Pipkin, J, A Warrenton 

Polk, Hon. Tasker Warrenton 

124 List of Members 

WARREN COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Rodgers, Dr. W. D "Warrenton 

Rogers, W. G Warrenton 

Rodwell, R. R Warrenton 

Rooker, J. E Warrenton 

Strickland, W. R Warrenton 

Watson, R. T Warrenton 

Williams, B, B Warrenton 

Name Address 

Adler, A Plymouth 

Ayers, C. E Plymouth 

Bank of Roper, The Roper 

Barco, S. J Roper 

Bell, G. J Roper 

Blount, E. S Roper 

Blount, W. A Roper 

Brav, Dr. T. L Plymouth 

Brinkley. P. W Plymouth 

Brown, J, S Plymouth 

Buchanan, J, W Roper 

Campbell, J. R , Plymouth 

Chesson, E. M Roper 

Chesson, L. L Roper 

Chesson, T. B R. F. D., Roper 

Clark, B. S Roper 

Clayton & Walker Roper 

Cline, A. S Wenona 

Cohoon, Clyde Plymouth 

Cotton, G. C Roper 

Cotten, J, H Roper 

Darden. John W * . . . . Plymouth 

Darden, P, H Plymouth 

Dixon, G. W _, Roper 

Gatling, J. C Creswell 

Glover, A, L Wenona 

Hampton, W. R Plymouth 

Hassell. I. T Roper 

Hassell, L. E Roper 

Heyner, C. S Wenona 

Holmes, A. L Creswell 

Holmes, T. C Creswell 

Hooker, G. B Roper 

Hyner, R. C Wenona 

James, J. H .• Roper 

Leary, J. F Roper 

Lewis, H. L Roper 

Lewis, L, L Roper 

Litchfield, H. A Creswell 

Lyon, O. H Plymouth 

McAllister, J. T Roper 

Moore. A. S Plymouth 

Overton, C. W Creswell 

N. C. Good Roads Association 125 

Name Address 

Parrisher, L. A Roper 

Phelps, J. E Roper 

Poison, C. S Wenona 

Pungo Grains & Lumber Co Wenona 

Singleton, J. E R. F. D., Roper 

Speight, Dr. J. W Roper 

Spruill. B. F Roper 

Starr, J. W Creswell 

Tarkington, H. W Roper 

Thompson, W. C Roper 

Wade, Dr. W. H Plymouth 

Walker, H. G Creswell 

Walker, R. P Plymouth 

Waters. L. F Roper 

Watson, D. B __ Creswell 

Watts, W. B Plymouth 

Weede, L. T Plymouth 

Williams, J. W Roper 

Williams, N. B Wenona 

Williford, R. A Plymouth 

Wynn, J. W Roper 

Name Address 

Baird, T. C Valle Crucis 

Bingham, D. B Boone 

Bingham, Dr. L. R Boone 

Bingham, R. L Boone 

Bingham, T, E Boone 

Blackburn, M. B Boone 

Brown, John E Boone 

Brown, Roy M Boone 

Bryan, J. W Boone 

Coffey, Blaine R. F. D., Shulls Mills 

Council, Tracy Boone 

Critcher, CM R. F. D., Boone 

Critcher, M. P Boone 

Doughtery, D, D Boone 

Farnham. F. R . . Boone 

Farthing, R. A Valle Crucis 

Gragg, W. H Shulls Mills 

Green, David F Boone 

Green, R, M Boone 

Greer, I. G Boone 

Greer, L Zionville 

Hagaman, G. P. i Boone 

Hagaman, Smith Vilas 

Hampton, T. W Shulls Mills 

Horton, Miss Carry R. . . Boone 

Highway Motor Co., H. W. Horton Boone 

Honeycutt, R. L Boone 

Horton, J, B Vilas 

Howell. A, Y Boone 

126 List of Members 

Name Address 

Jones, Dr, J, W Boone 

Lewis, Chas. L Sugar Grove 

Mast, J. H Zionville 

Mast, N. L Mast 

Moore, J. F Boone 

Moore, T. B., Mayor Boone 

Moose, G. K ' Boone 

Perry, Dr. H. B Valle Cruris 

Phillips, J. R Sugar Grove 

Quails, J. L Boone 

Robins, J. P Boone 

Shipley, W. E Valle Cruris 

Spainhour, Paul G Mast 

Sproles, J. A Boone 

Taylor, CD Valle Cruris 

Todd, W. G Bamboo 

Winkler, W. L Boone 

Yates, CM Boone 

Name Address 

Atkins, W. S., Goldsboro Battery Co Goldsboro 

Bethea, E. J., McCrary Co Goldsboro 

Bird, L. A., Jr Mt. Olive 

Bird, L. A., Sr Mt. Olive 

Bizzell, H. L Goldsboro 

Bogue, H. Z., Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co Goldsboro 

Boney, P Goldsboro 

Borden, E t B Goldsboro 

Borden, P. K Goldsboro 

Borden, J. L Goldsboro 

Borden, Kennon Goldsboro 

Brezeale, M. T Mt. Olive 

Bvrd, Sam D Mt. Olive 

Cherry, M. C. S Mt. Olive 

Citizens Bank Mt. Olive 

Dewey, Chas Goldsboro 

Dewey, E. B Goldsboro 

Dewey, Geo S Goldsboro 

Dickinson, M. T Goldsboro 

Dixon, D. H Goldsboro 

Edgerton, A. H Goldsboro 

Edwards, N. A Goldsboro 

Edwards, N. J Goldsboro 

Epstein, M.N Goldsboro 

Farfour, George & Bro Goldsboro 

Farr, R. W., Mgr. The Kennon Hotel Goldsboro 

Gardner, J. W Goldsboro 

Goldsboro Ice Co., H. Weil Goldsboro 

Grantham, G. E Goldsboro 

Hamilton, J. M., City Garage Goldsboro 

Henderson, Dr. C. C Mt. Olive 

Hines, E. G Goldsboro 

N. C. Good Roads Association 127 

WAYNE COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Howell, A. E Goldsboro 

Humphrey, C. A Goldsboro 

Humphrey, H. M Goldsboro 

Isaacs, Joseph Goldsboro 

Jennette, W. R Mt. Olive 

Jones, B. Moss & Co Goldsboro 

Joseph, A. A Goldsboro 

Kalman, W. Mgr., Terminal Hotel. Goldsboro 

Kannan, Chas., Kannan Bros Goldsboro 

Kornegay, D. K Mt. Olive 

Kyle, James Go'dsboro 

Land, E, M Goldsboro 

Langston, Allen & Taylor, W. Frank Taylor Goldsboro 

Lee, CD Mt. Olive 

Loftin, Frank F Mt. Olive 

Lynch, H. W Goldsboro 

McDowell, F. N., Peoples Garage Goldsboro 

Hints, Fred R Mt. Olive 

Morris, H. J Goldsboro 

Norwood, George A Goldsboro 

Norwood, Thomas H Goldsboro 

O' Berry, N Goldsboro 

Parker, F. P., Parker Motor Co Go'dsboro 

Parrott & Creech Goldsboro 

Peoples Bank & Trust Co., Geo. C. Kornegay Goldsboro 

Petway, A. P., Seminole Phosphate Co Goldsboro 

Pike, H. A Goldsboro 

Piland, W, A. & Sons Goldsboro 

Pope, E.J Mt. Olive 

Proctor, A. M Goldsboro 

Robinson, M. E Goldsboro 

Rose, L.J Mt. Olive 

Royall, Kenneth C , Goldsboro 

Royall, G. C Goldsboro 

Saab, S. A., The Parisian Shop Go'dsboro 

Sears & Bissett Goldsboro 

Smith, Dr. W. H Goldsboro 

Spence, R. H.. Spence Motor Co GoMsboro 

Strowd, W. E Goldsboro 

Summerlin, G. E Mt. Olive 

Thigpen, T. R Mt. Olive 

Thompson, Chas. A Goldsboro 

Thompson, J. Faison Goldsboro 

Warren, S. L Mt. Olive 

Weil, Mrs. H Goldsboro 

Weil, Herman Goldsboro 

Yelverton, W. T Goldsboro 

Zealy, Dr. A. H Goldsboro 

Contributing Members 

Barnes-Harrell Grocery Co., W. L. Rawlings Goldsboro 

Irwin, R. D Goldsboro 

O'Berry, Thos., Enterprise Lumber Co Mt. Olive 

128 List of Members 

WAYNE COUNTY— Continued 
Name Address 

Parker, Joe A Goldsboro 

Southerland, B. W. & Co Mt. Olive 

Weil, H., & Bros Goldsboro 

Wilkins, C. E Goldsboro 

Name Address 

Absher & Blackburn, W. R. Absher and E. M. 

Blackburn North Wilkesboro 

Boone Trail Motor Co North Wilkesboro 

Brame Drug Co., Inc., R. M. Brame, President North Wilkesboro 

Brown, P. E North Wilkesboro 

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., W. A. McNeil, Mgr North Wilkesboro 

Coffey, CD '. North Wilkesboro 

Finley, Judge T. B North Wlikesboro 

Forester, F. D North Wilkesboro 

Forest Furniture Co., J. R. Finley, Sec.-Treas North Wilkesboro 

Grier, R. D North Wilkesboro 

Hemphill, E. L North Wilkesboro 

Jenkins, C. E North Wilkesboro 

Meadows, W. C, Mill Co., J. D. Moore, President North Wilkesboro 

New Williams Mill Co., E. G. Finley, Sec.-Treas North Wilkesboro 

Norris, J. B North Wilkesboro 

North Wilkesboro Drug Co., Dr. T. S. Barnes, Sec North Wilkesboro 

Palmer, W.J North Wilkesboro 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., N. S. Forester North Wilkesboro 

Phillips, T. J., Mayor North Wilkesboro 

Ravmer, W. B North Wilkesboro 

Sink, Dr. C. S North Wilkesboro 

Smoak, Bros North Wilkesboro 

Smoot, C. C, III North Wlikesboro 

Smoot, J. C North Wilkesboro 

Spainhour, J. E North Wilkesboro 

Stacy, L. E.. Jr North Wilkesboro 

Vaughn-Hemphill & Co., J. R. Hicks, Mgr North Wilkesboro 

Wilkesboro Mfg. Co., A. A. Finley, Sec.-Treas North Wilkesboro 

Yadkin Valley Motor Co., F. G. Harper North Wilkesboro 

Good Roads Commission of Wilkes County 

J. E. Finley, Chairman North Wilkesboro 

C. C. Gambill North Wilkesboro 

U. G. Foster Champion 

N. E. Parlier Ronda 

W. V. Caudill Route 1, North Wilkesboro 

Name Address 

Abbitt, H. W Wilson 

Adams, J. H Wilson 

Adams, W. D Wilson 

N. C. Good Roads Association 129 

WILSON COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Allen, G. I., Allen-Worley Furniture Co Wilson 

Amerson, J. J Wilson 

Anderson, Selby H Wilson 

Anderson, Dr. W. H Wilson 

Anderson, W. P Wilson 

Aycock, W. P Lucama 

Baily, B. D Wilson 

Barf oot, Geo. A Wilson 

Barnes, J. Bennett Wilson 

Barnes, J. N Elm City 

Barnes, J, T Wilson 

Beasley, J, W Wilson 

Bishop, A Wilson 

Boykin Grocery Co., W. F. Eagle Wilson 

Brett, Lawrence Wilson 

Bridgers, F.N Wilson 

Brooks, Dr. G. M Elm City 

Brown. J t C " Wilson 

Brown, W. S Wilson 

Bruton, Col. J. F Wilson 

Burden, W. J Wilson 

Carr, W. G . Wilson 

Carroll, A. B Wilson 

Cheatham, J. T Wilson 

Clark, C. P. . . ' Wilson 

Clark, S. P Wilson 

Cobb, E. L Wilson 

Commonwealth Club Wilson 

Cox, J. W Elm City 

Cozart, M. H Wilson 

Cozart, T. A Wilson 

Cozart, U. H Wilson 

Crawford, R. E Wilson 

Crute, J. E Wilson 

Daniel, J, M Wilson 

Davis, A. O Wikon 

Dickenson, Dr. E. T., Dr. A. F. Williams Wilson 

Dillon, T. E Wilson 

Dupree, J, H Wilson 

Eagles, J. C Wilson 

Edgerton, W, A Wilson 

Edmundson, M. W Wilson 

Ellis, W. Herbert Wilson 

Farmer, L. J Wilson 

Finch, N. L Wilson 

Flemming, CM Wilson 

Fleming, R, B Wilson 

Fulghum, G. T Wilson 

Gay Brothers, Allen T. Gay Wilson 

Grantham, R. J Wilson 

Graves, W. W /.Wilson 

Hackney, J, N Wilson 

Hackney, T. J Wilson 

Hadlev, L. S Wilson 

130 List of Members 

Name Address 

Harper, J. H Wilson 

Harrell, W. N Wilson 

Hassell, F. S Wilson 

High, S. E Lucama 

Hill, D. M., Mayor Wilson 

Hinnant, T. A Wilson 

Howard, B, E Wilson 

Hudson, W. C Wilson 

Hughes-Dickenson Co Wilson 

Hyman, E. P Wilson 

Jones, R. C Wilson 

King, W. J Wilson 

Knott-Borden & Co., L. D. Knott & S. J. Borden Wilson 

Lancaster, A. L Wilson 

Lawshe, J. L Wilson 

Little, Jas. H Wilson 

Lucas, Geo. A Wilson 

Lucas, W. A. . . ." Wilson 

McClees, Dr. E. C Elm City 

Mason, E. E Wilson 

Meares, T, D., Jr Wilson 

Monk, A. C. & Co., E. D. McDowell AATson 

Moore, Dr. K. C Wilson 

Motor Sales Co., Edwin Barnes Wilson 

Oettinger, J. & D .- Wilson 

Peacock Grocery Co., W. A. Peacock Wilson 

Pettus. T, F Wilson 

Powell, C. C Wilson 

Quinn-McGowen Furniture Co., J. W. Thomas, Mgr Wilson 

Raines Motor Co., Inc., Jno. R. Raines Wilson 

Richardson, S. W Wilson 

Roberts, F.J Wilson 

Ruffin, A. A., Ruffin Accessory Shop Wilson 

Smith, B. T '. Wilson 

Smith, R. T Wilson 

Spiers, J. A Wilson 

Stanton, Geo. W Wilson 

Strickland, Dr. E. L Wilson 

Stronach, Geo. T Wilson 

Swindell, F. D Wilson 

Taylor, A. R Wilson 

Thompson, Dr. C. A Wilson 

Thompson, J. W. W Wilson 

Tilgham, T. C Wilson 

Tomlinson, Geo. W Wilson 

Tomlinson, Jake Wilson 

Tomlinson, J_. L Wilson 

Tomlinson, L. S AVilson 

Tomlinson, AV. AV Wilson 

Traffic Motor Sales Co., M. W. Edmundson, Mgr Wilson 

Tucker & Co AVilson 

Turlington, R. A Wilson 

Walston, G, E AVilson 

Warren, AV. E AVilson 

"N. C. Good -Roads Association 131 

WILSON COUNTY — Continued 
Name Address 

Washington, T: M Wilson 

Watson, Howard Wilson 

Watson, R. P Wilson 

Welfare, R. C Wilson 

Whitehead. J. S '. . . .Wilson 

Whitmore, W. H Wilson 

Wiggins, J. L Wilson 

Williams, D. C Wilson 

Williams & Palmer, Inc., Williams, J. Wilson 

Winsberg, B. M Wilson 

Winstead, K. G ■ Wilson 

Woodard, Calvin Wilson 

Woodard, P. L. & Co., S. W. Anderson Wilson 

Woodard, W. Herbert, Liberty Candy Co Wilson 

Worthington, S. W Wilson 

Board of County Commissioners Wilson County 

H. B. Lane, Chairman R. F. D. 4, Wilson 

J. H. Forbes R. F. D. 2, Stantonsburg 

J. Stephen Tomlinson R. F. D. 1, Black Creek 

Nathaniel Kirby R. F. D. 1, Lucama 

W. L. Shelton Stantonsburg 

Road Board of Toisnot Township Wilson County 

Dr. R. H. Putnev, Chairman Elm Citv 

R. S. Wells Elm City 

E. G. Moore Elm City 

J. W. Cox .- Elm Citv 

J. L. Bailey Elm Citv 

E. R. Brinklev Elm Citv 

W. M. Wells . * Elm City 

I. R. Thorne Elm City 

W. J. Batts Elm City 


Name Address 

Boles, C. A Elkin 

Crater, J. L Yadkinville 

Craver, Dr. A. W Boonville 

Finney, Dr. J, R Boonville 

Fleming & Woodhouse, M. V. Fleming and P. C. Woodhouse. .Boonville 

Fletcher, W. T Boonville 

Jonesville Supply Co., G. C. Meesick, Mgr Jonesville 

Norman, P. H Yadkinville 

Poindexter, C. D. Boonville 

Ray, J. G Benbow 

Shore, J. W Boonville 

Yadkin Implement Co., J. M. Speas, Mgr Boonville 

Board of Road Commissioners Yadkin County 

Reavis, C. S., Chairman Hamptonville 

Mayberry, E. C, Secretary Cycle 

Reavis, C. B Yadkinville 

Wagoner, D. G .Benbow 

Davis, E. T R. F. D. 2, Yadkinville 

Steeman, Geo East Bend 

Williams, S. Carter Yadkinville 

132 List of Members 


Name Address 

Bailey, G. D ' Burnsville 

Bailey, J. O Burnsville 

Bennett, J. W • Burnsville 

Bennett, Dr. W. L Bald Creek 

Buckner, W. M Bald Creek 

Burton, A. Z Burnsville 

Burton, C. W Bald Creek 

Byrd, Thos. R Burnsville 

Erving, Dr. J. B Burnsville 

Evans, J. E Burnsville 

Franklin, Ben Bald Creek 

Gibbs, Dr. J, B Burnsville 

Gibbs, J. P Burnsville 

Griffith, W, O Burnsville 

Harris, H. F Burnsvile 

Harris, J* W Micaville 

Hall, S. G Micaville 

Hensley, F Bald Creek 

Hensley, J. B Burnsville 

Hensley, J. T Swiss 

Henslev, W. M , Bald Creek 

Hughes, G. W Bald Creek 

Hughes, T. S Micaville 

Huskins, J. E Toledo 

Huskins, J. S Burnsville 

Hutchens, Chas Burnsville 

Hyatt, J. L , Burnsville 

Lyon, J. M Burnsville 

Marsh, Charles Micaville 

Peterson, J. C Cane River 

Proffitt, Fred Pensacola 

Radford, H. M Bald Creek 

Radford, Raleigh Cane River 

Robinson, Joseph M Micaville 

Silver, J. C Pensacola 

Watson, J. A Burnsville 

Watson, E. F Burnsville 

Waycaster, W. J Bald Creek 

Wilson, Edward Cane River 

Wilson, R. W Burnsville 

Wilson, W. M Bald Creek 

Wray, W, B Burnsville 

Young, Charles Burnsville 

Young, John L Boonf ord 

Name • Address 

Austin Bros. Bridge Co .'...., Atlanta, Ga. 

Beaver, E. L Atlanta, Ga. 

Benham, Wm. G Columbus, Ohio 

Fairbank, H. S Washington, D. C. 

Lassiter, Robt. G. & Co Norfolk, Va. 

N. C. Good Roads Association 133 

Name Address 

Moore, Geo. N New York City 

Ramey, R. L Wiley, Ga. 

Roddey, W. J Rock Hill, S. C. 

Sharretts, W. G Atlanta, Ga. 

Shirley, H. G Washington, D. C. 

Southern Asphalt Association Atlanta, Ga. 

Taylor, A. Russell Philadelphia, Pa. 

Contributing Member 
W. H. Winstead Baltimore, Md. 

Morth Cc " ~'-'2 Library 

GC 388.1 N8736d 

North Carolina Good Roads Association. 
The development of a state policy in roa 

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North Carolina Good Roads Association 

The development of a State policy in 
road building in North Carolina